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Jean Coutu Canada coupon policy

Here is the Jean Coutu Canada coupon policy:


Discount coupons from suppliers, manufacturers and coupons issued by The Jean Coutu Group (PJC) Inc.

We accept coupons from suppliers, manufacturers and all coupons issued by the Jean Coutu Group (circulars, newspapers, magazines and website).

To be accepted in a PJC store, a coupon must:

  • Be submitted and used in accordance with the terms of use stated on the coupon;
  • Be presented when purchasing the product covered by the coupon and correspond to the quantity of products purchased;
  • Be clear and easily readable, with no signs of alteration or modification;
  • Be printed in color or black and white and written in French, English or be bilingual;
  • Clearly identify the nature of the offer, the applicable terms and exclusions, if any.

These may include:

  • A reduction in $ value of the product: This value cannot exceed $ 10 without permission of a person in charge of the store who has the discretion of refusing the coupon;
  • A free item with purchase or no purchase (Internet coupons entitling a free item with no purchase are not accepted);
  • Include a readable bar code;
  • Have a valid Canadian address for reimbursement (except for Jean Coutu coupons) such as PO Box 128 Longueuil (Quebec), PO Box 1600, Pickering (Ontario) PO Box 3000, Saint John (New Brunswick).
  • Have a valid expiration date.

If the value of a coupon exceeds the price of the product, this value should be reduced to the selling price of the product. The price difference will not be given to the customer.

In the case of a promotion such as “Buy one Get one Free” (BOGO), a customer may also present a manufacturer coupon (such as “reduction in $ value of the product”), unless otherwise indicated in the terms of the coupon.

In the case of a product return purchased with a coupon, the customer will be refunded for the amount actually paid, thus excluding the value of the coupon. The coupon will not be given back to the customer.

In Quebec, coupons applicable on drugs are not accepted as no coupon that applies to a drug (as defined in the Pharmacy Act) can be legally accepted in a pharmacy.

Electronic coupons generated and presented by a mobile device (iPod, iPhone and other devices of this type) are not accepted.

Coupons from other retailers and competitors are not accepted.


The conditions indicated on bonus AIR MILES coupon prevail over the following terms:

  • Only one coupon per transaction is accepted, unless otherwise indicated on a second coupon to the effect that it can be combined with another coupon;
  • The coupon has no cash value;
  • If a coupon is applicable to a product out of inventory, the store manager will keep the coupon and issue an “Our apologies” coupon stating the number of reward miles under the applicable coupon presented.

Internet coupons

We accept Internet coupons (these are coupons printed by the customer from a website other than and therefore have no impression on the back).

In addition to the general conditions of acceptance they must:

  • Include a photo of the product and a single UPC code and bar code.
  • Be marked as “Internet Coupon” or identifying the issuing company.
  • Have a valid expiration date which should not exceed six months over the current date.

Note: Internet coupons entitling a free item with no purchase are not accepted.

Attention: the coupons ordered online, but that are delivered by mail (, or otherwise) are not considered as “Internet coupons,” but rather as suppliers coupons or manufacturers coupons and they must be treated as such.

Price adjustment policy

We have no national policy on price adjustment (price matching) when a product is advertised at a lower price at another retailer. A PJC store could however decide to respond locally to pricing strategies of the competition.

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