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10 Kitchen Tools You’ll Love for Batch Cooking

10 Kitchen Tools You’ll Love for Batch Cooking

What could be better than strategies to decrease cooking chaos? Prepping once, and eating all week (or month) is efficient AND easier on the budget.

My first cook-a-thon was with my mom, following recipes from Once-A-Month Cooking. Pulling meals out of the freezer for an entire month… delicious!

Tools for Batch Cooking

I surveyed our followers on Facebook for their must-have batch cooking tools these are what were recommended the most:


If you can invest in one appliance that will simplify cooking in large batches, consider a blender. This particular blender was the star of an entire post. Blendtec and Vitamix are both high-end appliances for preparing batches of smoothies, soups and purees. Once you own one, you’ll never want to do without.

Stand Mixer

Many readers adore their stand mixers for batch cooking. They do your mixing hands-free so you can move onto another step. Mixers from Cuisinart or KitchenAid come highly recommended, and often go on sale.

Set of Knives

Batch cooking requires a lot of slicing and dicing, so a quality Henckels set of knives, especially a Santoku knife are must-haves.

Pots and Pans

Paderno cookware is another investment to consider in the kitchen. They help cook food to perfection and have a substantial warranty.

Large Mixing Bowl

Every cook who wants to do batch cooking must have a large mixing bowl set. Non-negotiable. Favourite options include: Paderno’s mixing bowl set or OXO Softworks bowl Set.

Stock Pot

A stock pot is a must-have for bulk cooking. Perfect for creating large quantities of sauces, soups and stews.

Immersion Blender

Many readers recommend immersion blenders for smaller scale blending and pureeing without needing to transfer food to a blender or food processor.

Freezer Containers

I have several sets of Tupperware Vent ‘N Serve containers and I love them! Perfect for the fridge or freezer. Host a home party to get them cheap or watch for monthly sales.

Basic freezer bags are also a great solution – write the cooking directions on the bag and freeze them flat to make storage easier. Watch the MapleMoney coupon matchups to get them greatly reduced.


When you are cooking in batches, kitchen gadgets make the job easier. Readers recommend a garlic press, a spatula, and bamboo spoons.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Say good-bye to weary feet and a sore back when using an anti-fatigue mat. I can’t believe the difference it makes to how I feel at the end of a batch cooking day.

Don’t rush out to buy each kitchen tool for batch cooking, but add to your collection over time. There are many options for building up your tool collection on a budget: purchase Amazon gift cards with Swagbucks, ask for gift cards for holidays and look for deals on Kijiji. Batch cooking is hard work, and tools that make your job easier are worth it.

What is your favourite kitchen tool for batch cooking?

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