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Learn How to Coupon in Canada

Learning how to coupon can be confusing at times! Whether you’re a beginner or advanced coupon user our how-to coupon articles can save you time, money, and frustration. Canadian couponing can be fun and easy when you know the rules. After reading our how-to coupon articles, you will be couponing like a pro in Canada and saving yourself hundreds of dollars a year!

If you are new to couponing, this is a good place to start learning how to coupon in Canada.


  • What are Coupons: A coupon is a certificate, voucher or ticket that entitles a consumer to a discount or rebate when purchasing a product (or multiple products). Read here to find out the many types of coupons available in Canada
  • Why Everyone Should Use Coupons: I really do believe that everyone should be using coupons to some extent. Here’s why.
  • Is it Worth it to Use Coupons?: Do you think it’s worth it to use coupons? Coupons are a great way to save money, but there are some other reasons to use coupons, too.
  • How to Start Using Coupons: Want to learn how to start using coupons in Canada? This article will help! Learn how to be an extreme couponer or a “regular” couponer in Canada.
  • 5 Tips For New Couponers: Are you a new couponer? Here are my top 5 tips for all new couponers.
  • 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Couponing: Using coupons in Canada is something I have been doing for years now, but there are a few things I wish I knew before I started couponing. Here are 7 of these things.
  • Coupon Trading, Coupon Trains and Coupon Myths: Want to learn about trading coupons and riding on coupon trains? We explain them both in this article. We also talk about some common coupon myths.
  • Asking for Coupons (Video): Ever wonder what to say in your email or phone call to a manufacturer? Here’s the best way to ask for coupons
  • Spend More with Coupons: Do coupons make you spend more money than if you were not using coupons at all? This insightful post shares one couponer’s views on this question.

Finding Coupons:

  • Where to Find Canadian Coupons: Whether you’re searching for printable coupons, mail out coupons, coupons from companies or tear pad coupons – we show you where to get coupons in Canada.
  • Grocery Coupons in Canada: Wondering where to find coupons for food and drinks? Here are my top 4 recommendations for finding those elusive grocery coupons in Canada.
  • Canadian Companies That Will Mail You Coupons: These companies will send you free Canadian coupons just by calling or emailing them and simply asking for coupons.
  • Where to Find Tear Pad Coupons in Canada: Tear pad coupons can be hard to come by these days, unless you know where to look for them. This post gives you tips on finding tear pad coupons you will actually want to use.
  • Canada Online Coupon Companies That Will Mail You Coupons:,,, – all of these Canadian coupon companies will mail you coupons for free.
  • How to Get Multiples of a Particular Coupon: Are you wondering how so many couponers get so many of the same coupon? This article will teach you how you, too, can get lots of the same coupons.
  • Where to Find Coupon Inserts in Canada (Video): This video explains where you can find coupon inserts in Canada.
  • How to Trade Coupons in Canada: A great way to get coupons you want is to trade with others. This posts shows you how to trade coupons, easily!
  • Canadian Coupons Database: The Canadian coupons database will help you find lots of coupons for Canada, coupons, coupons, coupons, coupons, tear pad coupons, coupon inserts and many other types of coupons.
  • Checkout 51 Guide: Ever wish you could save money on groceries, without having to use paper coupons? With Checkout 51, you can! Read our ultimate guide to saving money with Checkout 51 rebates/coupons.

Organizing Coupons:

  • How to Create a Coupon Binder: Organize your coupons in a coupon binder and you will always know where to find your best coupons.
  • How to Create a Coupon Binder (Video): Take a look at my very own coupon binder in this video to get tips and ideas for building your own coupon binder.
  • How to Organize Your Coupons: Organize your coupons using one of the methods on this page – they are the easiest way to make sure your coupons are always organized so you can find your coupons when you need them.
  • How to Find the Time to Clip Coupons: Feeling overwhelmed about clipping coupons? This article will help! It shares 4 easy ways to find the time to clip coupons.
  • What to do With Extra Coupons (Video): Do you have lots of extra coupons and are not sure what to do with them all (you can’t use them all yourself), consider doing these things with those extra coupons
  • How to Make Couponing Organizing Easier: If you’re finding it difficult to organize, this article will help you to make couponing organizing much easier.
  • Why I Got Rid of my Coupon Binder: One couponer shares why her coupon binder was not helping her to save money at all. Read this post to find out what she’s using instead.

Couponing Tips:

Extreme Couponing:

  • How to be an Extreme Couponer in Canada: Extreme couponing is a great way to get lots of stuff for free using coupons. This article shares how to become an extreme couponer in Canada.
  • Is Extreme Couponing Right For You?: Although extreme couponing is a fantastic way to score tons of groceries for free, it’s not for everyone. This article explains why extreme couponing may not be right for you.
  • Extreme Couponing: 3 Reasons to Avoid Watching: The TV show, Extreme Couponing, is pure entertainment. It is not real. Please read this article to see why you should avoid watching Extreme Couponing for anything more than entertainment.
  • Public Misconceptions About Extreme Couponers: Extreme couponers are not all the same. Here is a list of public misconceptions about extreme couponers.
  • Double Coupons: Is it possible to double coupons in Canada and save a ton of money on groceries? Read this post to find out!
  • Negative Couponing: Can there really be anything negative about extreme couponing? You might be surprised. Read this post to find out why.

Everything Else About How to Coupon:

  • How to Coupon Matchup in Canada: Learning how to coupon matchup will increase your savings dramatically. Maximize your savings by using coupon matchups in Canada.
  • How to Build a Grocery Stockpile: Save a ton of money by growing a grocery stockpile. Use your coupons to save tons of money on grocery items and stockpile them until you need them.
  • Price Match Policies: Price matching in Canada is a great way to save lots of cash while you are shopping – no coupons required! Check this post to see if your store price matches!
  • Are You Obsessed With Coupons?: Do you use coupons all the time? Do you dream about coupons? If so – you might be obsessed with coupons and couponing!
  • Are You Making These Couponing Mistakes?: If you use coupons, you may be making these couponing mistakes. Check out this article to make sure know what the mistakes are – and how to stop making them.
  • Couponing in Canada Statistics (Infographic): Are you wondering who uses coupons in Canada? What kind of coupons they use? This infographic shares a bunch of interesting couponing statistics.
  • Top Couponing Tools I Couldn’t Live Without: These items are my couponing essentials. I could not be an efficient couponer without these couponing tools!
  • Amazing Resources For Canadian Couponers: Here is a list of the most amazing resources for Canadian couponers. If you use coupons in Canada, this list is for you!
  • Coupon Tracker: Keep track of all of your coupons with this free, printable coupon tracker.
  • Fake Coupons: Using fake coupons stops manufacturers from sending out any coupons at all. This post is all about fake coupons – what they are, what they look like, and how to spot them.

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