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LifePoints Review: Paid Surveys, Product Testing, and More

LifePoints Review: Paid Surveys, Product Testing, and More

Here at MapleMoney, we’re big fans of paid survey sites. Not because they’ll make you rich, because they won’t. But it’s hard to think of a faster, or easier, way to make a few extra bucks without much effort.

What Is LifePoints?

LifePoints is a website that lets members share their opinions in exchange for rewards points. LifePoints parent company is Lightspeed, a global leader in custom research analysis. LifePoints is available to residents of Canada and the US, and has 5,000,000 members across the globe. The company used to be called Global Test Market, a name you may or may not be familiar with.

LifePoints Key Features

There’s a lot to like about LifePoints. Here’s a glance at some key features before we get into more detail:

  • Members receive points for every survey they complete
  • Low minimum payout threshold of $5
  • Multiple payout options
  • You only have to be 16 to join
  • Opportunity to shape the direction of consumer goods and services

How to Get Started with LifePoints

You can sign-up with LifePoints from your laptop or your mobile phone by using their app. The first step is to provide your email address and a password. LifePoints will send you an email to confirm your account.

As with any other survey company, LifePoints requires that you fill out a brief profile, to allow them to capture the standard demographic information, including your age, address, and gender.

At the time of this writing, LifePoints is offering a 10-point sign up bonus when you become a member.

How Do LifePoints Surveys Work?

The primary way to earn with LifePoints is by participating in their market research surveys. Depending on the survey’s length and importance, you can make anywhere from 20 to 500 points. One thing I love is that you still get paid, even if you are disqualified from completing a survey. Not all paid survey sites do that.

LifePoints sends surveys more regularly than other websites – welcome news if you are motivated to earn points. The average length of a LifePoints survey is between 10 and 20 minutes, although they can be as quick as two minutes and as long as one hour. Here are the types of companies and products LifePoints will ask you to give your opinion on:

  • Cell phones
  • Grocery stores
  • Online shopping, i.e., Amazon, Walmart
  • Online streaming services
  • Your recent purchases

LifePoints Rewards

One of the advantages of LifePoints is the various rewards you can earn when you redeem your points. In addition to hundreds of virtual gift cards, you can accept PayPal cash or choose to make a charitable donation.

LifePoints reserves the right to change reward values at any time, but generally speaking, you get the best deal when you redeem points for e-gift cards. PayPal cash payouts give you more options for spending, but you need more points to get the equivalent value of a gift card.

For example, a $5 Amazon card will set you back 550 LifePoints, but you’ll need 1,200 points to earn a $10 PayPal gift card, slightly more than double.

LifePoints App

You can access the LifePoints website via a desktop computer, or you can use their mobile app, which is available for download on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Qualifying for a LifePoints Survey

One of the downsides to survey websites like LifePoints is that they often look for a specific audience for each survey. Therefore, you might start a survey only to find out that you don’t qualify. The good news is that you will often earn a few points for your efforts, but it is discouraging when LifePoints disqualifies you from consecutive surveys.

Is LifePoints Legit?

LifePoints is legit. The parent company has been around for decades, and they have millions of members worldwide. They are also free to use. On their website, they offer a privacy guarantee, and the company privacy policy is readily available. Of course, remember that the opinions you share are being given to companies to use in developing products and services. While your personal information is always protected, not everyone wants

Other Ways to Earn with LifePoints

There are a few other ways you can earn LifePoints rewards, in addition to surveys.

Testing Products

Occasionally, you may have an opportunity to test a product for free, helping brands get real-world feedback on new products. If you like getting free stuff, this is a nice bonus.

Behaviour Tracking

LifePoints may ask you to record your behaviours while completing specific tasks over the period. The points vary depending on what LifePoints is asking you to do. It’s a great activity for someone who’s well-organized and task-oriented. I’ve heard of people earning as much as 1,000 points for keeping track of their behaviours.

Daily Challenges

You receive bonus LifePoint rewards by participating in their Daily Challenges. Daily challenges are surveys, but they tend to be very short and only take a couple of minutes to complete. If you regularly respond to Daily Challenges, you’re allowing LifePoints to get to know you better, making it easier for them to qualify you for additional surveys.

LifePoints Support

LifePoints has a customer service team that responds to members’ questions. The best way to reach the help center is by submitting a request on the website. However, before reaching out to the LifePoints team, check out the FAQ section on the website, as it may be the quickest way to find the answer to your question.

LifePoints Pros and Cons

With a focus on surveys, LifePoints is similar to a couple of other market research companies: Ipsos i-Say and Pinecone Research. It’s got several benefits, as well as some disadvantages. Here’s a list of pros and cons:


  • Free to join
  • Multiple ways to make money
  • Offers lots of surveys
  • Product testing opportunities
  • Behaviour tracking to earn extra points
  • Earn rewards quickly with a low minimum payout
  • Connect with the LifePoints community


  • Points expire after three years, resulting in lost prizes
  • Customer service is email only
  • PayPal cash takes up to 10 business days

LifePoints Review: Final Thoughts

My opinion on LifePoints is the same as any other paid survey website – it’s an easy way to earn rewards and make money. But let’s face it, you won’t quit your 9-5 by taking paid surveys. You can, however, increase your earnings by signing up for multiple survey websites – they are free after all.

Combine your earnings from LifePoints with sites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and PrizeRebel. You might make enough money to cover your monthly streaming subscriptions and have a few meals delivered.

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