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Loblaws Click and Collect Program: 7 People Who Will Benefit

Loblaws Click and Collect Program: 7 People Who Will Benefit

Recently, one of my mom facebook groups sang the praises of Loblaw’s “Click and Connect” shopping program. I decided a post was in order to see if it could benefit MapleMoney readers. And as soon as I wrote this post I saw one coming to my very own Mississauga store!si

This program allows buyers to place an order online and pick it up from the store, all bagged and ready to go. The total charge for the service is between $3 and $5 which is amazing.

Savvy shoppers know that Loblaws is not the cheapest option for grocery shopping unless you count the clearance section. Affiliate stores such as No Frills and Superstore will definitely stretch shopping dollars further and also allow price matching. But are there times when this program is still  beneficial?

Loblaws Click and Collect Program: Who Will Benefit



1. Shoppers With a Participating Store

Let’s start with the most obvious point. This is a relatively new program, with 9 participating stores in Ontario. Hop over here for a list of locations to see if you are in the catchment area, which includes Kingston, Ottawa, Toronto and more. SIDENOTE: A new location is coming to Mississauga any day….

2. The “Can You Please Pick Up” Parent

How often do you ask your spouse to pop into a grocery store for just a few items. Chances are they may be less than thrilled to traipse through a grocery store at the end of a long day. But this Click and Collect option lets you place the order, someone else do the shopping, and your spouse do the quick pick up. Just specify the 2 hour window for pick up and call your spouse with your new & improved plan.

3. Parents of Nappers

Is there anything worse than having to wake up a child who has fallen asleep in their car seat just for a few groceries? With a little preplanning you can drive through and pick up your order while your little one stays asleep. Might be worth it for no other reason.

Parents drive 1322 miles a year getting their newborns to sleep so Mothercare has recruited 17month old Zara Kazim to give its car seat range an Average Baby Sleep rating - the amount of time it takes for a baby tp nod off whilst being driven

4. Impulse Shoppers

One mom confessed that her favourite reason to use Loblaws’ Click and Collect program was to avoid the Joe Fresh section. She laughed at herself for owning far too many tank tops from that tempting section. If you struggle with adding items to your cart that you had NO INTENTION of buying….you might consider this program. Unless, of course, you are equally tempted by shopping online….
browse by aisle You also have an option to browse by the No Name brand, which will save you money. And you can avoid the temptation of standing by the chocolate bar aisle when checking out.

5. A PC Plus Card Collector

Loblaws sends out a weekly email with customized offers for all PC Plus Card holders. If you don’t have a smart phone (like me), you have to print out the offers so you can track them in the store. If you use the Click and Collect feature, you can link it to your account and it will make recommendations for items that offer PC Plus bonus points.

6. Anyone in a Busy Season

Even as frugal shoppers, we all go through crazy seasons. Maybe because of illness, preparing for a big trip or a looming deadline. Sometimes we need to pay a bit extra to maintain our sanity and this might be a helpful solution.

7. Someone With Access to a Vehicle

This is not the program for you if you always use public transportation. The Click and Collect is more useful for shoppers who can do the picking up with their own transportation.

A Loblaws spokeperson said they are targeting a time-starved consumer who does not have time to gather their own groceries. And they do offer first-time promotions ranging from $10 – $20 off your first $30 order, making it a wise choice to try – at least once! And did we mention that they accept coupons? Now that is heart warming.

Would it be worth it to you to pay the fee of $3 (or $5 during peak hours) to have someone else do your shopping?