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Loblaws – PC Plus Rewards Program

PC Plus Rewards!

Loblaws PC Plus Rewards Program May2013

Loblaws has introduced a new rewards program that is designed with you in mind.

Introducing the PC Plus Program, the smart rewards program that gives you more of what you love. It’s smart because it tailors your offers to the items you buy most, from fresh fruits and vegetables, to your favourite brands.

click here for more information about this program

Sign up today and receive 10,000 bonus points when you spend $100 or more.

Valid May 3-5, 2013.

To find out if the store location operating under a Loblaws banner that you shop at participates in the Program, please access the store locator tool.


  1. Mo

    Sounds like a good idea, who doesn’t love bonus points and extra offers…my only hesitation is that they are basically monitoring ehat you buy, in order to personalize the offers, and that is kind of creepy.

    • LT

      That is great because it means the offers they will eventually send you will be more relevant to what you purchase.

  2. Leanne

    But can you only use it Loblaws? Cause I find it too expensive although it does provide a wonderful shopping environment I’m not saving the money I would like too.

    • Carmen

      It has now rolled out to most banners save for no frills, the box and tnt

  3. Emma

    Leanne, if you go on the website you can see the participating stores. At least in my city it seems to be all the PC stores, including No Frills and Fortinos.

    • Karen

      Be sure that you have the box checked to show ONLY participating store…I had it unchecked and it showed all stores also

  4. Susan

    How does it know when you spend $100.00 to get the bonus 10,000 points, what is the criteria for buying

    • Carmen

      Hey erica. Lol at at people thinking this article is affiliated with loblaws. If people have anymore weird questions again like the last two posters, point them towards the pcplus faq

  5. kim

    Don’t really understand. Is it for Superstore?

  6. Susan

    This is ONLY for ONTARIO at the moment

  7. Alex

    Looks like it is just offered through their Loblaws stores right now but moving into other banners in coming months…Zehrs, Superstore, etc.

    @ Mo – Technically don’t all your credit and debit card companies know what you buy…at least this way I am benefiting by tailored offers to me.

  8. Deborah Watson

    I was very disappointed after using the self-checkout this morning to find out that I was not able to get my PC Plus points when using this method. I saw the sign AFTER I had scanned all my groceries. I only used that method because there were very long lineups at the 4 cashiers which were open. A major mix-calculation by the store manager on how busy the store would be on the Friday of the first long weekend of the summer. DUH!
    If this plan was being rolled out, then ALL methods of payment should be available. Colour me “not happy”! 🙁

  9. alyssa

    The No Frills near my house had never heard of the program before! The cashier was nice enough to price match all my groceries, but she felt bad.

    • Carmen

      Program has not rolled out to no frills as of yet. Prices are already cheap enough at no frills.

  10. Janet Kettles

    On July 14, I went for my groceries at the local Loblaws.
    On my email from PC PC plus on the previous Friday there was advertised PC PC blue menu frozen hamburgers for a bonus of 2000 po points. I purchased your Angus hamburgers and was not credited weith the promised 2000 bonus points. Why???????

    • Erica Ashley

      Sorry Janet but you will need to contact the store directly in order to resolve this matter. We at can’t help you as we have no dealing with the store directly.

    • Carmen

      Please logon to and do a points inquiry or post on pcf’s fb page for assistance located here

  11. janet caroline robertson

    i apply for a point card when i went on line i put in caroline robertson instade of my full name .i need to get my point can you do that for me..
    my email is on top

    • Erica Ashley

      I suggest visiting your local store and asking them about this issue. We at Mrsjanuary can not help you. sorry.

      • janet caroline robertson

        why are you on here if you cant help anyone

        • Erica

          I am no way affiliated with PC points. I am part of the Mrsjanuary team. I search the Internet for freebies, coupons and deals to notify you about. PC points was just 1 of the many posts I have done on this site. If you need help with something I try my best to help but I am unable to assist with PC accounts

          • Carmen

            Your best bet would be to call in for help. There is a phone number that came with the packaging of your pc plus card.

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