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London Drugs Canada Coupon Policy

Here is the London Drugs Canada coupon policy:

Coupon stacking at London Drugs
It is the responsibility of the retailers to follow the offer and restrictions printed on the coupons in order to have the coupon redeemed. If there are no restrictions on the coupon or the restrictions are confusing, then the coupon can be used with other offers or “stacked”. There are a few key restrictions to be aware of:

  • The amount of the coupon. This is the maximum amount that coupon can be redeemed for
  • Expiry date has not been exceeded
  • Is redeemable in Canada(has a Canadian Clearing House mailing address)
  • The product named on the coupon has been purchased
  • The size and/or flavour of the item, as stated on the coupon, have been purchased
  • The required number of items has been purchased
  • If a coupon states it cannot be used or combined with any other coupon offer, then that coupon cannot be used with other coupons.
  • Only one coupon per purchase. This means only one of this exact type of coupons can be used. (multiple coupons can be used as long as they are all different)
  • Taxes: see question below tax wording

London Drugs staff take pride in providing a superior shopping experience everyday – and it may be necessary to book an appointment for dedicated time to allow for proper processing of each coupon in the transaction. For this reason, it may be smart to contact your chosen store in advance for an appointment.

We suggest that you work with the stores to do coupon stacking purchases outside of peak hours for better service to all our customers. You will find most coupon stacking education sites expressly recommend working with the store staff to ensure the transaction does not impact lineups.

We have a right as a retailer to limit quantities, especially if we suspect the product is being purchased for resale. We require any customer with the intention of purchasing large amount of products, work with the store to pre-order product in advance. Advise the customer that should we continually be driven to out of stocks, it could jeopardize our ability to continue with coupon stacking.

1. Will London Drugs price match products and then accept stacks of coupons?
Yes. When purchasing identical products, our price match policy is distinct from the coupon policy.

2. Does LD allow the total of all the coupons stacked to exceed the value of the product?
No, the coupons total value cannot exceed the value of the product. For example, if the customer presents 3 coupons that are $2.50each ($7.50) and the product is $6.00, the last coupon would be processed through the as $1.00 (not to exceed $6.00).

3. When an item is Buy 1, Get 1 free can coupons be used for the purchased item and additional coupons used on the free item?
No. The coupons can only be used on the first item as there must be a purchase in order to use coupons. As an offer already exists to get the second item free, no further coupons are required or can be accepted.

4. Are there times when a customer coupon stacking privilege can be revoked at London Drugs?
Yes. If we are aware that a customer is buying large quantities of products frequently for re-sale, this should not be allowed. London Drugs is a retailer, not a wholesaler. Coupons are not intended to be used for large scale frequent wholesaling practices. The store manager will revoke coupon staking privileges for anyone buying product frequently for resale.

5. Internet coupons printed at home are becoming more popular. The coupon sometimes is smudged or illegible, will you still accept them?
Generally no. We must be able to read and follow the eligibility and restrictions set out by the coupon. If we cannot verify the restrictions, or are uncertain of the coupons validity, then it cannot be accepted.

6. Will you accept a U.S. coupon or coupons in US funds if it was issued in the US?
No. We can only accept valid Canadian based coupons. The only exception would be a US coupon that indicates it is valid in Canada. The coupon must still have a Canadian Clearing House mailing address.

Please note we are no longer stacking coupons for Scrubbing Bubbles & Quantum finish products as per the manufacturer.

Unfortunately, there have been changes made on many coupons including P&G. We have been advised by the supplier to strictly adhere to wording on the coupon. Due to some of this wordings it can disallow coupon stacking for our customers. If we don’t adhere to the wording on the coupons as per the manufacturer, we will not be reimbursed by the vendor.

Here is a list for you that should hopefully alleviate some confusion.

  • “Not valid with any other coupon offer” Not Stackable
  • “One coupon per purchase” stackable
  • Coupons/ Offer not valid in conjunction with other offers, promotions, or discounts” Not stackable & can’t be used with sale items.
  • “Not valid with other offers” we can stack.
  • “Use of more than one manufacturers coupon per product is strictly prohibited” not stackable.
  • ”Limit 1 coupon per purchase. Not valid in conjunction with any other coupon” not stackable
  • “One redemption per customer” This means one of this type of coupon per customer, meaning you can only purchase one product per visit.
  • “One coupon per purchase, one redemption per customer” stackable, but only one item.
  • “If a coupon states that it cannot be used or combined with any other coupon offer, then that coupon cannot be used with other coupons


  1. Carrie Dahl

    They are not taking the new P&G mailed ones as they say strictly prohibited, and they will not take the ones that say can not be used with any other coupon offer. As for internet print offs they have put in place a new policy to only give 3.00 credit even if the value of the coupon exceeds it : )

  2. Cassie Howard

    Sounds like they are getting more strict over at London Drugs!

  3. Frugal Edmonton Mama

    I haven’t experienced the new limitations yet. The new wording on the P&G coupons includes ‘prohibits using more than one manufacturer coupon towards one item’ so it looks like that P&G pulled the plug on stacking their online coupons.

    So far though, I have been multiple times this week with no problems yet. Fingers crossed that my stores are still lenient and my online coupons get here soon! eek!

  4. Jessie

    I had trouble at our local London Drugs. They made their staff sign the new coupon policy, to ensure they would abide by it. It’s too bad, I’ve been a big fan of theirs and have shopped their a lot. This will effect how much I shop there. The staff were really apologetic, because the story was still on their blog about how amenable they were to coupon users.:(

  5. Christine

    I was at London Drugs last night and I was told that a printed coupon not only is worth $3 no matter the amount on the coupon, but also that only one printed coupon per transaction. This is as of Dec 2010 and the cashier showed me the note from head office. I was less than impressed.

  6. Kristina

    Can you clarify what the following means in the coupon policy:

    “Only one coupon per purchase. This means only one of this exact type of coupons can be used.”

    If the coupon says “only one coupon per purchase” can it be stacked at London Drugs? Usually I don’t have a problem using these coupons as long as they all have different UPC codes. However, one London Drugs would not allow me to use them because the interpreted the above statement differently.

  7. Cassie Howard

    Kristina: Yes, you can use them at London Drugs. The rules are a bit more flexible if you are shopping at a store that allows stacking.

  8. Kristine Pope

    So now all the coupons say more than one manufacturor is strictly prohibited does this mean no more stacking? I was going to try for my first time tomorrow but it sounds like the rules have changed? can u still stack them if the upc is different?

  9. Cassie Howard

    Kristine: You can still stack coupons, just not the ones from Brandsaver.

  10. Candy

    what if you want to use different coupons for one item and they all have different barcodes?
    can you still use them all together even if says cannot be combine to any manufaturer coupons?

  11. Cassie Howard

    Candy: Yes (except Brandsaver coupons).

  12. Melissa

    Has London drugs policy just changed because a friend of mine went to stack their tonight and they would not stack any coupons that said ” cannot be combined with any other offer” Do you know anything about this?

  13. Cassie Howard

    Melissa: To my knowledge, they have not changed their policy and still allow stacking (even with that wording on the coupons).

  14. Cheeky

    I heard the same thing from a cashier and went home and called london drugs right away. We can in fact still stack coupons that say they can not be combined with any other offer. Some cashiers get confused about this as the coupons that say they can not be combined with any other COUPON offer are not stackable at all. Here is the policy right on the London Drugs website Good luck and happy couponing!

  15. Nita

    It seems I can’t print the policy… please thanks
    and is there a new policy as I noticed that cheeky has posted a stacking policy for LD?

  16. Cassie Howard

    Nita: The link was removed because London Drugs is updating their policy. Once it is posted on their site, I will change the policy on here and post the link so you can print it. 🙂

  17. Marnee

    It appears London Drugs has updated there coupon policy. Went there today and they said they had training yesterday at that store and changed some of their coupon guidelines.

  18. Cassie Howard

    Marnee: Yes, some locations are no longer accepting stacking.

  19. Dayle Desautels

    I recently wanted to use the $4 off LOreal Preference Hair Colour and was told that London Drugs would not accept any internet coupon over $3. The cashier said this was policy from head office. She would use the coupon as a $3 offer instead. So I went to Walmart where they price matched and accepted the $4 coupon without question. This was in Metro Vancouver.

  20. Dayle Desautels

    Sorry – she would NOT use the coupon for $3 instead

  21. S V

    I was in LD a few weeks ago in Regina, SK and they are now accepting coupons printed over $10. They had Tylenol back on sale, and I was allowed to use the $10 printable coupon on it. I am not sure if this is all LD or just Regina…

  22. nhung

    im a bit confused with the policy above… you can only use one internet coupon in
    total / per transaction???

    • Cassie Howard

      Per item, not transaction. 🙂

  23. Jill

    Hi there ~ I just got back from London Drugs and wanted to use printable coupons from the internet. They were for $3 and less. I had a printed coupon for each of my items. I was told I was only allowed to use 1 printable coupon per visit. I had to leave all of my items and only pick one to purchase. They had a coupon policy printed at the customer service counter and this coupon policy was there. Thoughts? Is this something new? Thank you for your time in advance ~ Jill

    • Cassie Howard

      Hmmm, I have not heard of this. I will have to contact head office to see if their policy has changed. Thanks for the heads up!

  24. Kara
  25. Jessica

    I’m new to stack ! And since save on foods changed their policy. I want to try ld , I was wonder about the not valid with any other offer say ‘ we can stack’ has anyone had any problems with this? I called today and the women said no we won’t stack those.

  26. Anna Alton

    Hi i am really confused also because i went to LD a couple days ago and i have before in the past week or so and i went to customer service and i asked people about the policy and they all told me different things is this the updated one please reply thank you Anna

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