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Mail in Rebates and Money Back Guarantees

Mail in Rebates & Money Back Guarantees.


What are Mail In Rebates?

Mail In Rebates are a great way for you to try products for free! For example, let’s say Glade has a Mail In Rebate form for a scented oil candle. You go to any store, purchase this item, then fill out the Mail In Rebate form, and mail it (along with your receipt and UPC code if required) to the address on the form.

You can usually expect to wait 6-8 weeks before you get a cheque in the mail from Glade for the amount you spent on the scented oil candle.

Make sure you read the Mail In Rebate form very carefully before purchasing the item! You may have to wait until a certain date to purchase it and you also want to find out what you need to send them, in order to get your money back (UPC codes, receipts, etc.).

* Want to know how to MAKE MONEY from a mail in rebate? Let’s stick with the Glade scenario. Say you use a $3.00 coupon and the product costs $4.99. You end up only paying $1.99 for the candle, but you will get a rebate check from Glade for $4.99! That’s a profit of $3.00 AND you get a free candle out of it. Yippie!

What are Money Back Guarantees?

Just like Mail In Rebates, this is a great way for you to try products for free. Say you wanted to try a Swiffer Wet Jet but it’s expensive and you don’t want to spend the money on it, only to not like it very much at all.

Lucky for you, there is a Money Back Guarantee (this will be on their website, or sometimes they will have a sticker right on the product)! If you buy this item, and don’t like it for any reason, you can print out the form found on their website and mail it, along with your receipt and usually the UPC code to the address on the form.

In 6-8 weeks time you should have a cheque in the mail for the amount that you paid (usually minus taxes)! Please don’t abuse this though. Only ask for your money back if you genuinely did not like the product.


Keep a record of the Mail in Rebates and Money Back Guarantees that you send away for. Write down what you purchased, how much it cost, how long it should take to get your refund (it will say on the forms you have to fill out), when you bought it and when you sent away for the money back.

If you have not received your cheque in the time it should have taken, give the company a call and find out what’s up! Also, make sure to keep records of what you mail away as well. I would suggest making yourself a photocopy of the receipts and take a photo of the UPC before you mail it away.

This way you are covered if there are any problems.

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