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Mother’s Day gift ideas that mom will love

Mother’s Day gift ideas that mom will love

Looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas? This happy holiday is not far away and mom deserves the perfect gift.. but what should that gift be?

Mom always seems to have everything they need, don’t they?

Have you thought about what you are going to get the #1 woman in your life? I’m so excited to be involved as a mother this year and not just a daughter. How fun! Here are some frugal Mother’s Day gift ideas that won’t break the bank and will put a smile on mom’s face.

Family portrait Let’s face it, mothers’ love pictures of their children. Why not get all dressed up and have someone snap some great shots of you and your siblings (if you have any)? You can find really nice frames at Michaels or Walmart on clearance quite often. Check thrift stores too!

Flowers What would Mother’s Day be without flowers? They don’t have to be expensive. Many grocery stores offer flowers and often have discounts on Mother’s Day and the day before. If you grow your own flowers, even better! Free is good!

Baked goods Whip up a batch of mom’s favourite cookies, her favourite cake, or something else she really loves. Inexpensive and easy! Package them up in a cute tin or some cellophane wrap, maybe add a bow and you’re good to go!

Sweets Almost all mom’s love to receive sweets of some sort on Mother’s Day! Don’t just get her a box of chocolates. Do something creative. Buy her a box of her favourite candies or chocolates and then put them in a re-purposed jar or tin can that you have decorated yourself. Homemade sweets are always appreciated as well. Brownies, cookies, bars.. figure out what mom’s favourite sweet is, and then make it yourself. Package them up nicely and present to mom in a cute gift bag or box.

Scrapbook If you’re good at scrapbooking, why not put together a special book for mom? Throw in all sorts of great things such as photos, small objects, and stickers. Maybe write a poem or two about how great your mom is. I bet she would love that!

Sleep Give mom time to sleep in on Mother’s Day. I guarantee that she really wants it. When you’re a mother, your children come before you… so you’re up at the break of dawn, getting breakfast made, making beds and getting kids off to school – and for lots of mom’s, they then have to get themselves ready and off to work. Mothers do a lot of things for their children and household, and they lose lots of sleep because of it. Be kind to mom on Mother’s Day and let her sleep in for as long as she wants.

Chore-Free Day This is definitely what I want for Mother’s Day. A day where I don’t have to do any chores, including laundry and changing poopy diapers. I can guarantee that all mom’s would appreciate this type of gift on Mother’s Day! Tidy up the house, wash all of those dirty dishes in the sink, and do a load of laundry. Mom will love you forever!

Relaxation After taking care of children, housework and possibly even a day job, mom is exhausted at the end of the day. Other than sleep, the next thing most mom’s want is just to relax. Pick up a gift certificate for a local spa and treat mom to a full day of pure relaxation and pampering. Hand and body massages, manicure, pedicure – maybe even some hair and make-up! Mother’s Day is a great time to really treat mom like royalty.

Homemade dinner Why not invite mom to your place for dinner and make her a delicious meal, including all of her favourite dishes? That’s all moms really want is time with their kids!

Homemade gifts Let’s treat mom special anyway, and make her something fun. These homemade Mother’s Day gifts are fun, and I’m sure that most mom’s out there would love to receive any of them this Mother’s Day!

  1. A Morning on the Patio
  2. Hand Painted “Dipped” Spoons
  3. Lovely Cupcake Bouquet
  4. Write-On Picture Frames
  5. Personalized Mugs
  6. Two Tone Fabric Totes
  7. Luxurious Coconut Body Wash
  8. Easy Kids Egg Carton Art
  9. DIY Dollar Store Lantern
  10. Homemade Lip Balm
  11. Pin Cushion Jars
  12. Gardening Gift Pack
  13. Beaded Candle Holders & Vases
  14. Quick Strawberry Jam
  15. Coloured Vintage Jars

Really, Mother’s Day is just showing your mom how much you love her – and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to do that!

What are some of your frugal Mother’s Day gift ideas?


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