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10 Creative Activities Using Lego

Brilliant Lego marketers create “needs” in children unlike any other company. Children beg, “I need a new Lego set” or “I need a new Lego guy to complete my collection.”
Before we rush out to buy any more Lego, let’s think outside the box (pun intended). Suggest a few of these creative activities to help kids play with the Lego they already have.

10 Creative Activities Using Lego

Lego activities collage

Lego Playcentre

Hack an Ikea Expedit 2×2 to create this simple playhouse. Children can play from both sides, making play more interactive.

Lego Marble Maze

Pull out narrow bricks and 1 baseplate and kids can create their own Lego maze. Siblings could each build a maze and race their marbles from the entrance to the exit. (is it just me or does everything become a competition with siblings?).
Lego maze

Make a Lego Movie

Challenge your kids to create their own Lego stop motion film using iMovie. My boys first learned how to do this at a local library and they adore creating stop motion movies. Take consecutive pictures with gradual scene changes to show Lego characters attacking each other or riding a dune buggy. The possibilities are endless.

Build a Movie Scene

Fire up those imaginations by asking kids to build a scene from a favourite movie. Then say, “No” when they ask if there is a “set” for that movie. Now let them get building. Will it be the movie Up? Tangled? A vintage choice like E.T. Get that camera ready.

Lego Quest

Join a Lego quest like this one. Various challenges are posted and children build their interpretation of the category.

Lego Plus Playdoh

Younger kids will love this idea. Combine two of their favourite things into learning activities and sensory fun. Use Lego pieces to create shapes and letters in Playdoh.

Lego Symmetry

Draw an image like a butterfly and have your little one fill it with Lego to learn about symmetry.
lego butterfly

Lego Ice Excavation

Kids will have fun hiding minifigs in ice and excavating them again.

Lego Tasks

Suitable for toddlers and up, these Lego task cards are easy to create. Have kids close their eyes to select a card, and report back when they have accomplished their mission to take a picture of the results. Creations as simple or as complex as they would like.

Mix It Up

Simply moving a toy to a different part of the house helps it gain renewed interest. Set up the Lego characters together at the kitchen table, on the balcony or in the backyard. Set up a water bin and let your kids have a minifig pool party. The possibilities are endless…

Check out this Frugal Family Fun post on marble activities for another outside-the-box idea for Lego.

As much as I would love my kids to come up with these ideas themselves, sometimes I find they need a jumpstart. Show them this post, let them pick a favourite Lego activitiy and watch where their imaginations lead.

Any other ideas of how to think outside the box with Lego?



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