Organized Chest Freezer: How I Do It

Here is a video that I made, showing you how I organize my chest freezer – I use reusable shopping bags!

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  1. Geneviève

    The reusable bags : very good idea! Thank you!

  2. Betty

    looks like my freezer (except I used coloured shopping bags to denote what I have; eg. blue Metro bags for beef, Sobey’s for fowl, etc.) So just by looking at different coloured bags, I know what’s in it.

  3. Olivia

    Very neat freezer, thanks for the tips. I just wanted to share that I place my sliced breads and other breads inside additional clear bags to protect from freezer burn. The original bags aren’t meant for freezer use. This way, the product can stay in the freezer longer without compromising the taste.

  4. Julia

    omg, ingenious lol!
    Never thought about it before but I’m going to start now

  5. Shannon

    Great video, I didn’t know you can freeze cheese! But one question? Does it not become soggy when thawed? Also do you break off chunks to use or just thaw the whole bag at once for use in a week? How long then does it last in the fridge? Oops I thinks that’s more than one question 🙂

  6. Gina

    Many good ideas, Cassie. I follow your site all the time and find all your postings so informative. Been into couponing for less than a year so a relative newbie. Good idea with the colored shoppings bags. I will have to try using them. As Olivia said I also double bag the bread and it seems to work well. Another thikg I tried just recently was to write all my inventory into an exercise book which I keep upstairs, so when I plan my meals I look through the list and try to use what I already have. I have really gotten into the sales lately and need to use up the inventory before it gets ourdated. Thanks again for all your help; have a wonderful summer with your beautiful family.

  7. Jane

    Great idea! I didn’t think to use the reusable bags. Thanks

  8. Linda

    Thanks for the tips! I would also like to say, if you have Air Miles and shop at Amazon (those labels look great!) then go through the to get Air Miles along with your purchase!

  9. Cassie Howard

    Shannon: I never thaw it. It stays in the freezer and I just use bits when I need it (I always freeze it shredded, never in blocks). This works well for hot items (chili, pasta, etc.), where the heat from the dish will quickly melt the cheese. We also use it for things that will be going into the oven such as pizza.

  10. Tracy

    i have a stand up freezer (9.5 cu feet) that i got on clearance at the brick for $299… i LOVE it… it takes up way less floor space, so i’m able to keep it in my kitchen… and the handle is recessed and on the side of the door, so its a visual clean surface, which looks cleaner and less cluttered… also, when you open it, there ar six drawers, so i organize my food by drawers… ‘sexy’ food for my teenager (stuff that can just be nuked, or that he doesn’t have to make an effort, because, HEAVEN FORBID!!), one for pork, one for beef, one for chicken, one for breads, one for veggies… my fridge freezer holds my food waste and baggies that i’m using all the time, cheese and leftovers etc… oh, and a cold bottle of vodka! 🙂

  11. teachermum

    I’ve had boxes in my freezer for years-man, the cloth bags would have been so much easier…but they weren’t selling them when I started to do that! Should have made some! We are in the process of getting rid of our chest freezer as I got a new upright-just haven’t gotten it all transferred yet. Sure would be nice if they squished large chickens and turkeys in to square shapes to freeze them!

  12. Michele


    Could you give the link for you freezer labels that you bought on Amazon. There so many to choose from. I would like to have the same that you have. Thanks

  13. Cassie Howard

    Michelle: Hmm, it looks like they don’t have them anymore! I do see this kind, though:

  14. Tami

    i love the reusable bag idea to keep the same of all together, great idea and thanks

  15. Betty Ann

    I freeze cheese all the time but needs to be grated, use a container and put in freezer without the lid on as it is freezing fluff with fingers this stops it from clumping together when totally frozen put lid on and your good to go

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