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Payless ShoeSource Canada – Buy One, Get One Half Off

Payless ShoeSource is having their buy one, get one 1/2 off sale again!

This sale is valid on everything in the store.

Click here to start shopping at Payless Shoe Source online!

Click here to find a Payless Shoe Source Canada location near you!


  1. Pam

    One of the most frustrating websites I have ever been on! Update your page to allow searches in Canada or to allow online orders to ship here through the above link “Click here to start shopping at Payless Shoe Source Canada online”, which doesn’t allow for Canadian addresses. And it gets worse, when you search through the Canadian website store locator, also through a link above, every entry defaults to US so you can’t even locate a store that way either! Crappy, crappy website! Wonder how many customers you lost today.

  2. Vicky

    What a frustrating experience. I finally find the Canadain online shopping site for Payless shoes but can’t complete the transaction! I can’t find a store to ship to because it allows only US adresses and can’t ship to my home either beause of the same problem. I guess they don’t want my buisness??? I guess i won’t be getting the 4 pairs of shoes after all! 🙁

  3. Heather

    Went online to see about a pair of boys boots. Was heading into the city and stopped in at the store to have them asap and was told that the website is US and they do not stock the same items. I was also told to keep checking as stock days are Tuesday and Thursday. They might get it in. This same person told me that ordering online is an option. Well, I tried this this morning and can’t order because it only ships to A US address. Frustrating!
    I called the store as it is Thursday to see if they are in todays order and was treated abysmally by the person on the phone.
    Guess Payless doesn’t want my business…… 🙁

  4. cathy

    I am also dissapointed in Payless, i went to payless today to purchase items on sale only to find out the boots i wanted are double what was advertised here. i came home and attempted to order the same boots using the supposed “canadian link” and couldn’t order because it did not allow delivery to canada, why even bother claiming to have a canadian link when it doesn’t work?? i think thats called false advertising.

    this is the link i clicked on which brought me to the US site:
    Click here to start shopping at Payless ShoeSource Canada online!

    Something should be done about this!!!

    • Nat

      I emailed their customer service link on the Candian side and turns out it’s a monkey in the US who answers.

      Very disapointed! Can’t buy the shoes, can’t get appropriate customer support, false prices and can’t contact someone in your city to try and order them through your local store.

  5. henk

    I live close tothe border and can send it there. I tought no problem. Done the order, filled everything in but at the moment you have to fill in your credit card info it needs a US address of your card. So no go!
    very disapointing doing business with Payless.

  6. Andrea

    Like the previous comments, I too am frustrated that Payless has a Canadian on-line store but you can’t actually purchase if you live in Canada?!? What’s even more annoying is that Payless has a comment section but no responses from Payless customer service rep on our legitimate complaints. I’m not shopping at Payless Shoes again.

    • Suzanne

      You are 100% right and I won’t buy anymore from payless shoes.

  7. Joan Broadley

    Why have a click to the Canada Payless website when you can’t order??!!

  8. NC

    I am already committed to a pair of shoes, since my daughter found a pair locally (Surrey BC) that were perfect for a wedding. Queue the online shopping nightmare.

    First I had to change my credit card billing address to match a US shipping address. But still it failed. Payless tech support said it was because I’m at a Canadian IP (computer address) … after 4 times calling my credit card company, and 3 times calling Payless to have purchase holds on my card cleared, I thought I had it solved. I called this afternoon, and after another transaction failure it was now because it’s not a US credit card. O.O

    Next it will be because a Republican is not in the whitehouse.

    It feels like I’m trying to purchase an online item in 1974. Ebay et al are better options .. don’t waste your time with Payless.

    And here’s why we started this process – price. Shoes in Canada were $35 plus tax; US shoes $20 USD shipped. It was enough of a difference to buy online, but at this cost.

  9. Katherine Duke-Coyle

    Would you forward this to the District Manager (Katherine Squires).
    Dear Katherine:
    This is regarding the conversation on July 23, 2013. I would like to inform you that I am not permitted into your stores in St. John’s, NL for voicing my opinion. You stated that your employees were afraid to go to work. Katherine, I am a 50 year old woman, 105 lbs. I am going to abide by your condition and the file is closed (speaking with Katherine at the contact phone number on web site). I am only asking you to take 5 minutes the next time you are at the location in St.John’s and you could see why I got upset in the first place. I did not utter threats to you or your employees. I respect your decision but in all honesty can you view the tape.
    Thank you and have a great day

  10. Katherine Duke-Coyle

    Just looking at some of the reviews from customers; so I was not the only one with a problem with one of you stores. I am sure that there are others but only see these ones. I still stand by Katherine’s decision however, I do find it judgemental.
    Thank you for your time

  11. Richard Feynman

    Worst experiance ever! Done with Payless!

  12. sharon

    wow so disappointing that you people do not want Canadian buisness.I used to shop at you stores all the time ,and have done so in the states as well.but now that I have a disability I thought great,I can shop on line….well I can but not from tour stores.I suggest you fix the are loosing ALOT of Canadian buisness.

  13. Elda

    Why is it that a shop with retail stores throughout Canada with a website where one can buy the shoes directly cannot also sell and ship those shoes directly to Canadians even though they ship these same shoes to all the retail stores?

  14. rhonda

    I finally found Canadian online payless website but cannot purchase if living in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!what the heck?????????????????????????????????????????????

  15. Jena

    I too after gathering a cart of 200.00 realized it was US delivery only; while disappointed I will mention in Payless defense; it isn’t a Payless thing, it’s the way the US verifies credit cards it’s by billing address, had the same prob trying to order from a few years ago and now I just buy gift cards there so I can shop and have the stuff delivered to a PO in Michigan:)

  16. tony p

    Apparently we’re still living in the stone age in Canada.

  17. Genna R

    I guess payless thinks Canadians are third worlders.
    We can’t even order online, and retail stores are always out of stock, or seem to only carry what the US stores can’t give away.

    No thanks payless,….I will enjoy reading about your bankruptcy.

  18. Angela

    I agree with everyone else, I tried last night to order $200 worth of shoes, but nope…I also have a US mail box but they wont take my Canadian Credit Card…why not? every other place wants our business. Call the Customer Service and they said the same thing, told me to use a US payless gift card, well that would be great if I had a payless store near me, then I wouldn’t have to order online, duh!
    They will lose a lot of business not being able to do this (as I can see from other comments). More and more people shop online as it is easier and everyone is too busy to get to a store, or like me doesn’t have one close.
    Lost my $200 purchase and I prob would have bought more in the future.
    Their loss!!!!

  19. shahla

    its very disappointing.i think people should also stop visiting their stores if they dont wanna fix their online website.why arent we allowed to shop online.I wont shop at payless again.

  20. Lynda

    Wow you have a link that says Canada but its for states never realized it till i had a cart full of over $300.00 plus False advertising … I will never shop at any of the payless store’s again even when in he mall. Funny how that works as Oldnavy in canada allows States & Canada. I guess you don’t want business very badly.

  21. Bambi Blue

    We are not affiliated with either store. We only post the deals. (This one is from 2011, for what it’s worth)

  22. Amy T

    I had over $200 in my cart for back to school shoes and went to ship – only to realize you do not ship to Canada. Very disapointed!!!

  23. Prariesgal

    I, too am one of many customers, like all the others before me discovered that i was not able to order anything online just because I’m a Canadian. I have my own USA address but no USA credit card. ARGH!
    To top it off… i guess Payless USA does not want our business… my 200.00 either!

  24. Andrea

    I agree. They’ve gotten quite arrogant here in Canada. A 50% off sale prices are still around $69.00. Where in the world is PAY-LESS supposed to be expensive. For those prices I’ll shop at Winners or Aldo, et al. AND… I can’t for the life of me find a nice web-page Canadian Payless with selections and prices. Very poor customer friendly service and prices. One store manager said that the quality has improved. Hmmm, don’t think so, my shoe seams started unraveling 2 months in. That’s ok, though. I spend my money where my money counts, and that is where I am considered and appreciated as a paying client.

  25. Anne Cook

    It has been one of the worst experiences ever. I shop a lot online, but have NEVER had a time when my order wasn’t even processed passed the check-out. I think I will start purchasing at another website right now. Thanks a lot Payless.

  26. Harmesh

    I spent an hour loaded my cart and discovered that I was not able to order anything online just because I’m a Canadian. Only to realize you do not ship to Canada. Very disappointed!!!

  27. Caroline

    Just spent 2 hrs. picking out what shoes I wanted and couldn’t get past Zip Code or State!! Of course not, we have Postal codes and Provinces. I was on a Payless CANADA Website! so what is going on!!??? Never again. Thanks for absolutely nothing but a waste of my time.


    Just tried to order 4 pairs of Boots but because I live in Canada they will not allow me. Sorry to say but I will have to search other stores for my foot wear needs ……….. Really to bad

  29. Deborah

    Get with it Payless!! how many customer complaints do you need before you start listening to potential customers? And those are just the complaints from people who bother…how about all of the rest? 200+ stores in Canada but you won’t ship here? Wow, Payless must be doing very well in the U.S., they don’t seem to need the business.

  30. Christine

    Why in the world does it say Payless Canada but you won’t ship here. I will definitely spread the word. I will never walk into a Payless again and am spreading your horrible customer service to social media. Why don’t you just take your website off the Canadian site. You would not believe how pissed I am right now.

  31. Lisa

    Omg…I just spent over an hour shopping for winter boots and dance item’s for my two grandchildren for Christmas, only to find out that they don’t ship to Canada…….really. Well I guess I will be spending my money elsewhere.

  32. debbie butler

    I also tried to order shipping to canada

  33. Debb Summers

    Thanks for wasting my time and waiting until I have jumped through all of your hoops to get to PayPal checkout to be told you don’t recognize PayPal accounts outside of the United States…heads up…there are a lot of people and places outside of the United States…very, very disappointed!

  34. Antonella

    Agree with posts indicating no shipping to Canada – get with the program…this is 2017. Many other online stores ship to Canada…what is the big deal? Really disheartening. Guess we are too foreign for you.

  35. Barb Ross

    Just wasted a lot of my time ordering shoes, only to find you don’t ship to Canada. That’s really a shame. I live in a remote area and can’t get to a store that has wide fitting shoes. At the very least, could you not post on your site “Will not ship to Canada”. It would save time and disappointment.

  36. Debra

    I am in full agreement with all the previous Canadians who were disappointed to find that even though there are dozens of Payless stores in Canada, you don’t ship to Canadian addresses! Come on, and get into the 21st century, Payless!

  37. Madonna

    Can’t believe you won’t ship to Canada ..I was willing to pay for the shipping ….sucks for sure …you won’t get anymore business from me.

  38. Ohhh tellement en accord j’ai passé plus de 30minutes à trouver des style qui me plaisent.. En plus que chaque fois qu’on selectionne un choix on nous remet au début de la liste quand on revient à la page précédente. Et le comble au Canada no shipping.. Perte de te pas total.. Ca donne même pas le goût d’aller en magasin maintenant.. Vraiment Décevant

  39. Mark Wilson

    Like most other people… Most difficult website for shopping ever! Does Payless shoes ever sell anything off their Canadian website?

  40. lynda jones

    Agree with everyone above…don’t put a Payless Canada site on the internet if you can’t (or won’t) ship to Canada…very poor business management

  41. Kris

    Very disappointing that I can’t order online because I live in Canada.

  42. Silpa Mehta

    why Canada cant order on line?? I have been hearing from last year that they will start this year!
    Now i don’t even know what year is that they will start! 🙁 🙁

  43. Wendy

    Thank you payless..I cant believe that I spent 2 hours online and cant ship to Canada .It’s quite annoying . You could just enable your system to display the message WE DO NOT SHIP TO THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD , the moment it detects our IP address.

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