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Peelie Coupons – What Are They?

Peelie Coupons

There are a bunch of different types of coupons that are available for you to use, and this week I’m going to share the types of coupons you can expect to find. Some of these coupons are easy to find, while some are a bit more of a challenge.

Either way, these coupons can help you save big bucks, so keep your eyes open for them!

Peelie Coupons

“What are peelie coupons?” is a question I am often asked – not many people know what they are, but they are exactly what you’d expect they were by their “peelie” term.

Peelie coupons are coupons that you can peel off of products to use on your purchase. Generally, they are “use me now” coupons that you can use right away, but many people don’t even notice them at the time of purchase, so they can be saved and used the next time you go shopping and need to purchase that item.

John Frieda Peelie

However, sometimes a peelie coupon can be used on a product that is different from the one the peelie coupon is attached to.

For example, say you find a $1 off peelie coupon on a package of Royale bathroom tissue. The peelie coupon says “Save $1 on ANY Royale bathroom tissue”.

This means that you don’t necessarily need to use the peelie on THAT particular package, but could be saved for your next purchase (and you can purchase the smallest size package available to really maximize your savings).

Peelies that say “on this package” should be used on the item that the peelie coupon is found.

Huggies Peelie Coupon

Can I take peelie coupons without buying the product?

It is poor couponing etiquette to take peelie coupons off of products that you have no intention of purchasing.

This, to me, is considered stealing. If you’re not buying the product that has the peelie coupon attached to it, then please do not remove the peelie from the product.

Have you found peelie coupons recently? Do you like them?


  1. Caroline

    Latest ones I see are for Clean and Clear Shampoo/Condition $3 off and Whiskas cat food $2 off. Absolutely love them! I find sometimes, they are higher value coupons than tear pads.

  2. Linda

    I like them, but haven’t seen any in a while. Usually the cashier takes it off and uses it right away and that’s fine. I would most likely lose it if I kept it lol.

  3. Mary-Ann

    I’m amazed at how many people peel them right off the product and leave the product on the shelf. We have ones often for perk coffee and so often the tins or packages have the coupon peelie ripped off. I agree with you… to me that just seems like stealing!
    I love the peelies I do end up finding yet on items!

  4. maria

    $1 off for 12 rolls of cottonelle to at WM &
    $1.50 off for 18 or 24 rolls

    $2 off pantene 675ml bottles

    $2 Glad kitchen catchers

    $2 Glad compostable bags

    $3 whiskas

    $1 all but gluten

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