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Top 20 Product Testing Sites: How to Make Money as a Product Tester

Top 20 Product Testing Sites: How to Make Money as a Product Tester

You’ve heard of paid survey websites, but do you know about product testing sites? More and more Canadians are becoming product testers. Product testers can receive free samples of products they use every day by being willing to participate in online surveys and reviews. But how do product testing sites work, and can you get paid to test products?

What Is Product Testing?

Product testing websites provide crucial market research data to leading brands to help them develop new products and services. They rely on the information supplied by everyday Canadians who are willing to complete polls and surveys, and test products, for a small fee.

How Does Product Testing Work?

Product testing websites can differ in their approach, but the general idea is that they pay members to complete surveys about products they already own or review free samples of products they receive in the mail. It’s common for paid product testers to review digital products as well. In addition to free samples, rewards can include gift cards and PayPal cash.

20 Top Product Testing Sites In Canada

Now that you know more about how product testing sites work, here’s our list of some of the top websites in Canada that will pay you to review and test products from top brands.

1. Amazon

The first company on our list may surprise you. Did you know that Amazon, the world’s #1 online retailer, also has a free product sampling program? You have to be willing to receive new deals and recommendations by email to participate. Existing members can update this information under Communication Preferences inside their Amazon account. Not everyone receives samples, but there are no downsides to signing up. You never know, you may get lucky!

2. Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say is best known as a paid survey website that lets you earn points for completing surveys online. But when you sign up for Ipsos, you may have the opportunity to participate in at-home testing of various products. When you test products through Ipsos, you’ll still earn points that you can redeem for prizes, including PayPal cash. Head over to Ipsos to sign up today. Just remember, the more information you provide when completing your Ipsos iSay profile, the better the chance that you’ll receive surveys and products to test.

3. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a market research company hired by companies wanting consumer input to develop new products and services. They pay Pinecone to conduct research – Pinecone members benefit by earning money for completing surveys and the occasional at-home product test.

If product testing appeals to you, give Pinecone Research a shot. One of the main benefits with Pinecone is their low minimum payout threshold. As soon as you reach $3 in earnings, you can redeem your points for gift cards. If there’s a drawback to being a Pinecone product tester, it’s that they operate on an invite-only basis. You must wait to hear from Pinecone in order to receive free products to test.

4. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a well-known market research website that lets you earn cash and prizes for completing surveys. However, you may also be asked to join a focus group to provide feedback to companies that are bringing new products and services to market.

Survey Junkie members can redeem points for cash as soon as they earn $10, but there is no mobile app, making it less convenient to use than some other survey and product testing companies. Learn more in our full review of Survey Junkie.

5. Nielsen Homescan

Nielsen Homescan is a market research firm that offers rewards when members report on the items they buy when they shop. You can also get paid to take surveys with Nielsen Homescan. Panel members may also be asked to test products. You can redeem points for merchandise and gift cards, but don’t expect to get rich. It can a while to earn even $15 or $20 with Nielsen Homescan.

6. BZZAgent

Unlike many of the companies listed here, BZZAgent does not offer paid surveys. When you sign up, you’ll be able to select a product offer from a list. BZZAgent will want you to share the items you receive for free on your social media channels. BZZAgent sends out small household items that people use everyday. Some of the brands listed on their website include Gillette, Samsonite, Purina, L’Oreal, Hershey’s Nestle, Proctor & Gamble, and Unilever.

7. Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club is available in more than 20 countries worldwide, including Canada. According to their website, “by joining the club, you’ll be eligible to participate in free product tests, with samples delivered straight to your doorstep.” Sound like a club you want to be a part of? To test products, you need to register in the “Test” section of their website. Keep in mind that HTC will send you some pre-qualifying questions prior to sending you free products or samples to test, to make sure you are the ideal person to test a particular product.

8. Elle Magazine Limited Time Product Testing

Each year, usually in December and January, Elle Magazine Canada gives 600 Canadians an opportunity to test top beauty products for free. While most of the products are for women, Elle also includes some men’s products. All you need to do is keep an eye out for the contest, register, and take a short survey. You may be one of the lucky ones. While this year’s entry deadline has passed, here is a link to the contest so that you can be ready for the 2023 contest.

9. Sample Source

Like the beauty products offered by Elle Magazine, Sample Source gives way product samples as a limited-time offer. With Sample Source, it’s a few times per year. Sample Source free product testing is available to Canadians. Past samples include Purina, Jif (peanut butter), Becel, Campbell’s, Del Monte, Tetley, and more.

10. Parent Tested Parent Approved

Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) aims to help parents make the right choice about the products they buy for their families. They send you free products to test, reward you for your opinions, and ask you to review products and share your thoughts with others. All of this qualifies you for rewards. PTPA will select you for product testing based on the profile you create, and signup is completely free.

11. Social Nature

If you consume natural and organic products, you’ll be interested in free samples from Social Nature. You can select specific products that you want to try, and if you are chosen, Social Nature will send you free samples with a request to perform particular tasks, including sharing on your social media channels. You’ll find examples of the products Social Nature promotes on their website homepage.

12. User Testing

You’ll need a computer or mobile device along with a reliable internet connection to partner with User Testing. Their focus is testing apps and websites, and they have provided market research data to the following companies: HP, Samsung, Adobe, Ford, and Alaska Airlines. Payment is in the form of PayPal money transfers. User Testing will present you with a quick sample test for qualification purposes when you sign up.

13. Influenster

By becoming an Influenster member, you can unlock free samples delivered to your door, along with digital offers and discounts. All you need to do is help Influenster test and review new products by completing the requested actions. Their product niche is beauty and new parents.

14. PINCHme

PINCHme has been around for nearly ten years and has several million subscribers. With PINCHme, the process is simple: Sign up and complete your profile, claim monthly samples, share your feedback, and earn PINCHme coins, which you can redeem for gift cards and more free samples. PINCHme works with the following clients in the personal care, food, drink, and household industries: Starbucks, Kraft, Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Mars, Nestle, Kellogs, etc.

15. Shopper Army

According to Shopper Army, its 250,000+ members have earned more than $800,000. Shopper Army is available in Canada, and registration is free. Shopper Army lets you earn rewards for testing full-sized products from top brands, completing surveys, watching videos, etc. In addition to free products, Shopper Army offers cash back discounts when you shop at your favourite stores from their platform. Shopper Army earns a commission from brands like Walmart, Sephora, Indigo, Old Navy, GAP, Staples, and Shoppers Drug Mart, and you save up to 4% or more when you shop.

16. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a product testing website that pays you to answer surveys about regularly used products. You may not receive free products in the mail, but you can still earn a few bucks each month without a lot of effort. Signup is free, and you can earn gift cards and PayPal cash.

17. Chickadvisor

Chickadvisor is a product review website for women. When you sign up for their Product Review Club, you can receive free stuff by filling out a short eligibility questionnaire. However, there is no guarantee you’ll be selected for a product testing assignment. Chickadvisor will determine whether you are eligible before sending you free beauty products.

18. Family Rated

Family Rated is another product review website from Chickadvisor. To qualify for their product review club, you’ll be asked to review at least five items you already own. Write detailed, thoughtful reviews and then share them on social media using hashtags provided by Family Rated.

19. XY Stuff

XY Stuff is another product review website from Chickadvisor and Family Rated website owners. All three sites are almost identical; the only difference is the promoted types of products. You can become a product tester for leading brands by providing thoughtful reviews and signing up for products you wish to review.

20. The Kit

The Kit is a Canadian product testing website that sends you free product samples when you inform them of your product preferences. As with all of the market research companies on our list, data The Kit collects is passed along to their brand partners to help them develop new products coming to market.


How much money can I make as a product tester?

It’s important to note that product testing sites will not make you rich. At best, you may be able to earn a few dollars per month on each site you join. On a positive note, taking online surveys and getting to test products for free doesn’t take much time, and the extra cash can be a slight boost to your budget.

How can I maximize my product testing earnings?

There are ways to boost your earnings as a product tester. For starters, most market research firms listed in this article offer multiple ways to earn money. In addition to product testing, you can complete online surveys, watch videos, play games, or participate in focus groups. I recommend participating in as many activities as you can.

How many product testing sites should I join?

You can join as many product testing websites as you want – that’s another way to boost your earnings. A single website may only send you a few tasks each month. By joining 2, 3, or 10 sites, you increase your money-making opportunities.

Are product testing websites safe?

You have to be careful anytime you give out your personal information online. When you sign up to become a product tester, you’ll be asked to provide a list of your interests and personal preferences to help the product testing company create your profile. Thankfully, all of the survey and product testing sites listed in this article have been around for several years and can be trusted. Do your research before you sign up to make sure you’re comfortable.

Final Thoughts on Product Testing Websites

The main reason people sign up for product testing websites is to earn a little money and have the opportunity to get some free samples. That’s exactly what the sites featured here let you do. While you’ll never get rich testing products, if you sign up for multiple sites, you can make enough money to cover some of life’s more minor expenses, like your Starbucks latte or your monthly Netflix or Disney Plus subscription. For many Canadians, that’s all the motivation they need.

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