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7 ridiculous myths about couponers

You have probably heard a lot of myths about couponers. And the media attention that extreme couponers have received in the last few years just reinforces these crazy myths. I hope that all couponers can hold their heads high once a few of these myths are dispelled.

myths about couponers

7 ridiculous myths about couponers


Myth #1: Couponers stockpile ridiculous amounts for themselves

The more couponers I meet, the more I am impressed. Many use their stockpile (often built from coupons) to donate to food banks, animal shelters, and other worthy causes. They have the thrill of both the “hunt” and of giving to others.


Myth #2: Couponers will snatch up any coupon insight

There is a code of etiquette amongst most coupons. They will only take as many coupons as they will use. They try not to take the last one from the tear pad in the stores. And they have even been known to leave coupons anonymously for other buyers to enjoy. That, my friends, is simply classy.


Myth #3: Couponers live on highly-processed food and soda pop

This crazy myth about couponers has certainly been reinforced with Extreme Couponing shows. Truthfully, how many bottles of pop does one family need? (I believe the correct answer is none) Although challenging, it is possible to find coupons for items such as bread, dairy items and produce.

And if you can use coupons for more common items such as cleaning supplies and toiletries, budget money is freed up for healthy food purchases.


Myth #4: Couponers spend ridiculous amounts of time clipping coupons

It’s true that some extreme couponers devote many waking hours to this venture. But the reality is that MOST couponers slip this “hobby” into small pockets of time, like 20 minutes while watching the news. It does not have to be all-consuming and can be easily managed as a household chore.


Myth #5: Couponers talk about nothing else

The assumption is that a couponer’s entire world revolves around cutting dotted lines and filing by expiry date. In reality, couponers can carry on a conversation that has nothing to do with how much they saved that day. It might not be a long conversation, but it is possible.


Myth #6: Couponers are cheap penny-pinchers (what’s the equivalent now that pennies are gone?)

Is it worth pinching a few pennies for a significant purchase? Many people opt to use coupons to save up for something fabulous – like a mini-vacation. Whatever money they save on coupons ($1, 50 cents, $2) they put into a piggy bank for an annual reward. This is a great way to see the value of couponing over time.

And if being “cheap” in one area of the budget means being able to afford other treats, or meeting long-term goals…then why not? It’s about deciding where your money should go.

Some moms are able to stay at home with a combination of living frugally and couponing. This is not always possible, but that is how much of a difference careful spending can make. If pinching pennies makes this possible, then I will gladly pinch.


Myth #7: Couponers will leap over small buildings to find a high-value voucher

Well, this one might actually be true…

I hope you have enjoyed dispelling some crazy myths about couponers that are out there. Feel free to forward this to anyone who eyes you suspiciously when you say you are a couponer.

Any other myths about couponers that need to be set straight?


  1. Elena

    Cute article! Although I’ve been guilty of talking too much about coupons!

  2. Peppy Dawe

    Good article. Coupons= money and if you are not using them, well then you have too much money. I watch people get sooo excited at a lottery booth when they hear the words winner..gagnon. Using coupons I am a winner every time!

  3. Karen G

    It’s hard to not talk about something that works for us and is exciting. Maybe your enthusiasm will help others understand the potential of couponing!

  4. Karen G

    I love your lottery analogy – you are so right.

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