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11 Crazy Fun Road Trip Ideas

With March Break quickly approaching, many families will be embarking on road trips, which means entertaining children takes top priority. Being well-stocked with ideas and treats can turn traveling from tortuous to terrific. We’ve gathered a budget-friendly round up to help make road trips with children fun.

11 Crazy Fun Road Trip Ideas

Road Trip Ideas

Drawing Prompts

Set up clipboards and crayons, along with some drawing prompts to help pass the time. This site also includes links to robot drawing ideas if you have a robot-lover. drawing prompts

Window Writers

Pick up window crayons or washable markers designed for windows for your little doodler. Of course, make sure that they can reach the window while safety buckled. window crayons

Roadside Map

Help curb the “Are we there yet?” questions by laminating a map to show the route you are travelling. A plastic sheet protector also works well. travel map

Travel Bags

What about creating surprise bags that can be opened at certain times, or when you reach particular destinations? The possibilities for filling the bags are endless. Love this idea, but couldn’t find the original link. travel-bag-surprise-road-trip

Letter Search

This simple idea only requires a paper plate and an alphabet written around the perimeter. Children fold the letter in, once they find an item that starts with that letter. Straighten out the plate and play again. paper plate letters

Portable Lego Kit

A metallic lunch box makes the perfect home to Lego pieces. It is fascinating to see how long kids can keep themselves occupied with only a handful of pieces. Portable-LEGO-Kit-Mama.Papa_.Bubba_.

Audio Books

This is my family’s favourite go-to activity when travelling. Take out audio books from the local library, check out sites like or swap out CDs with friends.

Educational Apps

If you are going to let kids use technology pass the time, there are tremendous educational apps – best of all – they are free. free educational apps

Velcro Sticks

Add velcro dots to the ends of popsicle sticks and you have a unique building set. Little ones can build letters or make designs on the go. velcro-dot-sticks

Busy Tray

This clever mom made a two-sided busy tray out of a cookie sheet. The top side is for magnetic activities and the bottom is made out of velcro dots and felt for felt play. busy tray collage

Magnetic Tray

Another simple idea to make use of a magnetic tray. Cut out magazine pictures of people, attach a magnet at the back and let your little one build their own creation. making faces

I Spy Pouch

Gather small objects from around the house, set them in rice and tuck them into a pencil case. Voila! Your own I Spy Pouch made from these instructions. Sure to hold your child’s attention. DIY No Sew Eye Spy Bag Tristen And if you need more ideas for making road trips with kids fun, check out another 100 posted here. Admittedly, travelling in the car with children is challenging. But preparing some of the ideas in advance can make trips even more memorable – in a good way.

What suggestions do you have to make road trips with children fun?


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