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Rona Canada – Price Match Policy

Rona Canada – Price Match Policy


Rona Canada Price Match Policy.

Rona Canada Price Match

Here is the price match policy for Rona Canada:

Rona Canada Price Match Policy

If you find an identical product at a lower price that can be verified at one of our competitors, we will not only meet that price, we will beat it by 10%.*

*Applies only to products advertised within a RONA flyer during the same flyer’s period of validity. Certain conditions apply. See details in store. Applies only in store. Does not apply to products advertised on


  1. Graeme

    While the Rona policy is to only price match flyer items, in practice they will price match another retailer without the need for the item to be advertised in their flyer, so long as the other retailer at least seems reputable.

    I have price matched a few things at different Ronas, maybe it’s my million dollar smile but I’ve always been successful. Don’t ask at the cashier though, find someone working on the floor, I even had a guy bring be back to a computer with the net, go to the website I wanted to price match too, and find the item. (in this case a dewalt cordless tool set.) (the website also had a physical retail outlet in here in Ontario).

    The savings was from 679 down to 539, not to shabby if you ask me (don’t expect the 10% the difference thing, seeing as there policy doesn’t actually apply be happy they are even matching the price while still giving you the benefit of a big box return policy)

  2. Elly Roussakis

    I found a better price on a refrigerator by $0.08, will I be eligible to get the discount?

  3. Geoffrey Turpin

    I would never accept a price match. The noncompetitive store that is offering to price match is making you do the work. If they refuse to beat the price by 10%, I would go to the retailer offering the lower price and support him for having the lower price to begin with. If you don’t encourage better pricing you will never get it and retailers will go on gouging you.

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