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5 tips for safe coupon trading

Have you ever been worried about your personal safety when trading coupons? Not your physical safety, but the security of knowing that you will get what was agreed to and that those items will have been obtained legally?

Coupon Trading Safety

I remember the first few times I traded coupons. People who had been trading longer than I didn’t trust me because I was new, which, honestly, is understandable. I was asked to send my end of the trade first, and when it was received, they would send out their end. I did this a few times, and eventually, people started to trust me, and I didn’t have to send my stuff first anymore – we would both send at the same time.

But those first few trades I did were worrisome. I didn’t personally know any of the people I was trading coupons with – how could I be sure I would actually get my coupons after I sent my end of the trade to them first?

If you’re worrying the same, these tips are for you.

5 tips for safe coupon trading

1. Record
Keep a record of who you send coupons to, when, and what those coupons were. Also include what coupons you should be receiving in return, and when you should receive them by. Add this date to a calendar, and check-in with the person you traded with if you have not received your coupons by this date.

2. Address
Only share your address when a trade has been accepted by the other party. Never just offer up your address without a trade agreement solidified. If possible, set up a P.O. box for coupon trades or get them sent to your work, to avoid having to give out your home address.

3. Legal
Only trade coupons that you obtained legally. No fraudulent coupons, such as tear pad coupons that you have photocopied. Any coupon trading group you do this in will ban you for good (and if you do something illegal, such as photocopy coupons, you could likely get in trouble with the law, too!).

4. Reputable
Only trade coupons on reputable websites or with people you know personally, such as friends & family. On the MapleMoney Coupon Trading Page, we are very adamant about maintaining a safe environment for our traders. We are constantly removing fake accounts and are blacklisting members that are just scammers. Therefore, our trading page is full of very trustworthy coupon traders!

5. Messages
Save all messages until you receive your end of the trade. Just in case there is an issue with you receiving your coupons, you need to have a record of your messages with the other party if the admin of a trading page/forum will be able to help you.

If a trade does go bad, you will have all the evidence you need to back up your claim. Although you may not be able to get your end of the trade back, you will at least be able to inform other coupon traders of this scammer that has taken advantage of you. Make sure you report this person to the admin of the page/forum you belong so that they can be added to the blacklist.

Coupon Swap Trades

There are bad people out there, unfortunately, and sometimes you end up being one of their victims. The best thing you can do is protect your own reputation, and these tips will help you with that.

Have you ever had any issues when trading coupons?

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