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Save money by redeeming rain checks

When you head out to the store to snag a great deal that you saw advertised, only to be met with empty shelves, it can be a bit disappointing. Thankfully, though, many stores will issue rain checks for sale items that have sold out, so you can still get that deal – you just have to wait a bit longer to get it.

What are rain checks?

A rain check is a slip of paper that identifies the store, the item on sale, the sale price, and the quantity of items at that sale price you want to purchase (there is usually a limit).

Basically, if a store is out of a sale item, ask for a rain check and you can get that sale price once the item is back in stock (even if the item is no longer on sale at that price).

How to Redeem Rain Checks

How to redeem rain checks

So, you’ve found a great deal that is no longer in stock, and you got yourself a rain check. Now what?

1. Keep it close

The first thing you want to do is always keep that rain check handy! You never know when the item you want is back in stock! Don’t stuff the rain check into a cupboard or drawer at home, where you are likely to forget about it, but keep it in your purse or coupon binder.

2. Make note of the expiry

Most stores that issue rain checks will write an expiration date on it, which is usually anywhere from 30-60 days from the date of issue.

Whatever the expiry date is, make sure you write it in your calendar so that you don’t forget to use it up before it expires!

3. Continuously check stock

Every time you’re at the store that issued the rain check, quickly look around and see if the item you want to purchase is back in stock.

Some stores will call you when they get more in, but others will not. If that’s the case, it’s up to you to keep checking back! If the item is not back in stock, and your rain check is about to expire, ask the store to issue you a new one.

4. Redeem your rain check and save money!

When you finally find the item in stock, bring it (however many you are allowed to and wish to purchase at the sale price), along with your rain check, up to the cash.

Give the cashier the rain check right away so they know that they need to override the price of your item to give you the sale price.

Can you combine coupons with rain checks?

Yes, absolutely!

A rain check is not a coupon, it’s a promised sale price, and since you can use coupons on sale items at the majority of stores, you can certainly combine a rain check (sale price) with a coupon for even more savings!

Which stores issue rain checks?

  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Safeway
  • London Drugs
  • Food Basics
  • Canadian Tire
  • Foodland
  • Target
  • Walmart

Have you ever requested a rain check before?


  1. Angela Aucoin

    Walmart issues rainchecks too!

  2. Olivia

    I request rain checks all the time when stock is depleted. The list of stores that don’t issue one is so minimal. Also, it’s a good idea to request the limit quantity allowed. This way, you can buy only the quantity you want once you redeem even if it’s less than the quantity stated.. You may have saved more coupons by the time you use that rain check.

  3. Pamela

    I was disappointed that Shoppers Drug Mart changed their rain cheque policy. No longer offering them on items on the first page of the flyer.

  4. Odie

    Canadian Tire is great with their rain cheque policy

  5. Sharon Francis

    Save-On Foods will NOT Allow us to combine our “Rainchecks” & coupons together cuz they say that we are already getting it at a great ‘Sale’ price, which I’ve disagreed with them on many occasions, if I had been able to purchase the item at the original Sale – I would’ve been able to use my Coupon then…right? NO Questions asked!!! just sayin’…

  6. Sharon Francis

    regarding “Shoppers Drug Mart” & their 2-Day Sale items…NO longer being able to do “Rain Checks” – I’d double-check on that one because I read it somewhere else where a consumer when directly to HQ & he got a bunch of FREE bottled water for the ‘hassle’ that he received over NOT being able to get a “Raincheck” on the 2-Day Sale item several times!

  7. LiZzD

    Foodland also gives rain cheques.

    • Cassie Howard

      Thank you!

  8. Maeggan

    The Real Canadian Superstore in Edmonton, Alberta will NOT issue rainchecks. Really wish they did, it’s so frustrating sometimes!

  9. Knowitall

    Superstore does not issue raincheck

    • Cassie Howard

      Most locations still offer rain checks. 🙂

  10. Mary Jane

    Target offers rain checks too! I’ve had to use them on their DVD sale releases!

  11. Krystal

    Rexall also issues rain checks 🙂 they had Reach toothbrushes on sale for .88 and they were out of stock when I went to get some so I was given a rain check for 6 at .88 that was good for 30 days

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