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10 ways to save money on Valentine’s day

10 ways to save money on Valentine’s day

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might be wondering what you are going to get your significant other. You are also probably wondering what you should do for a date.

Valentine’s Day has become a bit of a big deal. Most of us feel as though we need to do something for a significant other. While the average American plans to spend a little more than $140 for Valentine’s Day this year, Canadians spend less than their counterparts to the south, spending only about 25% of what Americans do.

Whatever you spend on Valentine’s Day, though, chances are that you will want to make it memorable without breaking the bank.

How to save money on Valentine’s day

It’s nice to show you care, but you can do that without overspending. It truly is the thought that counts if you want to have a memorable day without going overboard. Here are some great ideas for a romantic Valentine’s Day that your significant other is sure to love.

1. Make dinner together at home

Instead of paying extra for a limited Valentine’s Day menu at a restaurant, why not make dinner at home? Not only will this save you money, but it’s also more romantic than a crowded restaurant.

Plan the menu to include your favorite indulgences, and fix the meal together. Reconnecting over your favorite foods — foods that you have prepared together — can be a great way to have a nice evening in.

2. Breakfast in bed

Another great way to show your love through cooking is providing breakfast in bed. Start the day out right by bringing your significant a favorite breakfast, and serve it in bed.

3. Take a cooking class together

Maybe you’re not such a great cook. A fun Valentine’s Date could be to take a cooking class together. You’ll learn a new skill, and you can put those new skills to work later by making a meal together.

4. Go on a non-traditional date

When we think about Valentine’s Day, we often think about dinner at a fancy restaurant or some other traditionally romantic excursion. However, there’s no reason to go on the “traditional” Valentine’s Day date, especially when it’s going to be crowded and expensive.

Instead, do something that’s not in high demand, and is also less expensive. Visit a museum or zoo. If you want to share a meal, go to lunch instead of dinner, since it will cost less. You can also go to the matinee movie rather than the later movie to save some money.

5. Go to a dollar store

Chocolates and cards cost you as much as five times more anywhere else. A discount store provides you with what you need for a much better price. Even if you want better quality chocolates, you can get a better deal if you go to the grocery store rather than a specialty shop.

Additionally, you can usually get decent roses, and have them put in an attractive vase, for less at the grocery store than you would pay at a more traditional flower shop.

6. Buy on Valentine’s day

Flowers are going to cost you more if you order them on Valentine’s Day. However, other items might not cost as much. Many stores have started dropping the price of their Valentine’s Day items in advance, no longer waiting until after Valentine’s Day to reduce them.

So, if you plan to get something on your way home from work, you might be able to get a good deal on some sale items.

7. Coupon book

This is a classic and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift. You create a coupon book full of service ideas for your significant other. These coupons can be for anything you can think of, like back rubs, doing the dishes, or watching a movie of their choice together. It’s a fun way to show you care.

Choose items that your significant other will really like and appreciate so that it’s clear you put serious thought into it.

8. Discounted activities

Go to the movie for less than what you would pay at the till by picking up discounted passes at CAA or Costco. You can get discounts on other activities as well. Look for coupon codes and special deals so that you can enjoy savings on almost anything.

9. Watch a movie at home

Save even more money, and avoid the crowds, by renting a movie or watching one on television. Pick one of your old favorites or a movie that reminds you of when you first fell in love. Cuddle up with homemade popcorn or a decadent dessert.

10. Create a photo album

Gather old photos of memorable moments and special occasions. You can even use online sources to compile photobooks using digital pictures. Consider themed pages revolving around when you first met, when you were engaged, your wedding day, and other special vacations and holidays. It’s a sweet memento of your life together.


  1. The Rat

    I think its hard to beat a nice romantic meal with that special someone with a candle-lit dinner, and a nice bottle of red wine (Chilean preferably). A few flowers for the gal (or partner to whoever it applies to) also helps.

  2. Craig

    Keep things simple and just spend some quality time, that’s all that’s really important.

  3. Mike

    This isn’t the day to scrimp, guys.

    Spending a lot of money is really no big deal– just become the kind of guy who CAN spend a lot of money without it being harmful to your finances.

    Your woman deserves a guy who doesn’t scrimp AND doesn’t harm his finances to splurge on her. Be that man.

    • Greg

      So the way to a woman’s heart is money and expensive things?

    • Jack

      And that is why you need to visit a website like this Mike

  4. youngandthrifty

    Hey Tom,

    Not to sound like a high maintenance princess or anything, but I think that dollar store chocolates won’t cut it! =)
    You might get the chocolate box thrown at you. LOL.

    Instead of buying a card at the dollar store (because most girls can tell that a card is bought at the dollar store- it doesn’t say “Carlton” or “Hallmark”) a more thoughtful way to do it is to make the card. Either by hand or create it on your computer.

    Much more thoughtful that way.

  5. Graham

    Great post. I agree with Mike in that Valentine’s Day is certainly not a day to hold back on being generous. It is a great excuse to be creative with what you spend time doing with your partner and to splash out and make her/him feel special!

  6. Greg

    Or why not just skip Valentine’s Day completely? It’s a retail created holiday. Youngandthrifty showed that by her comment saying that you need more than a dollar store box of chocolates. The thought was there, so why get mad at someone for that? The more expense the better?

    Just show those close to you that you love them everyday. Doing something nice (or expensive) on Valentine’s Day doesn’t give you an excuse to be a jerk every other day. It’s similar to Catholics who go to church every sunday, but for the other 6 days of the week, they don’t “practice what they preach”

  7. Young Millennial

    Champagne, a hot bath and some strawberries – relaxing and spend quality time together without the noise from a TV.

  8. Jordan

    Great article with great tips! Personally we usually celebrate a few days after or before Valentine’s day – go to a matinee rather than try to fight crowds the day of Valentine’s. Or get all those chocolates when they’re discounted! Of course, you have to make sure your special someone is in on that before trying to pull that…

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