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The Extreme Secrets of Extreme Couponers

The Extreme Secrets of Extreme Couponers

Extreme Couponing Secrets

Extreme Couponing Secrets

Extreme couponing has become somewhat of a sport over the last few years.

Many people are trying to see how much they can get for free, how many coupons the can collect and how much money they can save.

It’s a pretty exciting sport, that’s for sure.

But it’s not all fun and games (or is it?). Extreme couponing is work. Hard work. The good news? It can pay off – big time.

Do you want to give extreme couponing a shot? If so, pay attention to these 6 secrets of extreme couponers to make your journey a little easier.

1. Extreme Couponers Only Shop at Coupon-Friendly Stores

Why make things harder than they need to be? If you want to save big bucks with coupons, you need to spend your time wisely. The last thing you want to be doing is arguing with a cashier that won’t accept your coupons every time you shop.

Stick to coupon-friendly stores, such as Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart and London Drugs to increase your chances of a stress free, successful couponing trip (these are the stores most couponers find to be coupon-friendly, but your experience may differ).

2. Extreme Couponers Combine Savings

Don’t just head out to the store and only use coupons to save money.

Serious extreme couponers will save mega dollars by combining coupons with sale prices, mail-in rebates and in store promotions (such as rewards program bonuses).

3. Extreme Couponers Search High and Low for Deals

Stores will always put expensive items right at eye level, so be sure to look on the very top and very bottom of shelves and displays when you are shopping. This is often where clearance items are hiding.

Combine those clearance items with coupons and you are likely in for some deep discounts (and possibly even free stuff)!

B1G1 Free Coupon Canada

4. Extreme Couponers Combine B1G1 Promotions

When you see a sale for “buy 1, get 1 free” on select items, if you also have a b1g1 free coupon for the same item(s) – combine the two and get 2 items for free instead of 1!

The store is offering you 1 item for free when you purchase another – and you are purchasing that other item with a coupon, so this is an acceptable couponing trick to get more for less.

5. Extreme Couponers Take Advantage of Rewards Programs

Coupons aren’t the only way you can save money on grocery (and other) items! Consider participating in rewards programs as well.

There are 3 rewards programs in Canada that I feel are worth your time. Shoppers Optimum Rewards, Air Miles and HBC Points (with Shoppers Optimum being the best program in Canada).

When you combine these promotions with coupons and in store sales, you’d be amazed at how much money you can save!

Grocery Stockpile Sept2012

6. Extreme Couponers Have a Stockpile

Avoid paying full price ever again by stocking up on sale items that you use often, and putting them away until you need them.

If you’re just starting out with stockpiling, I suggest reading this post: how to build a grocery stockpile. Start small – don’t go overboard. A stockpile is a fantastic way to save money, but will completely ruin your budget if you buy more than you can use just for the sake of having a large, impressive stockpile (trust me on this one!).

These extreme couponer secrets are simply tips to guide you along the extreme couponing path. It isn’t hard to be an extreme couponer, it just takes lots of time, patience and dedication.

Once you get there, though, you will be saving more money than you ever thought possible. I promise!


  1. Leslie

    It must be too early in the morning for me out here on the west coast, Cassie…can you please expand in detail the B1G1F. So you buy one, get one free fr. the store. Then take your B1G1F coupon, consider the one you are buying as covered by the coupon, and you get another product free. In essence, buying one, getting two free, correct? I need more coffee…

  2. Pam

    Cassie thanks for the info it was very helpful.


  3. Sandra

    Leslie I am confused on that one too.

    So I buy the one and end up getting two free??

  4. Maeggan

    Cassie..thanks for all the tips, I always love reading your posts!

    One question about the B1G1. My understanding of what you wrote is that you use the B1G1 free promotion along with a B1G1 free coupon and get two products completely free? I remember reading an old post of yours where you said that the store is essentially paying for the 1st item, and the company of the manufacturer’s coupon is paying for the 2nd item.
    I live in Edmonton, Alberta, and I tried to explain this logic of thinking to Safeway on one of their BOGO events and they told me I couldn’t do that. In fact, I’ve had so many issues trying to use coupons at Safeway (in multiple DIFFERENT scenerios) that I’ve started to boycott shopping there altogether (which happens to coincide with your first point…only shop at coupon-friendly stores).
    What’s your experience been in the east?

  5. teachermum

    While in theory the B1G1 promo combined with a B1G1 coupon should work, don’t count on it. Never has here, even at the coupon friendly stores.

    (pick up two products from the shelf, only have to pay for one, use the coupon to “pay” for that one)

  6. Cynthia

    I too have tried the B1G1 in edmonton at a few stores and have been told I cant do that. I have also tried to use my FPC with a B1G1 coupon and been told no (London drugs of all places!). Where have you been successful? Please share! I have given up on this tactic 🙁

  7. its me

    i have never had the b1g1 deal as cassie explained work, cashiers just won’t accept it, nor will store managers, i have tried at every store around me, in both the city i live in and the surrounding ones, and no deal

  8. me

    I’ve successfully combined BOGOs at Safeway, as per Mrs. J’s previous shops. A friend tried later that day and was refused. She contacted HO, who told her it was absolutely not allowed and that one item MUST be purchased OOP. So essentially, it becomes B1G2.

  9. aww

    Contrary to what is suggested, it truly should be a B1G2 event – you pay for the first item, use the store promo for the second item for free, and the third item is free with a coupon. I am not aware of any store policies that allow a free item from a BOGO to be counted towards the ‘buy one’ part. It seems that stores may allow a FPC to be used for the first item, and the BOGO allowing the second item free. Of course, Safeway’s website is down on parts right now, including when I search to double check their coupon policy.

  10. Cassie Howard

    By combining 2 B1G1 free sales, yes, you would get 2 items for free and pay nothing. Of course, some stores will not allow this (not sure why, since the one item will be paid for – what difference does it make if it’s me paying for it, or a manufacturer?). It’s always best to check with your store manager before trying anything.

  11. Frances

    I’ve noticed on my Ontario Foodland flyers, it now says they accept online coupons. Can you updated the store policies that I know I saw on this site somewhere? Are they the only ones who have changed their policy?

  12. Cheapie

    Buy one oop, get one free(your coupon, manufacturer pays for it.
    -so both are ‘purchased’
    Wouldn’t u get two more for free due to the store promo? One from paying oop and the 2nd free because the manufacturer paid for it?
    so it’d be a b1g3 lmao

  13. Miss Molly

    This is great advice. I would also add, know your prices. I always have a general idea of what things cost so that I’m not tempted to buy when an item comes on sale at high end points. For example, Sobey’s, Loblaws and Metro might have a sale item in their flyer and points may be included, but another store like No Frills or FreshCo might have it for less as a regularly priced item. You have to decide if the points are really worth the extra cost.

  14. Cassie Howard

    Cheapie: No, it would be 2 free.

    Frances: A few have. Our policies will be updated!

  15. Terri

    I would have to add sobeys points are a good deal too. I shop there a lot on dollar days and my points add up throughout the year to get me about $40 in free groceries.

  16. Ramona

    how many of you clicked on the green giant coupon? lol I did!!

  17. Susan

    You also need to keep in mind your unit cost pricing to determine your best out of pocket value. For example, you can get a travel size toothpaste for $1, less a $1 coupon at Walmart, meaning its technically free. (You’re still paying $0.13 for it at the till in tax.). But if you buy the larger tube at $1.38 + tax less the $1 coupon, the larger tube is cheaper by the millilitre than it’s travel-sized cousin that was “free”. So what you pay out of pocket after taxes doesn’t necessarily mean that your “free” item is cheaper once you do a little math.

  18. Elizabeth

    Don’t forget about gas reward programs like Super bucks at Superstore or Rev up rewards at Coop.
    Also coupons in SUTP and Entertainment coupon books. They have save $5 when you spend $50. Done stores like Coop the competitors of these. They will take the Safeway and M&M meatshop ones. I really don’t coupon but using these as well as Coupgon and Checkout 51 I have substantial savings each month.

  19. greeneyesgreen

    Couponing is an exciting hobby and I love it!!…I do stockpile some things but we have to be so careful when it comes to some kinds of food, watch expiry dates!

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