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Couponing tip – create a separate email address

One of the things that many new couponers and freebie hunters complain about is the amount of spam mail they get after they order a bunch of coupons and free samples.

No one likes to log in to their email account and see a whole slew of spam messages. So, how do you stop all of this spam from coming your way?

Easy – create a separate email address that you use only for promotions. Coupons, freebies, contests, store offers – all of that stuff should go to this separate email account and not to your personal account.

Separate Email Address for Coupons

While this won’t exactly stop the spam from coming, it will at least protect your personal email account!

Extra tip: If you’ve already signed up for freebies/samples/etc. with your personal email address, make sure you go to all of those sources and change the email to your new one – the one that you will use specifically for deals.

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