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3 Steps to a September budget review

September always feels like a fresh beginning. Summer winds down and new routines begin. As kids settle into their schedules, I re-evaluate my own goals and reflect on financial habits.
This is the perfect time of year to review the budget.
Forget the past.
Look ahead to the fall.
And try these.

3 steps to a September budget review

budget review

Set aside an hour

Do whatever it takes to make this happen. Put it on your calendar. Email yourself a reminder. Put sticky notes on the mirror. But definitely book time in your schedule to evaluate your finances and set new goals.

Tackle your budget busters

Itemize specific habits that lead you to overspend. We all have different things that tempt us so it is important to consider your particular challenges. Here are a few common ones, with ideas to be proactive.

BUSTER #1 No Budget. Perhaps the most obvious way to save money is to first create a budget and then stick to it. Pop over here for suggestions to get you started.
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BUSTER #2 Not packing lunch. We know that packing lunches helps us stay on budget and make healthier choices. But there are a few simple steps that can make this process a lot more fun and inspire.
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BUSTER #3 Spending too much on entertainment. It is amazing how quickly entertainment adds up. From watching the latest movie in theatres to eating out at restaurants….hundreds of dollars can be spent even if your area a single person! Multiply that when entertaining a whole family. These posts tackle both of these budget busters creatively.
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BUSTER #4 Impulse shopping. How often have we looked back at purchases with regret? Use these guidelines to help you stay on track with spending.
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BUSTER #5 Having expensive outings regularly with friends. Did you know that friends can cost you money? A lot of money. If your friends have expensive taste and you are trying to stick to a budget you might want to read this:
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Set up accountability

Spend some time deciding how you will stay accountable for these decisions. Find a budget buddy. Set tangible goals in writing. And don’t feel pressured to tackle too much all at once. Before heading onto another task, take a few minutes to peek at one final post.
Make Financial Resolutions You Can Keep

What kind of goal setting do you do in September?