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Shoppers Drug Mart Canada Coupon Policy

Here is the official Shoppers Drug Mart Canada coupon policy:

Shoppers Drug Mart is pleased to accept coupons with the following conditions:

Physical Appearance

  • Must have a clearly printed bar code
  • Must be legible
  • Printed black and white coupons from the internet and email are accepted.

Coupons should indicate “internet coupon” on the face of the coupon
Photocopies or facsimiles are not accepted.
Must be printed. Digital and mobile coupons are not accepted
Must have a Legal statement/Dealer statement which includes:

  • Expiry date within 12 months of issuance
  • Valid P.O. Box for remittance (for Manufacturer’s Coupons)

Must have a consistent offer for specific item(s). The same value or offer should appear in all areas of the coupon. Accepted offers are:

  1. For dollar/cents off
  2. For free items (excludes internet coupons)
  3. Buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons

Must not show signs of tampering

Guidelines and Restrictions

  • Non-Canadian coupons are not accepted
  • Competitors’ coupons are not accepted
  • Coupons are not redeemable for cash or credit
  • Unless otherwise stated, only one coupon may be presented per item (except when one additional coupon is for Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points)
  • There is no limit to the number of coupons that can be used in a transaction; provided that no more than one coupon is used per item
  • The coupon presented must match the item purchased (including size, flavour, and brand)
  • If the value of the coupon exceeds the value of the product, the coupon is to be processed as equal to the scanned retail of the product. The difference will not be issued as change.
  • Coupons may only be accepted for products sold in store
  • For promotional events (e.g. for Shoppers Optimum Promotions where a customer would need to spend $50 to receive a reward), the following instances apply:
  • Must meet the legal requirements as stated on the coupo

    – If a vendor coupon is used, its value will count towards the promotion total meaning the value of the coupons will be included in the event purchase threshold

    – If a store coupon was used, its value will be deducted and does not count toward the promotion total, meaning the value of the coupons will not be included in the event purchase threshold

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  1. Liz Pavlis

    Thank you for posting this. To be quite honest, no other chain gives you more push-back when trying to use coupons than SDM. I find that each cashier takes a defensive position and they often treat you like you are trying to rob the store. They tend to just automatically say “you can’t do that” instead of reading the limitations on the coupon. On many occasions, I have had to explain to them that SDM will not be out-of-pocket, they will be reimbursed by the manufacturer for the value of the coupon, and yes, I should be able to still get Optimum points on my purchase even though I am paying with coupons since Optimum is a separate program and the coupon should be treated like tender.

    It would be really great if they could somehow standardize their policies and ensure that all cashiers are trained on how to process different transaction types. It is very frustrating when cashiers and even “Front Store Managers” seem to make up rules on the spot.

  2. ferdo

    The above is my SDM expierience in a nut shell. Although the one I visit has changed over the months most likely due to complaints.

  3. Katherine

    I can relate with Liz. I was redeeming my free ice cream coupon and was told that because General Mills was going to reimmburse SDM, I had to choose a GM cereal. I explained that the coupon said “any brand” and that GM makes cereal. This whole ordeal required 3 employees and 8 minutes. I was surprised that they didn’t tell me that they do not carry the “any” brand.

  4. Cassie Howard

    Liz – I agree. I always have the hardest time with coupons at SDM (Rexall too, actually.. what is it with drug stores?). They love to make up their own rules and treat you like a criminal. It’s very frustrating!

    ferdo – I’m glad the last visit you had was a bit better!

    Katherine – Hahaha, man, that must have been frustrating. I have actually had a cashier tell me that I have to buy the “any” brand before. I couldn’t stop laughing. 😛

  5. Rosa

    I was at 3 SDM this morning and none of them would take my print outs for Tylenol and Motrin, and the attitude of the staff is something else!!!
    Gone to Wal-Mart and they too did not accept them either, too bad!!!
    What a waste of my paper and ink.

  6. Linda

    I have to say that I love my local SDM. They take every coupon I bring in (even printed ones)and even give me my overages. Love them. Can’t say the same for all the SDM stores in town tho. Every one is different and one in particular is terrible. They make you feel like a criminal if you have a coupon with an overage. I’ll be glad when they get their new “official” coupon policy in place. They’ve certainly been talking about it long enough on FB.

  7. Cassie Howard

    Rosa – I’m sorry you had issues today! 🙁

    Linda – That’s great that you have a location that you can go to that is actually coupon-friendly.

  8. Vanessa Lymberis

    I went to a Shoppers Drug Mart last week to get the toothbrushes that were on sale for .99 and I had a raincheck for. I also had a Bonus Optimum Points for ANY Oral B product, which is what I was buying. I also had a coupon. The cashier actually said to me “This is too much for one product. I can’t use it” I said to her that I had done it at another SDM and it was fine and I had the reciept if she wanted to see it (you know, me being a criminal and all 🙂 She made me wait at the cash until she could find the head cashier or whatever and she wasn’t even there! So I was waiting a good 6 minutes for nothing. Then she took the coupon and had the nerve to ask me “have you been here before? You aren’t one of our regulars.”
    I’m looking at her like she has 3 heads. Whats the difference if I’ve been there before? If I was a regular, would you have treated me differently? Would you have made me wait for just as long? It was ridiculous. I am never going to that location again. Every shoppers is different and it drives me bonkers. At the end of the day, I was able to use my rancheck, my coupon AND my bonus points. After 30 minutes of waiting and there only being one cashier.

  9. Sarah

    I have ended up emailing and phoning Shoppers Drug Mart with complaint after complaint as neither of the Shoppers Drug Mart stores in my vicinity will “manually adjust the coupon value.” Missed out on the $2.99 Purex this weekend as Walmart and LD didn’t have the same 1.47L that was advertised at SDM and SDM refused to let me use a $3 coupon for a product on sale for $2.99. Cashier Supervisor said “No” even after I showed her the email and Cashier Manager was not in. I plan on going in again tomorrow and speaking directly with the Cashier Manager.

  10. gloria austin

    the store couldn’t accept my birthday letter for 8000 points because there was no bar code on it. Please help me. mY BIRTHDAY WAS JUNE 1 AND I REALLY WOULD LIKE THOSE POINTS.

  11. lisa

    I work as a retail cashier and I can say I am quite surprised at how inconvenienced some of you were. The store I work at happily accepts coupons. I always check the coupons for brand/size and expiry. If the coupon matches up, then no problem. Unfortunatly, there are some bad customers out there that make up coupons, or try to abuse coupons and they ruin it for everyone. If it’s printed off of a computer, it’s really hard to tell if it’s legit or not. We do have the right to refuse coupons if we think they are fake, just like we can refuse to take bills if we think they are fake. I like when I can see the whole computer page, so I can see the date and time, etc, that the printer likes to print off at the bottom of the page. Then I know it wasn’t printed off some art program. I once had a lady try and use $10 coupons on $8 vitamins. She had 6. It was from a website where you get ONE! for signing up. So how many names did this lady have? Also, she wanted money back for the coupons. You don’t get money back on coupons. It is people like that that make it harder for all the good customers out there. I hope that the cashiers you had to deal with become better informed and better cashiers so that they can serve you better.

  12. Lynda

    Liz hit the nail on the head regarding SDM & their policies.
    Yes, many policies are well-known & consistent.
    However, some are not…and I’m talking within the chain.
    I’m a supervisor at SDM & having worked at two locations, I know first-hand that a few policies are not spelled out & if they are, they are not communicated to the staff & seemingly the managers.
    Even between just two stores I encountered very different policies on certain things.
    I have questioned some policies myself, looking for a definitive answer, so I could follow policy & inform customers. In a couple of cases the store manager actually wasn’t sure & had to ask the district mgr….and this is a store mgr who is very responsible.
    I would place the blame squarely on head office…leaving certain procedures & policies very vague…and therefore open to inconsistencies & uninformed staff.
    Very frustrating for customers…and as well, for those of us up front.

  13. Tobi

    I have a update on the shoppers policy they no longer allow for overages and have not for a couple months. They have addressed many of the problems others have had like when the oral b coupon is for $1 off and the item is .99 cents… they are allowed. We are allowed to purchase more then 4 items at a time using coupons as long as the coupon is legit and you have the number of coupons to cover the item. (they however did not address the limits of sale items, but i go thru more then once or shop with someone so i can get the amount i need)I hope this helps with some of the confusion. (I am not a cashier, just your average everyday couponer with a few years till experience)

  14. Tara

    I agree with Lynda….Sometimes its not the person your talking to telling you the wrong thing, this is honestly what they have been told to do. I went to SDM tonight and they told me one per purchase meant only one coupon per shopping trip. I explained my understanding was 1 coupon=1 purchase of 1 item. The manager was actually there helping with the transaction as well and they were commenting how they had gotten in trouble for taking to many of the same coupon. I happen to know the Manager (outside of SDM) and shes super nice (she let me use 2 extra coupons she said she shouldnt have taken but because it was me….) So dont get mad at your cashier I think it really is a case of someone above them not doing as they should and they are not the ones there to have to deal with it anyhow

  15. Claudia Howard

    i also had the evil eye given to me a my local SDM store, but I just learned to play their game. first off, when I am buying multiples with internet coupons, I split the products up into multiple transactions so that they don’t run into having too many of the same printed coupon. Also, I made note of the more savvy cashiers and found the best for me is the cosmetician who works sundays. She is smart and friendly…..I simply go staight to her and now we have a repore. She is interested in coupon bargins herself so I give her tips along the way.
    Last week shoppers had a glitch in their flyer….Traumeel cream (reg 37.99) on sale for $1.99. So, I made sure I was their for opening and went straight to the pharmacist and asked him for the cream. He showed me where it was, and I said “but the flyer says…and showed him my flyer. He was obliged to sell me one at the advertized price. By the time I got to the next Shoppers the flyer corrections had already been posted. That’s ok though I still got a good deal

  16. Carolyn M

    My local Shoppers is refusing coupons that have any different clearing house PO Box than these two :

    Quote from their email to me: “It is true that only coupons with 2 specific PO Box address are to be accepted at our stores.(If the coupon is to be sent to PO Box 1600 or PO Box 3000, they are to be accepted)”

    Please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Call Centre at 1-800-SHOPPERS should you have any further questions or comments.

    Shoppers Optimum Customer Service
    [email protected]

    • Angelina

      I attempted to use a printable coupon at my Shopper’s Drug Mart (Morningside + Lawrence, Toronto) but it was rejected because the redemption address indicated Longeuil, Quebec. The cashier said as long as the redemption address says Saint John, NB, the coupon would be acceptable. I know some coupons restrict usage in Quebec, but I wasn’t using the coupon in Quebec, it’s just the PO Box address was in Quebec.
      Has anyone else had this experience? Should we also be wary of the PO Boxes on coupons?

      • Shari

        I had a manufacturers coupon for a free product and the cashier input the amount of the item on the coupon (3.99) in pen then looked at it and because it had to be sent to a Quebec PO box for redemtion they refused it – same thing as previous comment that they can only accept coupons with certain PO boxes and none from Quebec. I then tried to use the coupon somewhere else (superstore) and they would have gladly taken it however because the cashier already input the amount in pen they could not accept it because technically it had been tampered with – I see their point. So I called 1-800 shoppers for info and he said that they give guidelines to the stores which says “any Canadain coupon” but that certain stores can have their own policies . He called the store who said they have to look into it and will give me a call back, I am waiting…. I know it is only 3.99 but it is the principal of it all .

  17. Ashley

    This is regarding Walmart Policy. Coupons MAY EXCEED product value and difference may be applied to basket purchase, on customers will. (meaning you must request it at purchase, they wont do it for you) BUT YES OVERAGES ARE STILL ALLOWED at Walmart.

    Secondly, Just because the manager on duty doesn’t recall a great policy like walmart has, ASK THE STORE MANAGER!! show them the printed out copy of their policy and GET WHAT YOU WANT!! I went to walmart today, 3 managers looked at me like i was a theif, I showed them all the policy, and the coupons i planned to use and they all said ‘you cant do that’ but i could!! I then asked for the store manager and HE SAID YES THATS OKAY!! so fight!! I got $50 in meat and grocery for $2. thanks to getting the answer i wanted. All that was overages. $6 on 1 coupon from maxwell house! My god! great MC’s our there!

    Good luck everyone! Especially CANADA!!

  18. m

    Today I went to the Shoppers at Bayview Village, Toronto for the 20x bonus event for over $75. I bought 12 boxes of Multibiota @$6.99 with $10 off coupons. The cashier asked the manager and she typed in 2002 and took only 8 of my coupons so that she made sure I did not get any points and I had to pay around $5 for the total. ;(( She did that on purpose as code 2002 do not get any points. She said the manufacturer is paying for it and I am not paying for it so I don’t get any points.;((.

  19. M

    I went to another Shoppers Drug Mart on Sunday and did 2 transactions for the Multibionta each time with 4 boxes. The first cashier was really nice and put in $10 value for each coupon for each $6.99 item.
    The 2nd cashier put in $6.99 for code 2001 for each coupon. I asked the 2nd cashier why she couldn’t put in $10 as it is the coupon value (and the store will get $10 back from the Manufacturer, so that they make $3 from each coupon). The 2nd cashier said I cannot use overages from this product towards other purchases in the same basket. I showed her the receipt from my first purchase and she insisted. If I were not short of time I would had asked for the store manager:why your cashiers have created their own rules from the same store? Their rules are just arbitrary.

    So, to conclude:-
    Used $10 coupon for Multibinota @$6.99
    1) first Shopper’s Drug Mart: typed in code 2002 (no 20x and zero Optimum Points) for @ coupon $10, took 8 coupons for 12 boxes, i.e. I paid around $5 total.
    2) 2nd Shopper’s: typed in code 2001 (yes, regular Optimum Points) for @ coupon $10, took 4 coupons for 4 boxes.
    3) 2nd Shopper’s: typed in code 2001 (yes, regular Optimum Points) for @ coupon $6.99, took 4 coupons for 4 boxes.

  20. M

    Today I was refused to allow me to use a $4 off coupon to purchase an item $2 off at the York Mills and Bayview Shopper’s Drug Mart, Toronto, Ontario. The store manager said he cannot allow me to use a coupon over the value of the product. I had always do that in that store and this was the first time this happened. I am going to call the head office tomorrow to find out. The coupon only said $4 off any item, one coupon per purchase. It is one of those things that if that store do not welcome using coupons, they better post a sign outside their doors instead of wasting your valuable time lining up and wait forever for them to call a manager.

  21. Kirsten

    Does anyone know if you can apply a coupon to a BOGO sale at SDM?

    • Cassie Howard

      Yes, you can. 🙂

  22. Amanda

    I have v.i.b coupons and also p&g coupons to use on diapers & wipes, can those coupons be combined? Also will the v.i.b count towards 20x the point days? Thanks!

    • Cassie Howard

      Yes and yes (but you won’t get 20x the points on the bonus point coupon – so no 20x 2,000 points or anything like that).

  23. Christine

    I went to the edmonton city centre shopper drug mart on the second floor and they refused my printed off coupon today! >=/ the cashier told me they dont accept internet printed coupons… Which is retarded since the sdm policy state that they do! It was a manufactuer coupon from their website. Maybe it was just that particular sdm? Terrible service… This experience has turned me away from every shopping their again.

  24. jo

    Thank you. Was never quite clear about how this worked!!!

  25. elisha

    just curious I went to shoppers yesterday and bought 2 bottles of aspirin on sale for $5.99 and used a $4 off coupon for each bottle. making them $1.99ea but I was charged HST on what the total would have been prior to the coupon discount so on $11.98…. Is this normal??? do all stores do this with HST??

    • april

      all taxes are added prior to coupons being taken off

  26. Tiffany

    I was VERY annoyed today at Shoppers Drug Mart as I spent a fair amount of time organizing my shopping trip, over an hour in the store carefully deciding what deals I could use and I was really excited to use my new print and mailed coupons that where Shoppers Drug Mart specific coupons for both dollars off and shoppers optimum points. When I first entered the store, I asked the first associate I found whether I could use the mailed 20x the points coupons with all the other shoppers optimum coupons and I was told i could. BUT…after EVERYTHING was scanned and entered and the cashier pushed the last button they need to push that actually tallies all the sales and gives you the final total (not sure WHY this doesn’t happen automatically as they go!), I was told I could use NONE of the shoppers drug mart specific coupons due to the movie ticket promotion that was going on. When I asked if I could simply decline that offer to receive all the shoppers optimum points instead, they said there was no way to over-ride this in the system. I explained the amount of time and how inconvenient this was, but they said they were not able to do this for me. I actually left the store with all my coupons and bought nothing. Just thought I would let others know NOT to go to SDM on a promotional day (e.g. buy $50 and get movie tickets or SDM card etc etc) or the shoppers drug mart specific coupons will not be applied (they are automatically voided by the computer).
    Perhaps everyone already knows about this but me?? 🙁

    • Cassie Howard

      Your store was wrong. You can indeed use both.

  27. rose welch

    I went to shoppers drug mart at Markham and Sheppard in Scarborough, Toronto today and felt discriminated for using coupons.I went to pick up GrennWorks Products that they had on sale for $1.99, for which i had $1.50 coupons for them and was told that i could not use all of my coupons as their new policy is that only 1 coupon per purchase per trip. I felt that they are discriminating against people who use coupons. If i was buying the items and not using any coupons i could have bought them but since i was using coupons i was not allowed,I even offered to put half of the products back since they said also that i clean there shelf off, which is stupid since they are getting the money back from the manufacture.I then took my coupons to walmart and pricematch the item and got 15 bottles of greenworks product with no questions aked. Its ashamed that a canadian company turn its customer away and lost one to an american company which was happy to accepted my coupons.

  28. Matt1974

    Went to Shopper’s the other day because I had a Shopper’s Optimum BOGO coupon on a six pack of Coca Cola products plus the pop was on sale(two day sale only) for $1.99. The cashier told me that I couldn’t use the BOGO coupon because there was already a promotion on the pop. He said I would have to purchase the pop at regular price($5.97) to get the second pack free. I sent an email to Shopper’s customer service asking them the same question. Here is the response I got:

    It is difficult to say whether the coupon could be applied to sale items as well as regular items. The answer would be written in the legal paragraph printed on the physical coupon. At your earliest convenience, please attach a photocopy or photograph of this coupon. Once we have receipt of this information, we will be better equipped to assess this concern.

    I went ahead and sent them a copy of the coupon and now I’m waiting to hear back from them. What is their policy regarding using Shopper’s optimum coupons during two day sales events.

    • Anthony

      I had an emailed Shoppers Drug Mart BOGO Free coupon for chocolate that was on sale at 2 for $5. The cashier said they can’t be combined, but I asked her to try anyway, since it was their head office that sends the coupons and they should be aware that the sale was on all week overlapping the coupons dates. She said it won’t work but tried anyway. It worked and I got 2 for $2.50.

      If they say no, ask them to try anyway.

  29. Vicky

    I was in a shoppers today in the south end of Oshawa, attempted to use a printable coupon (printed from the smart source website)and the redemption address is in Pickering. The cashier looked at it and said I’m not sure if we accept,so she went and checked and said no we don’t accept those coupons. I asked why and she said I don’t no. So I told her I didn’t want the products. I think I will be doing a lot less shopping at shoppers.

  30. Vicky

    I just emailed them today…lets see how long it takes them to answer

  31. Maryann

    what is shoppers policy for when a item was rang in wrong? I told the cashier that the pizza is 3.99 not 8.49 I got three of them. I asked if I got the items free. He said that you only get them free once you leave the store. I thought this was very odd

  32. Shamo

    I am very annoyed of the regulations of SDM I was there getting dental floss as I was in line to pay I saw a stand with a 3 tier basket the first basket had Cadbury chocolate in it and the the sign reads treat yourself to a sweet deal Buy 2 for $2.49 which I taught was a very good price so I went ahead and pick 4 when I got to the cashier he started to scan the chocolate and the price is $3.49 so I mentioned to him that they chocolate is on sale and point out the price to him meanwhile 4 customers were waiting and they are telling him the price but he says he cannot cash it for that price so he called his manager she came out he explained and all she said was this is wrong price she removed the sign and walk away and locked herself in the room I couldn’t believe what I saw there was no explanation. she didn’t even honor the price I was shock all the other customers was like that’s rude,so please let me know what is your policy for false advertising the poor cashier was apologizing for her behaviour I wil never shop there again, and this location in on Derry/McLaughlin in Mississauga Ontario.

  33. Peter

    Shoppers Drug Mart Woodside Square is the worst shopper drug mart store I ever been. I try to use manufacture printed coupon and the manager told me that they dont accept printed coupons they chose like that. I told shoppers drug-mart office and they told me, shoppers are franchise and its store choosing to take the coupon or not . I am not going anymore in that store also everyone i know . this store worst costumer service. in wall mart and other store some coupon no problem no question ask.

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