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9 tips for shopping for used furniture

It’s easy to buy used furniture, but there are certain ways to go about doing it that will get you the best quality furniture for the best possible price.

It’s really not necessary to buy most furniture brand new anymore since there are so many different sources for inexpensive used furniture. Here are some of my tips for shopping for used furniture:

9 tips for shopping for used furniture

Tips for Shopping for Used Furniture

1. Look online for sales, especially moving and estate sales. If you’re lucky enough to find an estate sale in your area, you make be able to buy an entire collection of coordinated furniture at a great price.

2. Look for furniture store liquidation sales. Many furniture stores will sell off furniture in order to make room for new inventory, and in order to sell it fast, they price it very cheap!

3. Look online for office closures. When an office building closes or renovates, they often sell the furniture that’s inside – and they sell it cheap! $250 for a $1,000 desk (real hardwood), $80 for a leather chair (regular $300-$400 brand new) – those are just a few of the prices I’ve seen lately.

4. Shop at thrift stores often. Since new items are donated daily, you need to be a regular shopper to find the best deals. Remember that if you find a couch, for example, that’s in fantastic condition, but you don’t care for the design, you can always make or buy slipcovers for it, and it will still cost you less than buying a brand new couch!

Thrift Store Shop

5. Always inspect the furniture. This is the very first thing you need to do before you even consider the purchase. You don’t want to buy something if it’s just going to fall apart in the next few months (or sooner!), no matter how inexpensive it is. Instead, take your time and check out the furniture thoroughly.

6. Know your measurements. Make sure you are aware of the measurements of the space you plan to put the new furniture. I always keep a small slip of paper in my purse, which has the measurements of all the rooms in my home (and of important furniture pieces like beds and tables). This ensures that I won’t buy a piece that’s too big, or too small for my space.

7. Set a budget. Know what you can afford. If you find a new dresser that you like, but you don’t have a set budget for that particular piece, you’re likely to over-pay for it and justify the price later. Instead of letting this happen, don’t shop without a plan. Know the furniture that you need, set a budget for each piece, and when you’re out shopping, only look for those pieces. Don’t look at couches if you just bought one a month ago!

8. Invest in quality when purchasing an item that will see a lot of use. Spend a few more bucks on items that you will be using on a daily basis, such as a kitchen table, a bed, a TV stand, a couch, or a coffee table.

Used Kitchen Table

9. Take care of it. If you want your furniture to last a long time, you need to care for it, just like you would your clothing or your vehicle. Wipe down your tables daily, vacuum your couch and chairs on a regular basis, take care of spills immediately to prevent stains, rotate your mattress and couch cushions. The better care you take of your furniture, the longer it’s going to last you.

Do you have any tips for shopping for used furniture?


  1. Susan

    check out Winners and homesense as well!most of my living room is furnished with great finds for these 2 stores, tables, lamps, chairs and decorative items and tv cabinet. Saving on these items allowed us to spend more money on a good quality leather couch and occasional chair. Also Sears outlet store can be a good source. You have to be patient and keep looking but you can find great quality and unique pieces if you are prepared to wait for the right item. Oh and don’t forget rugs.

    • Cassie Howard

      Yes, Winners is awesome for furniture, as well!

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