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How to make spending and earning simple

How to make spending and earning simple

Think about the last time something gave you delight. Chances are, it was a small thing. In fact, a recent American Express survey found that 94% of Canadians agree that they are delighted by the simple pleasures of life.

The survey found that some of the delightful moments that can occur in everyday life include:

  • Finding money you didn’t realize you had, perhaps in a pants pocket or a jacket pocket.
  • Not realizing you had chosen a sale item until reaching the cash register.
  • Being bumped to first-class on a plane, or upgraded to a hotel suite.
  • Realizing there is time remaining at the parking meter you just pulled up to

Simple delights and the SimplyCash Card from American Express

One way to experience the simple delights in life is to use a cashback card that is not complicated and gives you cash back for the things you are most likely to buy. Simple perks that really add up can allow you to take advantage of your day-to-day spending.

The SimplyCash Card from American Express offers 5% cash back on eligible purchases at gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants in the first six months of card membership (up to $250 cash back), with 1.25% cashback on all other purchases. Most of us purchase gas and groceries without thinking about it, since these are common, everyday purchases. There is no need to sign up for this perk, which removes some of the stress and thought involved. After the first six months, all purchases receive 1.25% cashback.

According to the American Express survey, 94% of Canadians think every little bit of cash helps, and the SimplyCash card can be a simple way to earn extra cash every day. And, because there is no annual fee for the SimplyCash Card, you don’t have to worry about paying extra. Instead, you can focus on the small, delightful moments that make up the pleasures of everyday life.

Other perks of the SimplyCash Card from American Express include:

  • Buyer’s Assurance
  • Purchase Protection
  • Car Rental & Theft Damage insurance
  • Travel Accident insurance
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Front of the Line access to entertainment and other experiences

Incorporating a card like the SimplyCash Card from American Express into your routine can allow you to earn money at a faster rate, since you are rewarded for all of your regular spendings, without the need for complicated rotating categories and the requirement to sign up for special tiers.

What would you do with a little extra money?

You might be surprised at what can be accomplished when you use your cashback. According to the American Express survey, 41% of Canadians would save extra money, like cashback on everyday purchases, for a rainy day. Another 17% would use the money to buy a special treat.

Having a plan for your money is a smart way to stay ahead of the game, and figure out how to best use it. It’s a good way to turn your delightful cash back into even more.

Now I want to know, what would you do with your cashback? Let me know on Twitter @CanadianFinance, using #SimplyCash and you may find delight with your response!

This post was sponsored by Amex Bank of Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.


  1. Walter

    Tom, Great Article….I agree that it is the small stuff in everyday daily life that makes my day. My little joy in life is when I am standing in a long line up at a store and a voice says “I can help you here”…

  2. JoeTaxpayer

    “What Would You Do With a Little Extra Money?” – I’d have expected more people to respond “hookers and blow” but I think adding it to the emergency account is the wise thing to do.

  3. gautam singh

    The cash back programs that credit cards like American Express have do add up. Especially, when you make purchases at stores and do not even think about the savings that are automatically added to you account. I truly enjoy getting my monthly statements and seeing the extra money that I can use for future purchases. Wonderful article, Tom.

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