If you are like me, you have way too much money and not enough things to spend it on. Okay, so that's a total lie, but every once in awhile I'm sure you and I both have some extra cash lying around. Now, you can (and probably should) spend it on smart things like paying off your debt and saving for your retirement. However, if you want to be both smart with your money as well as spend a little cash to reward yourself, then consider the following ten items that are under $100. They don't cost a ton of money and they'll significantly improve your life.

Board Game

Buying a board game can be an amazing investment. Here's the thing – board games can be the lowest cost per entertainment hour purchase you'll ever make. A good board game that you play once a month for the next 10 years will have provided 250+ hours of entertainment for ~ $50 (or less). Compare that to a good book (10 hours for ~ $10-30?) or a movie (4-5 hours if you watch it twice for ~ $10-30) or even your monthly cable subscription. Best thing to do is to try out the game in advance and then purchase it if you know you're going to be playing often.

Lockpick Set

I don't suggest buying a lockpick set as a way of making money, but I would suggest that purchasing a lockpick set as a hobby does make sense. You can get a set online for less than $20 and you can get a deadbolt to practice on at any used hardware store (or scrap yard) for practically nothing. Also, it's a good skill to have! For totally legit reasons, of course.Prepara Ice Balls

Ice Ball Makers

For when cubes are just too square, you can get iceball makers. Because they have more surface area they get your drink colder faster, and because they are sealed they will not smell like your freezer food. Two big wins for me, if you know what I mean.

Proper Kitchen Knife

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars getting the right kitchen gear for an amateur chef. A lot of people don't realize, however, that they simply don't have the right type of knife in their kitchen. Consider getting a proper Santoku knife – you can go to any kitchen/knife store in your town and find one for $40-50 that will be perfect for your kitchen. Take proper care of it and you'll have a decade of effortless chopping ahead of you.

Proper Earbud Headphones

You don't need to be an audiophile to appreciate music from headphones that don't suck. You will need to reach the upper limit of the $100 budget in order to get something that doesn't suck, but there is a HUGE difference between the $20-50 headphones and the $70-100 range. Look for brands like Sennheiser and avoid brands that also make TVs.

Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi is a hearkening back to the golden age of computers – where most fixes involved soldering irons and an owner's manual. It's a tiny computer for a few dollars (25 or 35) that has very basic functionality. The possibilities, however, are endless, and the majority of the fun is trying out new things and seeing how it works. If you need a technically inclined hobby, consider getting a Pi and seeing if you can turn it into a media streamer or web server.

If you had $100 to spend, what would you spend it on?

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Alan Schram writes about personal finance and his encounters with it in his everyday life. Alan is recently married and is looking to save money on expenses and reduce his debts.