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Sobeys Canada (WEST) coupon policy (coupon overage allowed!)

Here is the Sobeys (West) Canada coupon policy:

As a Corporate policy, please see the following guidelines below.

Policies & procedures:

Vendor coupons

  • Coupons are issued by some companies as a rebate on their products and should be treated as a form of tender media.
  • Coupons should be claimed any time before the transaction is finished.
  • One coupon only can be used against each item purchased.
  • No reproductions/ photocopies of vendor coupons.
  • Coupon cannot be redeemed against a free item
  • Coupon amount can exceed the retail value of the item and ‘cash back’ can be given or the extra amount can be applied against the remainder of the customer’s order.
  • Verify the following on all coupons
  • Expiration date
  • Mailing address must be in Canada
  • One of the following inscriptions should appear (To the merchant,To the retailer, To the franchise,To the dealer)
  • Cannot be a ‘Mailing coupon’ – to be mailed in by the Customers

Internet coupons

  • Same guidelines as vendor coupons
  • Have a valid product name and a Canadian remittance address (e.g. P.O. Box 3000 Saint John, NB)
  • They have a valid expiry date.
  • They are acceptable in black, white and in color.
  • Can be buy one, get one free coupons

Competitor coupons

We do not accept competitor coupons

Club Sobeys coupons

  • Club Sobeys bonus coupons are to be accepted in colour and/or in black and white. This applies to email exclusives, direct mail, and quarterly statements.
  • All Club Sobeys bonus coupons must contain a plu or a scan able barcode to be considered legitimate.
  • Sobeys/Club Sobeys mobile coupons to be accepted upon verification of plu by the cashier on the customer’s handheld device. The coupons must meet all printed terms and conditions to be accepted.
  • All Club Sobeys coupons state in the legal that they can only be used for ‘one item per transaction per customer

We also comply with the vendor coupon restrictions. (e.g. One coupon per product per purchase, one coupon per product etc.)

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