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Coupon Stacking: How to Stack Coupons at Save on Foods

Coupon Stacking: How to Stack Coupons at Save on Foods

PLEASE NOTE: Save on Foods is NO LONGER allowing coupon stacking.

Coupon stacking in Canada is only allowed at Save on Foods and London Drugs. They both allow you to stack coupons at their stores. Today, I’d like to talk about coupon stacking at Save on Foods and explain how to stack coupons at this store. Come back on Monday and we’ll continue with coupon stacking, and learn how to stack coupons at London Drugs.

What is coupon stacking?

First, for those of you that are wondering what coupon stacking is, I’ll explain it for you:

Coupon stacking means that you are able to stack more than 1 coupon on any item you are purchasing (you are usually only allowed to use 1 coupon per item).

So, without further adieu, this is how to stack coupons at Save on Foods:

Information You Must Know

You can price match on top of using coupons, to get an even better discount. This varies by store, so make sure to contact your location to make sure that this is something they allow. Always price match whenever possible because it not only saves you money, but time, as well.

Coupons must not say the following:
“Cannot be combined with any other offer”
“Use of more than 1 manufacturer coupon per product is strictly prohibited”

Many coupons have one, or both, of those lines, so always check them before you try to stack them.

Each coupon must have a unique UPC code. This is the bar code that is on the front or back of your coupon. Example: If you want to stack 3 coupons on a package of Pampers diapers, make sure that the numbers on the UPC of all 3 of your coupons are different. If they are all the same, you cannot stack those coupons.

Each coupon must be from a different source. For example, you cannot stack 3 tear pad coupons or 3 printable coupons on one item (even if they all have different UPC codes). You could, however, stack 1 tear pad coupon with 1 printable coupon and 1 coupon.

You are not able to get overage from your coupons. Your total must be $0.00 or more when you stack coupons together. If your total is in the negative after your coupons are applied, you are not able to use those coupons. Save on Foods does not allow coupon overage.

Your coupons cannot be expired. This is obvious, but I still feel as though it needs to be mentioned, because you wouldn’t believe how many emails I receive every month, asking me if it’s okay to use expired coupons. It’s not. Ever.

Printable coupons are allowed. Save on Foods does allow you to use printable coupons at their stores, which makes saving money even easier. And no, they cannot be photocopied.

All coupons must have a Canadian address. In order for the store to get reimbursed from manufacturers, there needs to be a remit address on the coupons that Save on Foods can send those coupons to. And it needs to be Canadian. If there is a US (or other) address on your coupon, it will not be accepted.

You still have to pay taxes. Many people stack coupons because it often leads to free stuff. However, keep in mind that you will likely still have to pay taxes on those items (if they are normally taxable items). Also, the tax that you pay is on your pre-coupon total (for example, if you buy a $5 item, and use $5 in coupons, you will still have to pay tax on that $5).

Coupon Stacking Tips for Save on Foods

Shop during non-peak hours. Not only will you avoid long line-ups if you shop and stack coupons during non-peak hours, but you will also have a better selection of products (if you shop first thing in the morning after the store has stocked their shelves). If possible, avoid shopping any time on Saturday or during peak weekday hours (5-7pm).

Place an order to save time and frustration. If you plan to purchase a lot of items and use a lot of coupons (especially if you plan to stack coupons), call your local store ahead of time to place a special order. Save on Foods supports couponers (even extreme couponers), but they also are looking out for their other customers by making sure there is always enough stock available for everyone.

Get familiar with the coupon policy. Read the Save on Foods Canada coupon policy and familiarize yourself with everything on it. Know that policy like the back of your hand so you always know what to expect when stacking coupons at Save on Foods. Also, bring a copy of the coupon policy with you every time you shop, just in case you run into an issue while checking out and need to show the policy to your cashier.

Stacking coupons at Save on Foods is an easy way to get free stuff.

Remember to follow the rules (information you must know) and coupon stacking tips above and it will be impossible for you to not save a significant amount of money on your grocery bill.


  1. sara

    if a coupon says:” cannot be combined with another coupon offer” you can’t use that either.
    Basically the only wording a coupon can have to be stacked ot SOF is: “Limit one per purchase.”
    And SOF does NOT price match.

    • Cassie Howard

      I was told from head office that most locations do allow price matching.

  2. Mel

    Like Sara I’ve never heard of SOF price-matching. About stacking, I tried to stack a manufacturer’s coupon with a store coupon and they checked with a manager who refused to allow it.

  3. Emily

    I have heard of SOF price-matching but it is the exception rather than the rule. My understanding is that particular locations will price match for competitive reasons. I live within 20 min. of 4 different SOF locations and none price match. A friend who lives 1+ hour away is able to price match.

    The rule interpretation varies widely from location to location, staff member to staff member etc.

    Price Smart (also part of the Overwaitea food group and in the Lower Mainland of BC) typically does price match–inquire in store re who they price match and restrictions. In theory they allow stacks following the same rules as SOF. Again much variation location to location.

    And to add to the guidelines:
    1. Be prepared to be very, very patient. Even if you are organized a single item can take a long, long time to ring in. Each coupon is read and then must be rung in separately.
    2. Sign up on their website to receive coupons. They send out coupons via e-mail that you can print for use in store. Sometimes there are other coupons out there that can be combined with these for great savings.

  4. Alison

    These other ladies are correct. None of my SOF’s price match either, but Price Smart does and they are easier to stack with. They will not stack if the coupon says “cannot be combined with another coupon offer” which makes it very hard these days. If your cashier is stacking coupons with those words then they are actually going against their company’s policy and you are manipulating the system from my understanding.

  5. april c

    All the sof, that i’m aware of here in Central Alberta don’t price match and stack.
    as of Oct 2, 2012, SOF has come out with a new policy which isn’t kind to stacking anymore 🙁
    wording to look for now that isn’t stackable is: – use of more than one manufacture coupon is strickly prohibited *p&g*, Only one coupon valid per purchase, Limit one coupon per customer, limit one coupon per purchase.
    The stores here aren’t taking anything that has the above wording 🙁
    Too bad London Drugs doesn’t have a bigger grocery section, i’d just do all my shopping there!

    • Mel

      And even London Drugs has been disappointing me lately. They say no other coupon of any kind can be stacked with their store coupons (the yellow paper tear pad ones by the products). At least they allow stacking of manufacturer’s plus printed coupons as long as there are different bar codes. My local LD also told me they do allow stacking on coupons that say “cannot be combined with any other coupon OFFER”.

  6. Lori at Frugal Edmonton Mama

    They’ve gotten so sticky with stacking that I just wait for the in-store specials that have the printable coupons and get the great deals with those, or look for some of their store coupons to combine with MF coupons.

  7. Jennifer

    My sister works at SOF and they do NOT price match at all, In Vancouver, as of awhile ago,they would only price match the Safeway flyer but as off the summer, they will not do this anymore either. Price Smart WILL price match though.

  8. Bijie

    I’ve been fortunate with my Overwaiteas, (a fellow SOF affiliate) The manager was kind enough of photo copying the coupon policy, info that even the long termed cashiers didn’t know about. My Overwaiteas location, in Fernie, B.C., will not allow coupons mostly on the buy 1 get 1 free offers, the usual glitches mentioned above. 🙂

  9. Patricia G

    Both my PriceMart AND SOF in Surrey BC. stack. Yes, you need to be patient and read your coupons, but I stack there all the time. My only issue is if the item is 1.99 and you have two $1 coupons, they will only take one. They will not adjust the second to .99cents ( my LD will). A bit frustrating sometimes. But to save money you have to play by the rules. I try not to get mad as it is a priveledge

  10. Julie

    I have always price matched at SOF and never had any problems, the only supermarket they wouldn’t match was Walmart, and they wouldn’t match non-supermarkets, ie Canadian Tire or Shoppers/London Drugs. Now my SOF has changed over to Price Smart and they price match any store, including SOF!

  11. Cindy

    My SOF is now impossible to stack at it. I dont even bother to try any more. I suppose though its because in my town we have new cashiers every week. The cashiers almost look paranoid when they see you coming with a coupon. Sadly, its not worth my time to stand in the giant line up at my SOF to save a few dollars.

  12. theresa

    How sad that you even have to mention not using expired coupons. Does remind me of a halarious King of Queens where Doug gets away with using one at the movies. The cashier gets fired…..the boss yells “can’t you read…..what day is it….it’s the 48th of January!!!!” Too funny!!

  13. Mary

    I tryed stacking at sof and they told me I couldn’t use it because my coupon said one per purchase so cashier explained she could only use one, and that meant it wasnot stackable coupon 🙁 is that true Thanks

  14. Mary

    A question can you stack a coupon that says on coupon per purchase??

  15. Gloria

    Ok so I’ve never tried stacking, but the whole expired coupons……my Superstore doesn’t even seem to pay attention to the dates!! So I never throw out expired ones.

    • theresa

      That is still dishonest.

      • april c

        if your returning expired coupons that the cashiers aren’t checking dates, the company will not get their money back from the coupons..
        gonna adventually take away the right to use coupons 🙁

  16. Leslie

    Completely right, it varies from store to store, cashier to cashier, when it comes to Save-On Foods, PriceSmart & London Drugs. You have to get to know which location is more favorable to letting you stack. My favorite locations let me get away with next to highway robbery, when it comes to stacking. I love them. Hubby tells me we may move away from here. I sure am going to miss the fun.

  17. Monica

    The stacking policy has DRAMATICALLY changed at Save On Foods as of this month. You will be hard pressed to find coupons that stack.

    Here’s the policy:
    Coupon Acceptance Practices
    Our coupon acceptance practices are designed to help extend more savings to our customers while
    ensuring we continue to offer an exceptional customer service experience to everyone in our stores.
    We don’t limit the number of coupons redeemed per transaction necessarily, but rather, we focus on
    our responsibility to follow the directions clearly stated on those coupons.
    To receive your coupon discount please:
    • present your coupon at the time of purchase
    • ensure all conditions stated on the coupon are met (product to purchase, limits etc.)
    • ensure all product specifications are met (size, flavour, etc)
    • ensure your coupon is redeemed prior to the expiration date
    • if printed from the internet, your coupon is legible
    • ensure your coupon is not a photocopy
    • ensure your coupon is not issued by one of our competitors
    Store issued coupons: store coupons are distributed through flyers, email, in-store kiosks, social media and
    direct mail.
    • Our store system reinforces the conditions of every coupon we receive to ensure that specifications
    are met (including banner, date, product specifications, limits, combinations, etc).
    • Can be combined with manufacturer coupons
    • Only one store issued coupon can be redeemed per item (no stacking)
    Manufacturer issued coupons:
    • Can be combined with a store issued coupon
    • Must have a Canadian address; US coupons aren’t accepted
    • The total value of the coupons cannot exceed the value of the product
    • Multiple manufacturer’s coupons can be redeemed per item (stacking), only if each coupon comes
    from a different media source (e.g. manufacturer, newspaper, website, etc) and has a different
    code (or UPC)
    • Stacking isn’t allowed on ‘buy one, get one’ free (BOGO) products
    • Stacking isn’t allowed if the fine print says:
    o Use of more than one manufacturer coupon per product is strictly prohibited
    o Only one coupon valid per purchase
    o Limit one coupon per customer, limit one coupon per purchase
    • Splitting coupons across multiple products is not allowed
    • All taxes are payable on the full value of the item, unless the coupon specifications state it’s for a
    ‘free’ taxable product
    • Deposits and fees are payable on applicable products regardless of the coupons’ discount
    • Manufacturer’s mail-in-rebates will be honoured by the manufacturer not the store (and are not
    considered coupons)
    Guidelines for high volume coupon redeemers:
    • Please call ahead to ensure we have adequate team members available on our front end at the time
    you plan to shop so that we can accommodate your needs while providing great to service to our
    other customers.
    • At checkout, please ensure that coupons are placed with each item to speed up the coupon
    validation and checkout process.
    • If you hope to purchase large quantities of individual items, please provide 2 – 3 days notice to
    your local store manager so we can properly manage inventory requirements
    • Please note that we reserve the right to limit quantities purchased based on inventory available for
    all customers.
    • Please note that we will not accept large quantities of multiple coupons during any special
    promotional days. For more information, please see your manager.
    • We reserve the right to amend the above mentioned practices at any time, in consideration of the
    best experience for our customers.

  18. Monica

    This is an email response I received this morning in response to my questions regarding coupon stacking at Save On.

    Hi Monica,

    With the increase of stacking confusion and due to certain ethical policies that are put forth by the manufactures we are no longer able to accept coupon stacking. However you are able to stack one Overwaitea coupon with one manufactures coupons.

    Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

    Customer Service

    Please consider the environment before printing this email or its attachments
    Note: This message is only intended for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain
    information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure. If the reader of this message is not the
    intended recipient, or an employee or agent responsible for delivering the message to the intended recipient, you are
    hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you
    have received this communication in error, please notify us by telephone (604-888-2079) or electronically by return
    message, and delete or destroy all copies of this communication. Thank you. (OFG_File#163)

  19. Tahra Hall

    Upcs must be different, but don’t have to be from different sources. Also, they accept coupons that say no-stacking-you can point it out & ask to be sure. I was told they don’t cater to P&G.

  20. K

    I realize this article is four years old now, but it’s still very useful just like most of the articles on this site! I’m sure glad it’s still around.

    I thought I’d suggest that people call their local Save On Foods to ask about the coupon policy. The SOF near me is *great* about coupon stacking. They will even accept competitor’s coupons.

    Per the phone call I had and the very positive interaction I had at the store, they will price match, and allow the combination of one manufacturer coupon and one store / competitor store coupon.

    The trick is that many manufacturer coupons will disallow combining with other coupons. However, I find I have no issue using manufacturer / internet printable coupons in combination with an advertised sale, or asking SOF for a price match.

    Incidentally, I’ve found walmart is also great about price matching and allowing the use of manufactuer coupons and competitor coupons. You don’t even have to bring the physical flier in to walmart to get a price match, they will accept viewing the flier on your iphone through an app like Flipp or

    This is great because I don’t actually GET any physical fliers where I live, so if I want a price match I have to go to the competitor’s store to pick up the flier! if I do that, I may as well just buy the product there.

    Shoppers drug mart was also great about allowing the use of manufacturer coupons in addition to competitor coupons in combination with a sale. I think that timing your shopping trip and asking nicely goes a long way.

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