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12 ways to stay in debt forever

Readers of have come to expect articles about living frugally and managing money well. To avoid being too predictable, I will mix it up today and teach you how to stay in debt. For a really long time.

stay in debt

12 ways to stay in debt forever

1. Start young

Everyone knows that you need to build up your credit rating so why not start young. Sign up for several free credit cards, preferably soon after high school. That way you can be independent and be able to afford the same quality of life you had growing up.

2. Recycle credit card statements

Before you open them. It can be stressful to watch those numbers climb. With the flick of a wrist you can send that baby into the blue box without even moving.

3. Ignore interest rates

You know you will never pay off your credit cards, so why does it matter what the rate is? How much difference can a few percentage points make anyways?

4. Find a rescuer

This should be someone in your life who is willing to bail you out from time. Maybe someone who is good at taking care of their money and will help rescue you. Everybody has their gifts, right?

5. Enjoy any fresh starts

If your rescuer pays off your debt, certainly don’t cut up your credit cards. You have bought yourself a few months and maybe years to use those credit cards without stressing again. Take a deep breath and savor the zero balance while it lasts.

6. Don’t discuss debt

No one wants to hear a sad story about over-spending, right? Whatever you do, don’t tell anyone you are in trouble financially. Money matters are private and you would never want trusted friends to know you [gasp] make mistakes.

7. Treat yourself

It can be discouraging to be in debt and there are times you need a pick-me-up. Perhaps a manicure, pedicure, and massage. And for a treat to be really effective, it should come from a high-end establishment. You deserve the best, right?

8. Find like-minded friends

It might take a while to find financial soul-mates who will also be in debt forever. But don’t be discouraged. Check the malls, expensive restaurants, and stores that sell the latest gadgets. Being with people who truly understand you, means you will not feel pressured to change. And that is always a good thing in relationships.

9. Collect reward cards

By having many credit cards, you are taking advantage of many reward programs. Buying everything on credit allows you to get perks you wouldn’t receive if you paid with cash. You probably have enough air miles to get a free waffle maker by now. Imagine what you will get if you keep maxing out those cards. Hello Bora Bora.

10. Pay credit off with credit

The main advantage of having many credit cards is that you can pay them off with each other. MasterCard coming due? No problem. Pay (the minimum payment of course) with your Visa. It may seem confusing at first, but before you know it you will be able to juggle balances faster than you can say “Eternal Debt.”

11. Avoid budgeting

Budgeting sounds like a diet for money, and nobody wants to diet. You believe you don’t make enough money to pay your bills anyway, so why would you try to make a budget? That would just be depressing.

12. Don’t bother couponing

Honestly – how much difference would it make to save 75 cents on granola bars when you owe thousands?

Sometimes we need to laugh at ourselves – especially if it gives us a wake-up call. If you don’t want to stay in debt, spend time From budgeting to couponing to learning from our mistakes, help is available. And be inspired by this story.

What makes it hard to break the debt cycle?


  1. Andrew Morton

    Had a good laugh reading this…though I was mentally checking off everything I did over the years that was spot on >.<

  2. Karen G

    Andrew – glad it made you laugh. I had a lot of fun writing it. Laughter is my coping mechanism for most of life. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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