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12 reasons you suck at using coupons

Living frugally is important, but sometimes we take ourselves too seriously. Today is a light-hearted post designed to make you smile.

using coupons

12 reasons you suck at using coupons


1. Private panicker

You once spotted a tear pad in a store but as you went to grab the coupon you panicked. What if your neighbor saw you and thought you didn’t have any money and told other neighbors that you can’t even afford to pay full price for pasta? Needless to say, the coupon remained firmly attached to the tear pad.

2. Considerate consumer

You don’t like to save money. You feel kind of badly for billion-dollar industries that offer you money-saving opportunities. You would rather pay full price and make sure those companies continue to thrive. Your motto is, “I’ll take one for the team.”

3. Skeptical saver

You tend to over-complicate things. You want to use coupons, but you are suspicious because it looks too easy using our couponing tips and tricks. You believe anything worth doing, will be challenging.

4. Extreme aversion

Your life motto is to never be extreme. Ever. As soon as shows like Extreme Couponers came out, you realized couponing must be avoided at all costs. To make matters worse, sent out a post about Extreme Couponing in Canada.

5. Misinformed

When you read our post about Ridiculous Myths about Couponers, you thought it said Ridiculous Truths about Couponers, and you never want to be considered ridiculous.

6. Lost opportunities

Your coupons are never with you when you shop. Perhaps you are embarrassed to carry a coupon binder around so you keep them in the car. Maybe you are concerned that someone who is great at using coupons will try to steal your collection, so you keep them safely in your house. Collecting dust. Safely.

7. One strike and you’re out

You once decided to use coupons and you went to one store to search for a tear pad of coupons. The only coupons you could find were for dog food and you don’t have a dog so you decided that couponing is an utter waste of time.

8. Enjoying the lull

You never watch television so you don’t have any time in your day where you sit down idly. Or if you do sit down you prefer to rest your hands delicately on your lap. Clipping or sorting coupons during such a lull would feel simply wrong.

9. Inspired but expired

You like to start projects but rarely finish them. You spent a lot of time making a coupon organizer that was Pinterest pretty but didn’t get around to filing the coupons away. And by the time you looked at your nicely clipped coupons [cue haunting music] they were expired.

10. Remote recipient

You do not receive mail delivery. Perhaps you live in a treehouse. Or in a jungle. Or in a treehouse in a jungle. Whatever the case it is impossible for you to take advantage of coupon sites that mail coupons right to your doors like Save.Ca,,, and

11. Resolute resolutions

You believe in only starting new projects on January 1st and today is not January 1st. You are often overheard saying things like, “Next year I will trim my spending…”

12. Sheer dread

You have a phobia of cutting on dotted lines. Perhaps it was a bad childhood experience in Kindergarten, but for whatever reason cutting coupons out with scissors terrifies you. You have asked your children to do the cutting for you, but this phobia seems to be genetic.

I must admit that some of these ideas were inspired by my own tendencies, but I won’t confess which ones!

Which of these crazy reasons has prevented you (or a loved one) from using coupons?


  1. Arvilish

    Which of these crazy reasons has prevented you from using coupons?

    When a store uses every.single.strategy to avoid accepting coupon because apparently its too much for work for them or because cashier thinks ‘these item costs money so you cannot have them free’… weirdo excuses like ‘its 50% so you cannot use coupon’, ‘this item is on sale so you cannot combine the coupon with any other offer’, ‘this item has this product’s picture and you are not buying this same product so this does not matter whether it says ANY because I would just go with picture as I cannot read’.

    Gosh its so hard to use coupons in some store here in Saskatoon! Wholesale is the store that I have a record of not using a single items.

    When I was a cashier, I noticed that there were only less than 10% using coupons despite that fact that product they were using had coupon attached to it or coupon was outside the store. They would just throw those coupons out because they hate couponing and have had ‘bad’ experience in the past.

    In fact, sometimes even I get discouraged!

  2. greeneyesgreen

    I have never had any of those reasons for not couponing…..I have run into a couple of cashiers who just don’t know how to handle coupons but I get past it….I refuse to argue, have come close a couple of times but I have learned to walk away……so couponing will continue for me for years to come cause I love saving money regardless of my neighbours or friends……

  3. Dawn Rockall

    I’m new to couponing and I have to say this post is hilarious! It has me laughing all the way to the checkout! The only part that has kept me from using coupons in the past are the looks, sighs and comments I get from people in the checkout line behind me. I always shop during the week, during business hours in hopes that stores won’t be as busy as evenings and weekends but I have yet to make it through the checkout without someone behind me complaining. But that won’t stop me!

  4. Karen G

    Arvilish: Sorry to hear you are having such trouble using coupons. Keep trying – and print off store policies to show cashiers who might not be familiar with them. Good luck to you Shopping in Saskatchean!

    Greeneyesgreen: Good for you to press on with couponing in spite of some of the silly obstacles posted in this post!

    Dawn: You made my day! Thanks for seeing the humour in my exaggeration of small truth. And you are absolutely right – grumblers and eye rollers in the checkout line should have made my list!

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