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6 creative ways to tackle jobs you hate

We all have them. Jobs we hate. Not the 9 to 5 kind, but those tasks we have to do that we simply hate doing. Here are 6 creative ways to tackle those dreaded jobs we hate.

jobs you hate

6 creative ways to tackle jobs you hate


One bite at a time

Take a large task and break it down into smaller steps. Be as specific as possible. For example, if you want to organize your pantry, steps could include:

Find inspirational pictures for pantry

  • Measure shelves
  • Buy new baskets for organizing
  • Empty pantry and wipe down cupboards
  • Purge items we rarely use
  • Group like items and place them back in the pantry.

Much less overwhelming to find 20 minutes to tackle each smaller task. Set a timer and….. GO!

Anti-procrastination day

Set aside one day a week to be your Anti-Procrastination day. Tackle at least one job that you have been procrastinating on this day. Mondays work well for me because it sets a productive tone for the week.

Typical jobs I hate (but love to procrastinate) include:

  • Making dental appointments (slight dental phobia that increases the longer I put this off)
  • Organizing my pictures (feels like such a big project)
  • Washing floors (Cinderella complex?)



Bartering has been around for a long time. No money is exchanged, making this a frugal alternative. Like a modern version of pioneers paying doctors with chickens or potatoes.

Bartering is a clever way to get items (by trading) or to get things done (by swapping skills). My sister is my bartering hero. She made a list of jobs she hated that included:

  • Making a month of meals
  • Spring cleaning – washing walls and baseboards
  • Sorting and pricing garage sale items

She hired teenagers that were thrilled to help with the jobs she hated. It was more fun working together and the job got done in half the time. She gave them free photography sessions for their upcoming graduations. Brilliant!

Hire help

This might be a surprising suggestion from a frugal living writer but consider this. If you could pick up an extra shift at work occasionally, perhaps you could afford to hire someone to clean your house. If you enjoy your job (and despise housework) this could be a definite win-win.

Or, perhaps you just get frustrated trying to accomplish tasks while wearing your “parenting hat.” Consider hiring someone to watch the kids so you can focus completely on your to-do list. In a quiet house, you may find the dreaded task is (almost) delightful.

Enlist the children

When I have a project I am dreading, I often get one of my children to help me. Chatting while working together leads to interesting conversations. They benefit from learning life skills. And having them work with me keeps me accountable to finish what I start.

Swap it out

Pop an email to a buddy and ask if they would like to participate in swapping jobs you hate. Maybe you could wash their windows and they could cook you a few meals. Babysit their children in exchange for help organizing their kitchen. I would rather organize anything in exchange for someone cleaning anything for me.

Tackling one dreaded job each week means you will have 4 of them accomplished in a month. That will certainly add up. Eventually, your list of to-dos will be going, going gone!

And don’t forget to reward yourself for tackling a job you hate.

What creative ideas have you tried for jobs do you hate doing?

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