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TLC extreme couponing TV show – did you watch?

TLC Extreme Couponing
TLC has a new show called Extreme Couponing and the first episode aired tonight. Did you watch? I was glued to the TV and as enjoyable as the show was, I found it rather.. well, extreme.

Many people who use coupons do NOT shop like those people. Do you really think that THEY shop like that all the time? I am willing to bet that each of those 4 people on the show saved up all of their best coupons (including high-value and FREE PRODUCT coupons) just for this one episode, to make it look like they always shop like that.

They don’t. No one does, because that kind of shopping is just ridiculous – and pretty much impossible.

It also makes me kind of upset because when people watch this show they are most likely going to think that people who use coupons are crazy – that we have basements and garages full of thousands of products we can’t possibly use up before the expiration dates.

Personally, I have limits. If I can get things for free or dirt cheap I will buy as many as I can get, keep what I know we will use and then donate the rest. I honestly use coupons to get the high – which sounds totally wrong, but it’s true.

When I see my bill go from $100 down to $5, it’s like I took some sort of drug and I’m just floating. It’s the best feeling.. and then if I’m able to donate things too – well, the floating feeling just keeps happening. It’s great.

THAT is why I use coupons – not to get tons of stuff to hoard in my house and not use.

Did you watch the TLC Extreme Couponing show? What did you think?


  1. Jennifer

    Yes I watched and YES I agree that there is NO WAY IN HELL these people shop like this all the time. When the guy bought 1,100 boxes of cereal I about had a stroke!

  2. Jessica

    Thanks, I didn’t see this show on before! I will definately watch it tonight and share my thoughts!

  3. Jessica

    Just finished watching it and it honestly made me so upset! Watching the first lady made me cry! I felt so bad for her husband (or boyfriend, cant remember) loosing his man cave for her stuff. I also felt bad that she would give up time with loved ones to go shopping. I also felt that their stockpiles were WAY to severe. There is a line between stockpiling and hoarding and I think they broke it.

    My new years revolution: buy only what I need. Although I do donate a lot I really need to cut back. Yes, I am saving a lot of money but it will in no way come in between me and my boyfriend/family/friends.

  4. Amanda

    Darn I missed it, is it a new weekly show or just a one time deal?

    • Cassie Howard

      amanda – it’s a weekly show. 🙂
      jessica – i agree, i felt so bad for the first lady’s boyfriend/hubby. and her friends/family that she blows off. that chick is definetely one of the crazy ones.
      jennifer – me too! and i thought my 108 bottles of dishsoap was crazy!

  5. Bette @ Frugal Mom X3

    oh darn I missed it! I hope there is a re-run of it. I agree I use coupons to get a “high” I practically run out of the store screaming “start the car” to no one in particular. I like taking my older daughters with me and explaining to them that you rarely have to spend full price on anything, and hopefully they’ve absorbed something. BTW – stops for stoping by my little blog. All the best for 2011!!!

  6. Theresa

    I had to work last night or for sure I would have watched. I had to laugh at the comment from Bette. That Ikea commercial makes me laugh everytime. LOL!!!

  7. Lattelady

    I missed the first 1/2 of the show, it is on again this Tuesday.
    One of the shoppers does have a web site THE KRAZY COUPON LADY as well as a book. She has been on all of the morning USA tv shows and Entertainment tonight just a few day ago. I agree she did save the best coupons to do the taping of the program. I do not think the amount she saves is a weekly deal, but I sure would love to come home with 4 shopping carts and a saving like she did.

  8. AJ

    This show really irritated me. Especially the first woman. She was basically hoarding. There is no way her and her husband (there was no mention of any children or donating) can go through that much food before expiration dates. That woman chose things over people and that’s just not right! Especially her poor husband. Now his man cave is pasta storage!

    I also think the stores and cashiers put on an act for the cameras. I can go through the checkout with 3 coupons and the cashiers huff and puff and act like I’m a horrible person. Very rarely do I encounter a NICE cashier when I use coupons and I’m not nearly as excessive as these folks!

    On the upside was the young couple featured. They explained how stockpiling helped them through a difficult time, when the husband lost his job. I think that’s awesome. And honestly, it makes me miss my little stockpile so my resolution for 2011 is to get back into couponing. Just not to the extreme like most of the people featured!

    And for those that missed it, I believe it reruns January 4th on TLC.

    • Cassie Howard

      aj – i agree that the first women was hoarding. i feel horrible for her husband/boyfriend and family! it’s one thing if you get all of that stuff and then donate what you can’t use, but she didn’t mention that so… and i agree 110% about the cashiers. i dont think i have EVER had a cashier that was actually excited for me. if my bill is really low they think they rung in a coupon wrong and double check and when they see that they haven’t, they assume that i must have done something to “cheat the system”. not cool.

      lattelady – i have heard of the krazy lady before. i actually considered buying one of her shirts before “pick another checkout lane, honey”. LOL

      theresa – oh i’m sure it will be on youtube soon enough haha

      bette – there is a rerun on jan 4th, i believe. i actually have yelled “start the car” before ahahahaha. only when no one is around of course. 😛

  9. wavemama

    I don’t know about you guys, but I DEF wouldn’t put that much effort look that good when I’m dumpster digging! LOL

  10. Rose

    I watched the show last night. In Canada we are very limited in the availabilty of such savings. I only know of 1 chain where you can “stack” coupons, and I have never heard of double the coupon value opportunities.
    I do my best to save some money as well, and I agree there is a rush from not having to pay much for 3 bags of goods. 🙂

  11. Dawn

    Those people are CRAZY! I agree, cashiers HATE it when I use even one coupon, but if I came into a store with thousands? They’d probably only clap if my ass got carted out of the store because they thought I was committing fraud! Hahah.
    And not to be superficial or rude but did you notice that 3 out of 4 of the coupon people were overweight? Is that just an American thing or what? It’s unfortunate. Maybe all those two cent chocolate bars and sugar-filled gatorade bottles aren’t really a good deal in the long run. Just saying.

  12. Heather

    I want to know why we as Canadaians don’t have the same access to coupons as they do in the US!! It makes me so frusterated to see websites and TV shows that shows all the great savings using couons and then not to have any access to the same type of savings. With a family of 6 I want to save as much as I can when I shopping. I wish I could get the same coupons that they offer in the US. Maybe I am just not looing in the right place. Where do you get your coupons from?

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