I'm a big media consumer. I watch a lot of TV shows and a lot of movies. Recently I haven't been spending very much time enjoying my Netflix account because I've been investing my time in other areas. However, I do believe that dollar for dollar, Netflix is the best value that you can purchase.

Now, Netflix Canada is a fair bit different from the American version. There's different content providers, different rights holders, so there isn't quite the same selection our southern friends enjoy. When Netflix first launched in Canada, this was a pretty major downfall and a lot of people were very disappointed with the available options. Since then, however, Netflix is getting better and better, and I've watched quite a few great TV shows on Netflix. Here, then, is my top 10 list for TV Shows available on Canadian Netflix.

10. Mad Men

Mad Men has had nothing but rave reviews since it first aired in 2007. It may be singlehandedly responsible for shaping our culture back towards “manly men” thanks to “Don Draper” and his Mad Men. Set in the 60s, all about the ad business, nothing says Mad Men more than a martini for breakfast at the office.

9. Community

While Community's future is unsure, it's inception was sublime. Set around a fake lawyer that has to go back to a crappy community college, Community is all about a group of student's progression through college. One of the best comedy shows since 30 Rock, Community's cast of characters are brilliant, and the writing makes this show one of the best to re-watch as more and more will be revealed each time you watch.

8. Arrested Development

Speaking of more being revealed each time you watch, Arrested Development is a masterpiece. So many jokes are only fun the second time that you watch the episode, and even more play off situations that only happen in future episodes. That makes the three seasons available on Netflix the perfect way to get back into the show from episode 1. If you've already watched it, watch it again, and if you haven't seen it yet, you can thank me later for introducing you.

7. Freaks and Geeks

A TV show that only lasted a single season, Freaks and Geeks sets its sights on a particular demographic that went to highschool in the 80s. This show stars stars before they were stars. Seth Rogan and James Franco feature in a 1999 special that reminds you just how awkward high school really was.

6. Archer

The only cartoon in this list, Archer is for the more adult crowd. If you think that Family Guy is too tame, try Archer, just prepare to be offended and a little disgusted if you choose to watch it.

5. The Walking Dead

Based on a brilliant graphic novel, The Walking Dead has a lot of zombies. If you like zombies and survival horror, enjoy the first two seasons of The Walking Dead. Just don't watch it at night with the lights off.

4. Breaking Bad

One of the best shows on television, Breaking Bad stars a high school teacher gone rogue. Netflix is airing the first four seasons of Breaking Bad, and that should be just about enough to get anyone hooked on the show.

3. Sherlock

Sherlock is a BBC show whose success probably inspired the Americanized “Elementary” that started to air this year. It's based on a modern day Sherlock Holmes, except it is actually good. Really good, in fact. Each “season” is only 3 episodes, but each episode is around an hour and a half long, so it is more like 3 movies. Netflix has the entire show as has been aired so far and it will leave you yearning for 2014 to air the 3rd season.

2. Firefly

I've ranked this so high in the list simply because this is my favorite television shows of all time. Canceled far before it's time, Firefly features cowboys in space written by the brilliant Joss Whedon. Watch at least 3 episodes and you'll suddenly realize why everyone hated Fox in 2002.

1. Top Gear

I don't care if you don't like British programming, I don't care if you don't like vehicles. I don't care if you hate flowery shirts, love the environment, and don't understand sarcasm. Top Gear isn't just a great TV show about cars; it's a great TV show. There's 16 seasons of television available through Netflix, and while it took a few seasons for them to figure out the show format and hosts, Top Gear is phenomenal TV. If you have a Netflix account, make sure that you at least watch the “specials”. Specials are longer episodes that break away from the typical show format and feature the 3 hosts doing crazy challenges all across the world. Great cinematography, great TV.

Netflix is packed full of great TV shows as listed above, and that doesn't even include 7 Seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 9 Seasons of Family Guy, The Fringe, V, Lost, Misfits, How I Met Your Mother and many, many more. At $8 a month, its easy to see why people give up cable for a more affordable option. At that price, you are more limited by the hours of the day than Netflix content. Which Netflix TV show is your favorite?

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