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Top 5 couponing tools I couldn’t live without

Couponing tools

Must Have Couponing Tools

Couponing isn’t difficult. Extreme couponing isn’t difficult either (it just takes more time). What can make these activities difficult is not being organized and not having the right couponing tools at your fingertips?

If you use coupons, there are a few things that you should have on hand at all times if you want to maximize your savings at the grocery store.

Below are 5 couponing tools I couldn’t live without.

Amazon Sale on Brother Printer September2013

Laser printer

There’s an abundance of printable coupons for Canada, and you aren’t going to be able to get these coupons unless you have a printer.

This is an item I strongly suggest spending a bit of money on. Inkjet printers are terrible if you plan to print many coupons, all of the time since they run out of ink quickly. It’s a better idea to spend a bit more money and purchase a laser printer.

Not only will the ink cartridge last you so much longer than that of an inkjet printer, but printing is actually much faster with a laser printer. This is the printer that I have used for a while now.

Coupon Binder

Coupon binder

Since I use coupons often, and always have hundreds of them on hand at all times, I choose to organize them with a coupon binder. Without my binder, I would be so lost!

Organizing your coupons with a coupon binder makes it so easy to look through the coupons you have to find the one(s) you are looking for when you’re out shopping.

When I first started out using coupons and didn’t have many at a time, I loved these accordion files (there are cheaper ones available at dollar stores). A binder is just much easier to use if you have lots of coupons to keep track of.

Coupon Binder Sheets

Binder pages

A coupon binder wouldn’t be complete without the pages that go inside it! I use a combination of trading card sheets (for smaller coupons) and currency sheets or photo album sheets (for larger coupons).

These sheets allow me to see many coupons at a glance, instead of having to flip through my coupons one at a time with something like an accordion file.

Since I do have so many coupons, in an effort to get my shopping done as quickly as possible, I need to organize my coupons in the best way possible. For me, this is with a coupon binder and the pages that go inside of it.

Clipping Coupons

Good quality scissors

A couponer could not survive without a pair of scissors to clip all of the coupons they plan to use!

I clip quite a few coupons on a weekly basis and found that my cheap, dollar store scissors were not doing the job very well after short periods of time. My hand would start to hurt and eventually, the blades on the scissors would become dull.

Just recently I invested in this pair of Fiskars scissors and they have been amazing. Well worth the cost.

Note: A friend of mine uses this paper trimmer for clipping most of her coupons and says it’s much better than using scissors. I haven’t tried it yet, but I am seriously thinking about it. Anything to make coupon clipping faster!

Coupon Bins

Storage Bins for Extra Coupons

As I have mentioned before, I receive extra copies of coupon inserts from many different sources (mostly friends), and at one point earlier this year, they started to take over my office.

In an effort to keep them as organized as possible, I decided to purchase a few clear Rubbermaid storage bins to house my extra coupon inserts. I have them separated by the date the insert was released.

Another way you could organize your coupon inserts is with a file box. These work too, they just don’t hold as much.

These are the top 5 couponing tools I could not live without. Well, I suppose I could if I had to, but it would make using coupons extremely difficult and time-consuming!

Using coupons saves our family thousands of dollars on groceries every single year, so it’s important that I always have these couponing tools around. If I didn’t have them, I certainly would not be able to save as much as I do when I go shopping!

What are some couponing tools that you couldn’t live without?


  1. candace

    one of my tools i could not live without would be the internet and facebook specifically. I also use all the above tools but i do not have extra inserts in filing boxes, every insert i get gets cut up n put in my now 50lb binder that I take everywhere lol

  2. Kris

    I use scissors if I only have a few coupons to clip, but for bigger jobs, I love my scrapbooking tools: the Creative Memories personal trimmer is great for small coupons and their 12 inch straight trimmer is ideal for big pages.

  3. Sherry

    My place of employment was getting rid of a paper cutter. I gladly took it and fixed it up. Can cut through stacks of 10 at a time now, it’s so fantastic!

  4. Carrie H

    My biggest tool for saving money has been your site (I’m not sucking up)

  5. Meghan

    I use Excel to keep track of my coupons. I have my coupons sorted in a binder but I hate having to flip through the pages to see what coupons I have when I’m going through the circulars. I started a spreadsheet to keep track of what I have and then I just have to look through my list. It’s easy to add and delete coupons that I add or use/trade/throw away. 🙁 I can easily add everything and then sort it alphabetically or sort by expiration date so that I can everything that is expiring soon to either try and use or fairy them away.

    I also added a section for my grocery list. As I go through the circulars, I mark down deals I want to take advantage of and then I can see if two stores are offering a sale on the same item so that I can get the best one without having to constantly go back through flyers a bunch of times.

  6. Kim

    My binder has a zippered pocket on the front where I keep my magnifier, scissors, and calculator.

  7. Dien

    Your site is a definite must in couponing. Through your book and website I learned how to save oodles of money. You do a very good job!! I always look forward to article posts like these, goal updates, menu plans, grocery trips, etc etc etc etc. I might of as well said perty much everything.

  8. Shannon

    I couldnt live without flyers! I love to price match my shopping at one store in addition to using coupons on items as it saves me alot of time and even more money

  9. The One Income Dollar

    Do you save all coupons even for products you dont normally buy in case you get a deal? Just wondering.

  10. April


    Great tip on the binder system, Like most of your readers I’m sure, we all want to save money and websites like yours are such a help.

    I noticed you have tons of smartsource coupon inserts in this part of your home page, I have tried to ask for more but they don’t allow , subscribing to newspapers out of area doesn’t work either. how do you go about having a stockpile of them if they only send one maybe two per household?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Jen

      I get extra inserts from the local stores the day after the paper comes out. We just go ask for yesterdays paper, we usually end up with 15 – 20 inserts.

  11. Cassie Howard

    Carrie H & Dien: Thank you!!

    The One Income Dollar: Yes, I do.

    April: Most of my family and friends give me their extras, as well as a paper person in my area.

  12. Caroline

    I use all those tools – plus I use a dollar-store accordion file organized by store for those coupons I have selected for each shopping trip. I find it saves me time at the cash register to just pull out the stack I have ear-marked for the flyer. I have had a few situations where I knew I had the coupon but couldn’t find it at the till – so this works for me. I do take the big binder along everywhere as there are always unmarked deals or sales!

  13. Jen

    Excel is my must have too, I make my list with columns for price, qty, total, coupon, oop, and tax. This way, I can set my budget and play with the list until I get to where I need to be.

    My husband is also a great tool, he not only goes coupon hunting for me and with me but he sits on Sunday afternoons, watching football and clipping coupons. I could never stay ahead without him.

    Finally I have to say that I too have a paper cutters, one big and one small one. They are priceless for mass cutting.

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