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Top 3 sources for awesome coupon binders

If you love coupons and use a lot of them regularly, you likely own a coupon binder, or are thinking about getting one. I have used one for years, and find it to be the best way to keep all of my coupons organized and easy to see when I’m out shopping.

Of course, any binder will work for coupons (as long as you have the trading card pages inside!), but I recommend the big, zippered binders, and I always suggest getting a high-quality binder (since you will likely be toting it around all over the place with you).

Over the years, I’ve replaced my binder a few times, and I’m always amazed at the difference in available binders at each place I shop – so today, I thought I’d share my favorite sources for buying coupon binders.

Top Sources for Coupon Binders

1. Walmart

Easy, convenient, and inexpensive. This is where I bought my first coupon binder. It was a dark green color and it had a zipper, but it didn’t have any inside pockets and the binder was a bit small for someone who always had hundreds of coupons on hand at all times.

Though they don’t have a very large selection of binders, Walmart is a great place to start looking, because if you do find one that meets all of your requirements, you’ll likely get a good price on it, too!

2. Staples

This is probably my favorite store for coupon binders. Come back to school time (from August-late September), there are always big sales at Staples, and they have a huge assortment of coupon binders there, so this is where I always look if I need a replacement binder (or am buying one for a friend or family member).

I find that the better quality coupon binders can always be found at Staples, too. Not all stores have the “good ones”, but Staples does. They also have a wide variety of colors and styles, which I really like.

3. Amazon

I’ve recently been doing a lot of my home shopping from and I love it! Free shipping (when you spend $25+), shopping in the comfort of my own home, and great deals (most of the time) – how can you beat that?

Not too long ago, I was looking around on Amazon for coupon binders because mine was falling apart again from overuse, and I stumbled upon this one for under $20 – it’s it awesome? I snatched one up and have been using it for a few weeks now. It’s so sturdy and is very big so I can store a ton of coupons (and supplies, such as scissors, calculators, highlighters, etc.) inside.

And there you have it – my top 3 sources coupon binders. If you plan to use coupons for a long time and want to use a lot of them for optimum savings, a coupon binder is a way to go.

Make sure you invest in a good quality coupon binder so that it will last you a long time.

What is your favorite source for purchasing coupon binders?

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