Toy storage ideas to tame toy clutter

Toy storage is a must for anyone who has children. No matter your intention, each child usually generates double his or her body weight in toys when they’re young!

Toy storage ideas to tame toy clutter

Toy Storage Ideas

Toy storage can be very simple and inexpensive. Pinterest is a wonderful place to find inspiration for a toy storage system that may work for your family. Here are two great suggestions:

Toy Storage Bins

Toy Storage Baskets

The most important things to keep in mind when considering toy storage are:

  1. Trim down the toys
  2. Kid-friendly
  3. Clearly labeled
  4. Everything has a place

Let’s look at each in a bit more detail.

Trim down toys

Toy storage works best when you have a reasonable amount of toys. I know when our toys are getting out of hand quite quickly – a clear sign is when my kids don’t even open the toy box anymore. The toy box will be completely full – but of toys my kids are no longer interested in, or are tired of.

This tells me it’s time to donate some toys, or switch some out. We keep a bin of toys in storage so we can rotate them. When the kids get tired of some, we put them away and pull out some “new” toys.

Toy Storage Cabinet



When thinking about toy storage, consider how accessible the storage containers are for your children. Bins and baskets are fantastic – but do very little for organizations, if they are out of reach for your little ones. Containers with lids are also great, but not if your little ones cannot open and shut the lids.

The goal of your toy storage system should be helping your children become independent with organizing and putting things away where they belong. For them to be independent, their toy storage must be kid-friendly.

Clearly label

No matter what toy storage system you decide to use (bins, baskets, shelving units, dressers, etc.), it’s important to clearly label things. It’s very helpful to label each bin or basket with the word and a picture.

If you would like all little cars to go in a bin, label it with the words “small cars” and draw a picture of them (or take a picture with your camera) and attach it to the bin. This way, even very young children can participate in tidying up.

Organized Toys in Crates


Everything has a place

When labeling your bins and baskets, it may be helpful to dump all toys out on the ground to sort through them. Put each toy into the correct place (once the labels have been attached). This way you can be sure every single item has a place.

If a toy does not have a “home”, it will never be put away properly – a slippery slope in my house!

Toy storage does not have to be tricky – and it doesn’t have to be forever either. Choosing a simple method of toy storage means that if it doesn’t work well for your family, you can easily change it.

Your toy storage needs will also change as your children grow older. Using a flexible system with lots of bins and buckets will keep you and your kids organized for a long time to come.

How do you organize toys in your home?

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