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13 unique gift ideas based on books

Unique gift ideas.

Unique Gifts Based on Books

I love creating unique gifts based on children’s books. My boys once received a hilarious book from their auntie called An Undone Fairy Tale by Ian Lendler with matching items. It was an instant hit and is sure to be a lifetime treasure.

If you wanted to create a theme gift with that book, you could add pencil crayons, pretzels and a jar of pickles (aren’t you intrigued to read it now?). This post will present ideas for creating unique gifts based on books suitable for any child.

Choose a book that inspires

You can often find immaculate children’s books at thrift stores for a few dollars. Tuck a few away that would lend themselves well to this gift-giving idea and watch for sales on items to supplement the theme. Many schools send home the Scholastic catalogue that also offers reduced books. Don’t forget about yard sales in the summer, too!

If you are planning your gift well in advance, I recommend ordering books from either or the Book Depository’s extensive selections. They both ship quickly and are reasonably priced (prices below are from

Gift ideas

For babies & toddlers

Love You Forever ($5.95)
Include: Facial tissues (it’s a tear-jerker!), a baby book for their story, Usborne Parents’ Cards

Love You Forever

That’s Not My Monkey ($10.76)
Include: Monkey pajamas or a stuffed monkey

Thats Not My Monkey

Dr. Seuss’s ABC ($6.50)
Include: Magnetic alphabet letters, flash cards, place mat with letters

ABC Book

Kids Writing

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See? ($10.82)
Include: Flashcards with colours or animals, stuffed teddy bear

Brown Bear Book

For older kids

For the young animal lover
Curious George Goes to the Zoo ($4.95)
Include: Zoo passes, or passes to a local farm (along with quarters for animal feed machines)

Curious George Goes to the Zoo

For the bug enthusiast
1001 Bugs to Spot ($10.76)
Include: Magnifying glass, plastic bugs, passes to a Butterfly Conservatory

1001 Bugs to Spot

For the budding artist
How To Draw Princesses and Ballerinas or How To Draw 101 Funny Animals ($6.96): Include: Pencil crayons (shop back-to-school sales), artist-grade pencils, quality sketch pads (found at Dollarama)

Draw Princesses and Ballerinas

Draqw Funny Animals

For the inquisitive child
A to Z Mysteries: Detective Camp ($6.99 PB)
Include: Ink pad, word search, magnifying glass, Yes & Know spy book (use 40% off coupon at Michael’s)

Detective Camp

For the creative child
The Party (any Barbara Reid book would be suitable; she is a talented Canadian author and illustrator specializing in plasticine artwork) ($8.99)
Include: Package of modelling clay + empty CD cases (dollar store), so the young artist can display their own clay artwork.

The Party

CD Case Artwork

For the movie enthusiast
If You Take a Mouse to the Movies ($13.36)
Include: Movie passes (buy with Air Miles!), popcorn, popcorn seasoning, snacks

Take a Mouse to the Movies

For the chocolate lover
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ($7.99)
Include: Various chocolate bars and a chocolate puzzle ($5.99 at Toys R Us)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

For the chef
Kids’ Cookbook (Various Prices)
Include: Cooking class from Real Canadian Superstore, an apron, kid-friendly kitchen items

Kids Cookbook

For the adventurer
Guinness World Records 2013 ($21.91)
Include: Journal to document their own records, stop-watch to time their feats

Guinness 2013

Once you have compiled your theme gift, wrap it in cellophane with some tissue paper. For the finishing touch, make a gift tag that relates to the theme. Your gift is sure to be well-received with any child that loves to read!

Of course, these ideas can readily be adapted for older (teenage) children or adults, too.

A thoughtfully chosen book becomes a timeless keepsake – I still cherish a childhood classic I have from my grandma called Junk Day On Juniper Street. Perhaps that is where my love for a good bargain began.

Which books would you recommend for this project?


  1. Gena

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! I’m so not creative when it comes to gift ideas so I will be using these suggestions! Please keep doing these posts!!

    • Karen

      I appreciate your ALL CAPS enthusiasm 🙂 The beauty of sharing ideas is that we can borrow from each other’s creativity.

  2. Jennifer

    I hated that Love You Forever book as a kid. Robert Munsch has other books that are great on sale on right now.

    Little Critters are good, too! Just no Bernstein Bears, most boring kids books ever!

  3. Kris

    Fantastic ideas!! I can’t wait for the next birthday party invitation! My kids will love doing this for their friends!!

  4. Mags

    Love these ideas!! So cute and creative.

  5. Ann Thibault

    Love this post! So many memories……I have read EVERY book in your list to my kids/grandkids, love them ALL I give my oldest Grandson the Guinness Book of records every Christmas…..he pores over every page and can quote from nearly every category…..he LOVES the book an keeps his “collection” in a neat pile on his book shelf. I think I have every Robert Munsch book that has ever come out….saw him a t private reading once. Thanks for the memories!

    • Karen

      Glad you enjoyed this post. Nice to hear from someone who enjoys books as much as I do.

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