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15 Bizarre Uses for Banana Peels

15 Bizarre Uses for Banana Peels

Who knew that there were so many crazy ways to use banana peels, instead of throwing them away after you eat a banana? I sure didn’t! However, after a friend told me about how he used banana peels to buff his leather shoes, I knew I had to investigate this magical banana peel a bit further.

Turns out, you can not only use banana peels on leather shoes, but you can also use them for soothing bug bites, curing acne, and much, more!

15 Bizarre Uses for Banana Peels


1. Buff leather shoes: Rub the inside of a banana peel around your leather shoes and then buff with a white cloth. Voila – shoe polish!

2. Whiten teeth: Get whiter teeth in just a few weeks, by rubbing the inside of a banana peel on them for a few minutes every day.

3. Sooth bug bites: Soothe bug bites with the inside of a banana peel.

4. Moist roast: Add a banana peel to your next roast to ensure the roast doesn’t get too dry.

5. Heal bruises: Speed up the healing of bruises by rubbing them with a banana peel (this one takes a bit of time).

6. Compost food: Banana peels break down very well and have a lot of great nutrients for your compost – add them!

7. Cure acne: Help cure acne by rubbing banana peels rubbed on it.

8. Cure dry skin: Cure dry skin by rubbing the inside of a banana peel on your affected areas twice a day.

9. Cure hemorrhoids: Banana peels help cure hemorrhoids, too. Use them just as you would to help cure acne.

10. Remove warts: Fasten a piece of banana peel to a wart, and leave it overnight for about 7 days. This will help to remove the wart, and prevent new ones from appearing.

11. Heal scrapes: Help promote the healing of scrapes by rubbing a banana peel on them.

12. Heal itchy skin: Have itchy skin? Rub the banana peel over your rash twice a day for a few days, or until the itch is gone.

13. Polish silver: Rub a banana peel over your silver, and buff that as well, for a clean, polished look.

14. Plant food: Throw banana peels into your soil as plant food. You may want to cut them up into smaller pieces first.

15. Clean houseplants: Clean dusty houseplant leaves by rubbing a banana peel over them. Bonus: The banana will give the leaves a nice shine, too!

How do you use banana peels? Any special tips you could share?

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