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Valu-Mart Canada Coupon Policy

Here is the Valu-Mart Canada coupon policy (I received this response when I asked them about coupon acceptance in their stores):

Our coupon guidelines at this time are as follows:

  • We do accept manufacturer and internet coupons, however they must have “To The Dealer or Retailer” text on them.
  • Only coupons valid in Canada are accepted.
  • They cannot be past expiration and the cashier must follow the exact instructions as laid out by the coupon.
  • The disclaimer “one per purchase” or “one per customer” means only one coupon can be used per transaction, regardless of the number of units you are purchasing.
  • If the disclaimer reads “one coupon per item” you would be able to redeem as many coupons as units you are purchasing per transaction. If any of the coupons you are redeeming (whether issued by the retailer or manufacturer) state “cannot be combined with any other offer” than you are not able to redeem a second coupon on that item or transaction.

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  1. Tracy

    Hi Cassie,

    Do you know if Value Mart has changed their coupon policy recently? The reason I ask is that I was in my store the other day and handed some coupons towards my purchase and one was a printed online coupon and she said they don’t accept those. I didn’t argue with her, just said ok I didn’t know you were one of the stores that didn’t take them. lol
    Any info would help. I have printed off the coupon policy and will carry it with me.

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