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Walmart Canada Coupon Policy

Walmart Canada Coupon Policy

Here is the Walmart Canada coupon policy:

The following represents guidelines shared with our stores to facilitate coupon handling.

  • Coupon is accepted only if store carries the item
  • Must be presented at the time of purchase
  • Only Canadian coupons are accepted
  • The item purchased must match the item presented on the coupon. (identical in size, quantity, brand, style, flavour, color and /
  • or any other specs used to identify the product on the coupon)
  • Expiration date must be present & be redeemed prior to the expiration

Print-at-Home Internet Coupons:

  • Must be legible
  • Must have “Manufacturer Coupon” printed on them
  • Have have a valid name & Canadian remit address
  • Must have a valid expiration date
  • Must have a scannable bar code
  • Can be buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons
  • Are acceptable in black, white or color

Manufacturer’s Coupons

  • Dollar/cents off
  • Free items
  • Buy one get one free (BOGO)
  • Has “Manufacturer Coupon” printed
  • Must have valid name
  • Must have valid expiration date
  • Must have a scannable bar code

Competitors Coupons Qualify If:

  • Issued by a Canadian competitor
  • For a specific item for a specified price i.e. $2.99
  • Buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons for items with a specified price
  • They have a valid expiration date
  • Are acceptable in black, white or color

# of Coupons that Can be Used for Each Item:

  • Only one acceptable coupon may be presented for each purchased item within a transaction
  • Store managers reserve the right to limit quantities where multiple coupons are being used for multiple purchases of the same item

When Coupon Value Exceeds the Price of the Item:

The excess amount can be given as cash or can be applied toward the basket purchase , at the customer’s choice

Free Merchandise with a Coupon (BOGO/B1G1):

No sales tax is applied on the free merchandise

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  1. Amanda

    This is GREAT 🙂 Thanks sooo much for posting 🙂

  2. Keidi

    Thanks so much for this, definitely something to teach the cashiers.

  3. Cassie Howard

    Anytime 🙂

  4. Terrie

    I have been using buy 1 – get 1 free coupons at WalMart (Red deer, Alberta) for months now with no problems, used one yesterday actually…..sure hope that does not change

  5. Mandy

    thank-you for posting! I carry it with me so I’ll have to get the updated one. I LOVE that is states the coupon MAY exceed the price of the item. I’ve gotten into it with cashiers because of this very issue!!!!

  6. Cassie Howard

    Mandy – I love that is says that as well! Is it weird that I’m actually kind of hoping a Walmart cashier tries to tell me otherwise, just so I can whip out the policy and prove them wrong? Haha!

    Terrie – Walmart DOES accept buy one get one free coupons. They just don’t accept those coupons from COMPETITORS. So, if Zellers had a coupon that was for $1 off Scrubbing Bubbles and the coupon said it could only be used at Zellers, well, Walmart would NOT accept those.

  7. mariposaman

    I wish there was a clear coupon redemption policy available for all major retail stores that I could carry with me. Thankyou for finding this, I will print it out and carry it with me, along with a copy of SCOP.

    Printables seem to be a problem with some retailers and not others. Coupons that are worth more than the product price seem to be a problem as well with some retailers, even to the point of one penny, I am glad you get the overage as the store gets the face value plus a handling charge so it is not that they lose on the transaction.

  8. Cassie Howard

    mariposaman – I totally agree! I really wish that there was as well. I hate how there is such an issue with printables. If stores made their coupons scannable, like in the US, they wouldn’t be such a problem.

  9. MicahsMommy

    I was in Walmart today and tried to get the Advil that was $3.99 with my $4.00 off coupon. The cashier would NOT accept it! She called over a CSM? and they said the same thing! I was somad, there was a huge line behind me (they only had ONE register open for anyone buying more then 12 items!) So I said just forget about it them, I’ll be back with the policy in hand. So embarrassing!

  10. Cassie Howard

    MichasMommy – Yeah, cashiers and supervisors like to make up their own rules. Bring the policy with you next time and you shouldn’t have an issue. 🙂

  11. Marion

    As someone that works at Walmart and had to deal with this issue recently the managers at our store have told us that policy is for the US only! Carrying a copy will do nothing for you because it does not state Canada anywhere on it. Just a heads up folks. Plus the printables are a problem because we have had counterfeit coupons brought in. So don’t get angry with the cashier, just talk to management!

  12. Cassie Howard

    Marion – Perhaps your store managers should speak to head office. I did just that and was told that this policy is valid in the US as well as Canada.

  13. debby

    I tried to show them the policy today, and was told this is the american policy, I called customer service just now and was told that is an american policy! they said that is not the canadian policy, and its wrong.

  14. Cassie Howard

    debby – That’s strange because I called head office about this when the new policy was released and they told me that the policy was the same in Canada. =/

  15. cassandra

    FYI: Was in WalMart today. The manager was called over for approval for a coupon that was more than the sale item. After I showed the manager the WalMart policy, she asked me to hang on and came back with three other people. Unfortunately for me the District Managers for ON where in the store and explained to me that this policy was for the US stores only. If it was for Canada it would have said

  16. Cassie Howard

    Oh boy. Apparently someone at head office didn’t know what they were talking about when I spoke to them. I’m going to have to do a bit more research about this!

  17. Arasynia

    You would think that (after printing out that PDF link you posted to the policy) having a CANADIAN contact, with a CANADIAN address, and numerous places in the document saying walmart CANADA would be sufficient.

  18. Frugal Edmonton Mama

    Marion, I used this policy at my local store – I called first to ask the manager to read the policy and she explained that overages can be applied to the basket or be given back in cash. This is NOT the wrong policy (:

  19. Stephanie

    This is great. Do you have policies for any other Canadian stores?

  20. Frugal Edmonton Mama

    I think the stores are slowly getting into the swing of things with the new policy. Here in Alberta, they seem to be pretty informed – luckily!

  21. ferdo

    If you look at the print at home, it says must have a scannale barcode. Candian coupons do not have a scannable barcode. If they want the canuse that to not accept any printabloes. No coupons in Canada unless store coupons have a scannable barcode.

  22. Cassie Howard

    Arasynia – Hopefully this one will be sufficent when you print it and use it in store.

    Stephanie – Yes! They are coming. 😉

    Frugal Edmonton Mama – I hope so! I reallllllllly love the overage allowance. That’s the best part. 😀

    ferdo – I’m sure they just mean that they need a barcode to be present. I don’t think they mean you can scan the actual coupons at the cash, no coupons in Canada are like this.

  23. Josie

    I LOVE Walmart, and No Frills…with both their prices and acceptance of coupons! I have never had a problem with them accepting any of my coupons! I have to start price matching there, and avoiding Shoppers!

    I was just at No Frills yesterday getting the 1L Listerine on sale for $4.88 with the $3.00 off coupons you’d provided the link for! I paid $7.52 for four bottles, that regular price would have been $23.96! I saved $16.44!! AWESOME!!!

  24. ferdo

    WOW! I know No frills in my area do not accept internet coupons. Where you from.

  25. Josie

    Ferdo – I live in Ajax, ON.

  26. Christina

    My local Walmart still refuses to comply with this- I wish they would all be sent ou a memo with their pay or something so EVERY employee sees it!

  27. Michelle

    Thanks Cassie. I will have to get it printed now and carry it when I shop at Walmart.

  28. Cassie Howard

    Josie – I have had good luck with No Frills lately, too! I used to never shop there because I always got hassled when I used coupons. I do hate that they have to get an override for every coupon once you go over $10, but other than that, they’re pretty good!

    Christina – Yeah, they should have a copy at every cash register too!

    Michelle – You’re welcome! 🙂

  29. Carrie

    Thank You!!!

  30. Cassandra76

    The issue is that they haven’t published the policy yet. It’s an email print out that is not available anywhere on thier site.

  31. Cassie Howard

    Cassandra76 – Yes, it would ne nice if they published it on their website like the US. That would make things much more hassle-free for people.

  32. Deanna

    Hi Cassie,

    I was searching for the Walmart policy and your site came up. I am trying to print out the coupon policies of stores that I shop at to put in my coupon binder in case I have an issue.(which unfortunately happens way to often)

    I noticed that the policy says you can use competitors coupons. Have you ever tried to use a coupon like Loblaw’s coupon zone coupons at Walmart with success?


  33. Cassie Howard

    Deanna – No, I have not tried that yet, but it says in their policy that they accept them, so there shouldn’t be a problem. 🙂

    • Sue

      I was in Walmart a couple of weeks ago and had a Loblaws coupon zone coupon with me. I showed it to an employee and she said they accepted them. She also verified with another employee just to be sure. Today I tried to use them and was denied by the cashier and also the csm. So confused… a bit annoyed!

  34. Lattelady

    I took a copy of this with me , gave it to the on floor manager who said it was not the policy they have posted, they would not take my coupons that would have made an overage, so I left the store with my coupons and I made a call (1-800-328-0402) and was told that everything on the letter is correct and the store is wrong, now I am waiting for a call back after they look into this.
    Thanks for posting the letter, I will now carry that and have added the phone number and I will ask them to call next time.

  35. Cassie Howard

    Lattelady – I’m so sorry that you had a problem at your store. I’m glad head office cleared it all up for you though, hopefully you will no longer have issues when you shop at Walmart!

  36. Alyia

    hi cassie,
    can you please post the original e.mail of wal mart copoun policy in which the adress like From: walmart canada print because today they dont belive me that there is no from or to adress,I will be very thank ful to you. you are doing great job.

  37. Cassie Howard

    Alyia – Just have them call the phone number on the bottom of the page.

  38. Nick

    Does anyone know the policy on price matching and applying coupons? We went in to our Walmart store today and they would not accept a price match and then apply a coupon. they told us we could only do one or the other. We ended up just going to NoFrills instead who gladly took our coupons and price matched. My partner and I are new to couponing and just today saved about $50-$60. Love it!!

  39. Cassie Howard

    Nick – Walmart allows you to use coupons AND price match, despite what the cashier tells you.

  40. Nick

    Cassie, I just called Wal-Mart about the situation and their head office also told me that they do either a price match or a coupon but not both. No biggie for us, we live across from a NoFrills and they gladly accepted our price match and coupons. Wal-Mart just basically doesn’t uphold their guarantee that they’ll beat any price.

    Thanks for the help!

  41. Cassie Howard

    Nick – Well, hmmm. That’s not what I was told by head office. It doesn’t make sense that they would only allow one or the other!

  42. Brandi

    hey Nick…. I did both price matching and used coupons on an item and I had no problem at all….. it all depends the cashier you get I guess….

  43. Evelyne

    Hey Cassie,

    Thanks for the great .pdf! I also have a question regarding coupons at Walmart. Let’s say I purchased an item on sale this week and then next week I get a coupon for that same item, but it’s no longer on sale. Would I be able to go to Walmart and ask them to apply the coupon on my purchase from last week? I’m waiting for a coupon to come in the mail but I don’t think it’s going to arrive before the sale ends. Thanks so much for your help!

  44. Cassie Howard

    Evelyne – No, not if the item is no longer on sale. 🙁

  45. Jen

    Cassie – just need to clarify one thing: Can I buy 5 (of the same) toothbrushes and use 5 coupons (one per item) in the same transaction? Or can I ring them all through at once? Thanks.

  46. Cassie Howard

    Jen – Yes, you can do that. 🙂

  47. Sean

    I just went to Wal-Mart Pickering and cashier would not accept my coupons. One was a $1.50 off a $12 bottle of vitamins, other was $1.00 off Sensodyne priced at $4.58. So I handed her the coupons and then she referred to a sheet of paper which she read for awhile and then said no internet coupons are accepted. So did the policy change again? As far as I am concerned is a very reputable company, especially because they only issue specific coupons every 40-45 days, one per household. I will wait for additional comments to determine if i need to phone the manager. In the meantime, I am taking my business elsewhere, just ridiculous.

  48. Sean

    Update: The manager at the store clarified by phone that the cashier did infact make a mistake. He indicated that there has been alot of coupon fraud lately, and they made a mistake with mine. I can understand their position. He said I can come back to the store and they will compensate me for my trouble.

  49. Cassie Howard

    Sean – I’m glad you got a response and that they are willing to fix the problem.

  50. chelsea

    say if i am buying a product, diapers for example. if i have 2 coupons that are different (1.00 off, 1.50 off)will i be able to use both coupons on one box of diapers so i will be saving 2.50. i know you can do this anywhere in the states and i heard you can do this at walmart here in Canada but i was 100% sure. all help is appreciated.

  51. Cassie Howard

    chelsea – No, You can not do that. Unless the coupon states otherwise, you can only use 1 coupon per 1 item.

  52. Michelle

    Thank you for posting this. I was at WalMart today and they accused me of stacking and doubling coupons when I clearly did not.

    I had a BOGO for Purex laundry soap. So I bought one and got one free. Then I had a $3 off the original purchase price. I can use that toward the bottle I was paying for.

    The cashier and CSM said it’s stacking and doubling. Not it’s not. I know what stacking and doubling is. So they refused the BOGO and used the $3 coupon. I’m going back tomorrow to talk to the manager, if he doesn’t fix it I am calling head office.

  53. Trazey

    I’m too chicken to use “printable” coupons at any store – most of them say NO FACSIMILE or NO COPIES which is exactly what they are??? So doesn’t that cancel them out before you can leave the house???

  54. Cassie Howard

    Michelle – I’m sorry you had issues. I wish cashiers would understand the difference between stacking and non-stacking!

    Trazey – That just means you can’t photocopy them.

  55. Georgia

    Hi, what if I have a manufacturer’s coupon that is only valid at Shopper’s Drug Mart? Will it be accepted by Walmart as a competitor’s coupon?

  56. Cassie Howard

    Georgia – Yes, you can use it at Walmart.

  57. Georgia

    Sweet! Thanks a bunch!

  58. Sophie

    Thank you so much for posting this. I’m a newbie at couponing and I was confused when it said “must have manufacturer coupon printed on them”, all of my prinable coupons dont have that writen anywhere. All they say is the expiration date, the amount that is taken off, the barcode and the information for the costomer and the cashier. I was wondering if I can still use my coupons at walmart even though it doesnt say manufacturers coupon anywhere on it.

  59. Cassie Howard

    Sohpie – Unfortunetely if they do not say that on them, they do not accept them. They really should change the wording on that policy, because LOTS of coupons do not say ‘manufacturer coupon’.

  60. Mel

    Hi guys i’m new at this i was just wondering if you can use the ad match program and then coupons for the same product you ad match? and when it talks about manufacturers coupon does it actually have to say that or just say the manufacturers name on the coupon?

    Thanks for the replys

  61. Cassie Howard

    Mel – Apparently it actually has to say MANUFACTURER’S COUPON on the coupon, but this usually only applies to printed coupons. And yes, you can use coupons on price matched items.

  62. Georgia

    Sometimes cashiers not knowing the coupon policy works in your favour. So there are times when I keep my mouth shut and let them accept the coupons.

  63. Christine

    Hello – I am totally new to this whole coupon scene, and get confused with some of the fine print on coupons. When a coupon says “limit one coupon per purchase and per person” this means that I can not buy ten of one item and use ten coupons towards this item right? If so then how do you purchase many items using multiple coupons? Thanks

  64. Cassie Howard

    Christine – That line means that you cannot use more than 1 coupon per 1 item.

  65. Denise

    Say I have a coupon that is buy 2 bounty sheets get 3.00 off. If I buy 2 and have 2 of those $3.00 off coupons, can I use both coupons since I’m buying 2 items?

  66. Cassie Howard

    Denise – No, you can only use 1 coupon.

  67. janine

    I am fustrated cause I bought two and one coupon that had dollar off and the other siad bogo. They only accepted one or the other. This was at walmart! 🙁

  68. cj

    Hi there:

    Thanks so much for your website!! It has helped me so much with learning how best to price match and use coupons!

    I had a couple of questions though (since you seem to be so well versed in Walmart policy)….At Walmart, can you combine price matching from one store and a competitor store’s coupon from another store??

    Also, when a coupon (competitor’s) says not to be combined with any other offer, I took that to mean no other coupon. At Walmart they told me this meant I could not use it on an item that was in their flyer (even though the flyer did not have a regular price, just the new, “rolled back” price.


  69. Cassie Howard

    cj – Yes, you can price match and use a competitor coupon.

  70. Natasha

    I was at Wal-mart yesterday and the cashier AND csm told me that their coupon policy just changed and that if a coupon says ‘one per purchase’ that means your entire order! I wanted to buy 6 boxes of gummies and use 6 coupons but they said no they would only accept 1 coupon. Needless to say I only bought 1 box and made them take the other 5 back. But I still think that this does not seem right. What is your take?

  71. Cassie Howard

    Natasha – No, that doesn’t sound right to me at all. Why would WM allow you to get overage, and accept printables, and accept competitor coupons.. only for them to say one coupon per TRANSACTION? Doesn’t make any sense.

  72. Tuesday

    I just had the same problem. The cashier and store manager wouldnt let me use all my coupons in one transaction even though the said one per purchase not one per tranaction. Very frustrating. Itried to explain that it was all seperate purchases within one transaction but they just wouldnt listen.

  73. Tuesday

    I forgot to mention that it was also at Walmart.

  74. dana

    Hi I had a rexall coupon from their coupon book and walmart told me ehy do not take them because it does not show their price on the coupon is this right?

  75. dana

    All the coupon says is save $2.50 on gillette foam.

  76. Cassie Howard

    dana – Yes, that’s right. The coupon would have to say “Save $1.00 on xxx – $1.99”. So it shows the savings and then shows the regular price. They would then reing the competitor coupon in as a price match.

  77. ChristineG

    I was at Wal-Mart and tried to use 4 coupons for 4 items (I was buying 4 boxes of Oreo Sippers and had 4 coupons) and was told I could only use 1 of my coupons. Even though it said “1 per purchase” I went to Customer Service, where I got the same info…. Arg!!! What’s going on??? It’s insane that they allow overage, but won’t allow multiple coupons for items purchased!! Grrr…

  78. Cassie Howard

    Christine – Yes, your store was incorrect. They should have allowed the usage of all 4 coupons.

  79. Jody

    Hi there,

    Does Walmart accept French coupons in Ontario?

    Thanks so much!

  80. Cassie Howard

    They should – Canada is a bilingual country!

  81. Trav

    I’m new to this and was just wondering something. I pulled a couple coupons from the “coupon zone” at Superstore.
    The one coupon has buy 2 Tostitos and receive a free dip. On the front there is no price mentioned. However, on the back it does say – “the retail value $3.49-$3.99 for the dip will be deducted from the total amount…”
    Would they accept this coupon based on their policy?
    Thanks for the help

  82. Cassie Howard

    Trav – Yes, they should accept that coupon.

  83. Jody

    Thanks for your response 🙂

    I have another question on BOGOs – can you combine a BOGO with a dollar or cents off coupon on the item you are paying for?


  84. Cassie Howard

    Yes you can! 🙂

  85. Michelle A

    So glad to have found your site. Hopefully you can clear this up for me.
    I’ve just been reading peoples posts and your replies and I don’t understand the definition of “Stacking”, and why it isn’t stacking to use a BOGO coupon and then use a dollar or cents off coupon? I’ve tried to use this several times and been rejected.

    Thank you

  86. Cassie Howard

    Michelle – Stacking is when you use more than 1 coupon on 1 item. If you are usung a B1G1 FREE and $1 coupon – that is not considered stacking because you would be using one coupon to pay for the one item )$1 off) and one coupon for pay for the other item (B1G1 FREE).

  87. Linda

    What is the date of this coupon policy. I ask because I was at Walmart last night and they said they have a new policy that states they do NOT accept any competitors coupons for $$ off. Walmart only accepts a competitors coupon if it states a price and item, like Kotex $2.99. Can you please let me know because I have been using coupon zone coupons there all the time until I got refused last night. I even showed the store manager the one listed here and he took a copy and said he has no idea where it came from, like as if I made it up. ugh

  88. Cassie Howard

    Linda – This policy was received on April 9th, 2011. If they have a new policy, they should post it on their website.

  89. Jen

    I was watching your video where you were at walmart and were mentioning the travel size lacoupe products which you could use a printable $2 off coupon and then get overage…i just looked at mine and they dont say manufacturer coupon on them…will they still take them? Thanks.

  90. Cassie Howard

    Jen – Most likely. I called Walmart head office about the whole “manufacturer coupon” issue and explained what a pain it was and they said I am free to use those coupons (because they will likely be re-imbursed) as long as they have the website address on the page as well.

  91. Sue

    Hi… I was at WalMart tonight to purchase the LaCoupe Trail size with the 2.00 off coupon. I went to first Cashier and got 25 of them with no problems. They had plenty of this in stock, so I went back to get some food items and some more LaCoupe. Well…needless to say, this time a different cashier had to ask about the overage, she didn’t understand it, so she called over the supervisor on duty. Well, she tells me that they won’t accept a coupon on travel size, that is has to full size. I tried to explain that it says ANY product but has no size restriction. She then says that she was told by the cash office that they would not be reimbursed by the company because of the travel size. Needless to say I had already had everything put through along with 70 dollars in food along with Price matched items and coupons, and she went and voided the whole transaction, and made the cashier put it all-in again. What a pain that was.
    Never had a problem like this before, so I wrote to LaCoupe to verify any size restrictions.

  92. Cassie Howard

    Sue: That is awful, and they were definetely in the wrong. They don’t send the receipt in with the coupons, they send the coupons seperately in a giant bag – so there is no way that La Coupe would know if you bought full size or travel size (not that that would matter anyway, since the coupon does state ANY ITEM). Better luck next time!

  93. Michelle

    My friend has just advised me that our Wal Mart is no longer accepting printed coupons…I cannot find an updated policy that states this..

  94. Cassie Howard

    Until head office confirms this by posting the coupon policy on their website, I will continue to go by the policy that they emailed to me.

  95. Grace

    Hi there

    I just hears the Walmart is now accepting stacking!! Can you pls confirm this? I tried called my Walmart but no answer.

  96. Kerrie-Ann

    Cassie, I was at Wal-Mart tonight and had checked on the use of competitor’s coupons (Rexall Drugs) at Customer Service before I shopped and got the A-OK. Once I was ready for my purchase, I presented the flyer to price match Lady Speed Stick deoderant from $3.08 to $1.99 and then I had a $1.50 off an unlimited quantity of the deoderant coupon. Well, the manager told me that it was one or the other – price match or use of the coupon and that he was going to be nice and allow me to use the coupon on 1 of my deoderants. Do you know if there is any way to prove this policy to the manager for future use? There is nothing about price matching accompanied by coupon use in their policy. Thanks!!! BTW, I got $140 worth of product for $22 this week! Love your site!

  97. Cassie Howard

    Grace: That would be awesome! However, I cannot confirm this. I know that some stores on the West coast are allowing it, but I haven’t heard anything from head office in Ontario.

    Kerrie-Ann: First of all, great savings! As for your issue with the cashier, I’m sorry that that happened. Walmart was absolutely un the wrong. Unfortunetely, I don’t have anything in writing that states they accept coupons with price matched items, but I am 100% certain that they do. The next time they give you a problem with that, tell them to call head office.

  98. Jen

    Hello I was just in my wal mart, I live in trenton ontario. They informed me that you can no longer use printable coupons unless every single bar code is different per coupon. If they are not different then they will only allow you to use one. They also tried to say they dont do overage. Is it possible to find out from head office if they have a new policy up to date???

  99. Cassie Howard

    Jen: Sounds to me like your Walmart was making up their own rules. The next time that happens, ask them to call head office and head office will let them know that they are in the wrong.

  100. Daisy

    I am extremely confused. I was at the Duncan B.C Wal-Mart today and had great difficulty with using coupons, stacking or even using more then one coupon for three items. The CSM was very rude but told me that Wal-mart has a new coupon policy that came straight from head office Saturday. When I asked her if I could see it (she had a copy of something in her hand) she told me I would have to get it off the internet. Have you heard about these new policies? Any suggestions on what I can do?

  101. Cassie Howard

    Daisy: Many stores like to make up their own rules. Until a new policy is posted online, I will stick to the one that I received from head office (the one posted here).

  102. april

    I work at walmart so just to make things clear, we do not accept two coupons from one item such as a bogo coupon with another dollar off coupon. we also dont accept multiple internet coupon that all have the same barcode.

  103. Cassie Howard

    april: Multiple coupons with the same barcode is perfectly acceptable, as long as the coupon does not state “one per customer”.

  104. bobbi

    Question on the competitors coupons, I called Walmart & asked if the $1 WUB4 Campbells soup is acceptable with the Only at Sobey’s wording & was told no!! Then what else makes it a competitors coupon?

  105. Cassie Howard

    bobbi: The coupon has to say something like this “4 cans of Campbells soup for $0.15 each”. It must have a price per item, because competitor coupons are treated as a price match.

  106. Kate

    I wish I’d printed the policy out and brought it with me this weekend! I read this policy carefully before going into Walmart with my competitor coupons, and I even went and checked with customer service when I first walked in to make sure that they were okay with the coupons. He said absolutely, no problem, its totally allowed. I was so excited! But when I got to the cash, the cashier was nasty and rude, and flat out refused to take them. The first manager she called agreed with her, but finally she spoke to the same person I did and I was allowed to use them. I hate confrontation and the whole ordeal really stressed me out. Even the managers aren’t familiar with the policy sometimes. Bring it with you!

  107. Cassie Howard

    Kate: I know, it’s such a shame that even the managers don’t know their own policy sometimes!

  108. Shelley

    Wish I had this with me last week. I had a coupon I printed from Huggies Canada website and they didn’t want to accept it at Walmart. They did end up taking it, but I was told that they normally do not…apparently the cashier and supervisor don’t know the policy


    I wish I had this policy on my last two visits….first one she woulnd’t let me use my $5 off Gilette coupon on the trial size shaving cream because it didn’t total $10….I said the coupon says on ANY three products or a $10 gift set. She said no, it has to total $10. Yesterday went with the $6 off Aspirin coupon, she wouldn’t let me use it on my $3.64 aspirin, she said could only punch in the value of the product, not the coupon face value, I said nevermind, I’ll take my coupon, you can keep your aspirin.

  110. angela

    re: a lot of stores making their own policies… heck I’ve noticed it varies from teller to teller within a store. One teller will accept a coupon while another wont.

  111. Lili

    I don’t know what to believe anymore… I called and emailed them and they confirm that they don’t have an official policy. That we should ask the store manager for any questions… I will bug them till they issue one ! Anyways a lot of employes of Walmart in Quebec don’t event read English so we need to get a french one.

    Hope we will get the right information soon so we can have fun couponing!

    Thanks and ”Bon Couponing” !

  112. Jess

    I also work at Walmart, a cashier. At our store we accept it all. No we don’t not use two coupons for one item. But we can accept multiple internet coupons. But i guess that ’cause every store is different.

  113. HullabalooHangout

    I have the same problem at my local walmart of the managers not knowing the policy. I worked election day with a cashier from my local walmart and she said that a printed coupon must have the web address on it, When I told her that the policy does not state that she argued with me saying the managers tell them it must. Until I see a policy with that on it I’ll keep fighting them on it.

    I popped on here and showed her this copy of the policy and she was absolutely shocked that she was wrong and that her managers were wrong.

  114. Ryan

    So I was wondering, I know they take coupons from competitors that state the amount. But what about coupons that say Save $2 from competitors?

  115. Cassie Howard

    Ryan: They will only accept competitor coupons that state a final price.

  116. Michelle

    Here in BC most of the chain (grocery) stores print their coupons in the weekly fliers as ‘Club Price’, which are not accepted at any but the issuing store, so even if they say they price match, it doesn’t apply to Club Prices. Very frustrating!

  117. Simmy

    I just went to Walmart in Brampton, and i was looking to purchase ziploc on for 0.98 with my competitor coupon for buy 2 get $2.00 off. The CS manager said that could not be done because they would be at loss and she would have to call the competitor and give me whatever retail price they are selling it for and then use the coupon. WHAT is the point in price matching and offering to use competitor coupons if you are not willing to BEAT the competitors. This lady was arrogant and rude and immediately called for “reinforcement” and got 4 other associates to “help” her. C’mon ganging up much? I asked her for a written policy where it states that.. she said she did not have one. I explained I purchased the same at another location and they are out of stock which is why I am coming here. She said you got away with that one and will not happen again. I was appalled at that comment and refuse to ever enter that location again. Disgusting customer service. Note to self and others: always carry store policies with. Apparently these CS mgr’s act like they own the place.

  118. Holly

    I have had problems with the websaver coupons. I went into Walmart last week with 2 coupons for windex and because they had the same barcode they would not except either coupon..

  119. Mary

    Simmy: It’s too bad you had such a bad experience. However, the gist of Walmart’s policy is that you CANNOT use a competitor’s coupon to get “X cents or dollars off” of their price for a product. Take another look at the Competitor’s coupon policy, you’ll see that the situation you described (of wanting to buy .98 cent Ziploc 40ct bags at walmart with a competitor’s Buy 2 get $2 off coupon) does not meet Walmart’s coupon policy; this why you were accurately refused. The alternative of calling the issuing store and giving you their retail price if you want to use their store coupon was actually the only way they could allow you to use the coupon. The problem is that the coupon must indicate your final price for a product, like “buy 4 cans of soup for $2″or BOGO for a specified price, like buy 1 deodorant at 3.99, get one free. Hope this clears up why you weren’t able to make your transaction, but nonetheless the CS person could have been more polite.

  120. Lisa

    Here is a copy of the commuication I recieved from Walmart this morning. You have to be very careful with the term “one per purchase” and “one per item” it seems to differ throughout the chains.
    Please see highlighted answers in Red

    Thank You
    Customer Relations Administrator.
    Phone: 1-800-328-0402
    [email protected]

    Walmart Canada Corp.
    1940 Argentia Road
    Mississauga, Ontario L5N 1P9
    Save money. Live better.
    Good Morning

    Thank you for getting back to me. Just a couple more questions if you don’t

    1. Are coupons printed off the internet accepted? Yes

    2. If your competitor is having a sale on let’s say butter, and I bring in
    the ad, plus have a manufacturer’s coupon for that product can I use the
    coupon? Yes

    4. Also is your price matching for sales at your competitors?

    3. When you say “per transaction” does that mean the entire order? I’m sorry
    but it’s very confusing. Most stores are opposite; meaning one per purchase
    reflects one coupon per each product you purchase during an entire
    transaction. IE: 20 coupons for 1.00 off of Listerine, means you can
    purchase 20 bottles.
    One coupon per purchase” means one coupon per transaction
    “One coupon per item” means one coupon per each individual item. So that more than one of the same coupon could be used in one transaction

    While one per transaction usually means, you can only purchase 1 bottle of
    Listerine with the coupon per the entire transaction. So technically I could
    use my 20 coupons, checking each one out individually.

    And then there are the coupons that say 1 purchase per item, per person,
    what does that mean for Walmart?

    I just want to cover my entire basis before going into the stores 🙂

    Let me know

    —–Original Message—–
    From: cacustrel [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 3:24 PM
    Subject: coupon inquiry

    Good morning,
    Thank you for contacting us. In regards to your email, we presently have no
    coupon policy (publicly available guidelines). Our Walmart website equally
    reflects this.

    If you would like to ask a specific question(s) regarding coupons, we are
    more than happy to respond, as per the guidelines we provide our stores

    In answer to your email,
    * “One coupon per purchase” means one coupon per transaction
    * “One coupon per item” means one coupon per each individual item. So
    that more than one of the same coupon could be used in one transaction.

    Yes Walmart Canada does Ad Match,

    Ad Match means we will match the advertised price of any competitor for any
    identical product if:
    * There is a proof of the current published in-store retail price for
    the identical product
    * Not applicable to clearance, combination promotions (i.e. gift with
    purchase, bogo), double or triple coupons, after-sale rebate offers,
    preferred customer discounts or random discounts (i.e. scratch and save)
    offered by other retailers
    * Not applicable to competitor misprints or withdrawn or corrected
    * Applicable only to products currently in-stock at the store
    * Store manager reserves the right to limit quantities

    Walmart Canada does accept Manufacturers coupons as long as the below
    criteria’s are met.
    Manufacturer’s coupons
    o dollar/cents off
    o free items
    o buy one get one free (BOGO)
    o has “Manufacturer Coupon” printed
    o must have valid name
    o must have valid expiration date
    o must have a scannable bar code

    Please note that Walmart Canada does not allow coupon stacking in their

    If you have any further questions, please give us a call on our toll free
    number listed below.

    Thank You
    Customer Relations Administrator.
    Phone: 1-800-328-0402
    [email protected]

    Walmart Canada Corp.
    1940 Argentia Road
    Mississauga, Ontario L5N 1P9
    Save money. Live better.

  121. Bradley

    I sent in a email a few days back. I got an email today saying they do not have a coupon policy. This is very confusing…

    Hello Bradley
    Yes we do price match with coupons

    We presently have no coupon policy (publicly available guidelines).
    Our Walmart website equally reflects this.
    If you would like to ask a specific question(s) regarding coupons, we are more than happy to respond, as per the guidelines we provide our stores
    Thanks for shopping at Walmart

    Customer Relations Administrator
    Administratrice bilingue, Service des relations avec les clients
    Phone: 1-800-328-0402
    [email protected]

    Walmart Canada Corp.
    1940 Argentia Road
    Mississauga, Ontario L5N 1P9
    Save money. Live better.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Monday, October 31, 2011 1:53 AM
    To: cacustrel
    Subject: Other

    The following message was received on Oct 31, 2011 12:53 AM

    First Name : Bradley

    Last Name : Garcia

    Phone : 6478348796

    e-mail : [email protected]

    Store Name : Scarborough West – 3159

    Subject : Other

    Comments : Hi there, I was wondering if you price matched and if you do, if you can use a coupon on that price matched price? I've been to many stores and I
    often found them to be arbitrary, so a solid response would be wonderful. In addition, can I also have a copy of your coupon policy? Thank you so much! Yours, Bradley Garcia
    This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and
    intended solely for the individual or entity to whom they are
    addressed. If you have received this email in error destroy it

    *** Walmart
    Confidential ***

  122. Jessmuca

    Sooo….I went to my local Walmart today and asked my cashier (and then two other employees and then the Assistant Manager) if they accepted competitor coupons for like items etc..and was told by each of them that THEY DIDN’T KNOW. They requested that I come by earlier when the Duty Manager was in. Why? “Because she would know.” Why didn’t anyone know?

  123. Ryan

    hey brad i just had the same issue with ramatou, i dropped the name from mrs j’s policy and she responded and cleared it all up, give it a try,

  124. M

    I’ve a lot of problems with WalMart regarding Print out coupons. I got an excuse such as “at the back it cannot be printed on recycled paper”, “the coupon was magnified”, “it must be a photocopy” even the coupon states the website it came from, with all information they need, it is like their job is to create any available excuses to refuse your use of coupons. Most cashiers they do not know what they should do with your coupons if your coupon value is over the price of the item. I am bring more and more of my business to Shopper’s Drug Mart, as they are very polite and coupons friendly.

  125. Amanda

    I’ve been reading a lot of the posts here and I’m suprised. The Walmart I go to on a weekly basis allows me to price match, use competitor coupons (even ones without a price per unit..ex. 4/$5.00) (the wall in Loblaws Superstore enterance is my favorite). I use coupons from the internet, save, gocoupons, brandsaver, websaver, plus ones from redplum and smart source. I mean I have had a few hiccups along the way with different cashiers, but I always have the coupon policy with me (thanks for the updated one btw) and so far Walmart and Shopper’s Drug Mart seem to be the easiest places to coupon if you live in Ontario. Too bad we don’t have London Drugs 🙁

  126. Eliana

    I always seem to have issues with coupons when I go to Wal Mart. I have never gotten the same cashier twice. One refused to take competitor coupons, which I had confirmed they did take when walking in the store. She called her supervisor and they told her to take the coupons. Another one was just confusing. Personally, I think she just needed a break, it was a very busy day and lines were long. But I got to the cashier and I had my Wal Mart Ad, because I was purchasing an item their own ad had on sale but in the isle there was no sale price posted. I asked her to check the price, and I had the correct sale item, so I told her how many I had. When I went to hand her the coupons she says, very loudly, that I cannot Ad Match and use a coupon. I told her I was not ad matching, it was the wal mart ad, I was just making sure it was the correct item in their own ad. She kept repeating the same sentence out loud, the people in the line behind her were starting to laugh. I just stood there and handed her the coupons. Which she took and put in the register. Then I had one coupon that came in the P&G sampler box for a Febreeze Plug in warmer. Coupon clearly stated it was for a FREE Warmer. Not the refils and no where on the coupon did it say I had to purchase a refil to get it free, I had red it several times. I had such a fiasco getting her to accept it. She said she didnt see where it said free, when it was written “FREE” at the top of the coupon. She said it didnt say for how much, and I pointed it out to her (up to $4.99), finally after a few minutes she accepted the coupon.
    Not to make this too long, but other times I’ve gone, cashiers seem to just roll their eyes when accepting coupons, or having to call supervisors to figure out if they are accepted. I still go when an item is on sale and a coupon will almost certainly make it free, but I do prefer London Drugs or Rexall because they are more coupon friendly.

  127. John

    Eliana, I have had several incidents like yours. It seems like every time I hand the cashier a coupon, they roll their eyes as if were “cheating” the system? I wish they would train each of their cashiers on the coupon policies. People huffing and puffing behind me in the line, and getting upset at me. I have been using coupons for over 35 years now, and it only seems to be getting worse. Walmart ultimately is the best store to use, however, most times you have to wait patiently for them to figure it out.

  128. Candace

    ok…. I was just informed by a friend who is friends with a walmart manager here in BC… and apparently they are now allowing 2 coupons per item! Even went so far as to say if you have an issue as for me or – – – and we will let that casheir know that is the new policy…l. Why do they not just tell everyone at the same time! this would save everyone alot of time and embarassment and frustration! I am not sure however about the overage deal yet though. It used to be you would get the overage… not so sure now………… Any idea?

  129. Alicia

    I have been couponing for just over 2 months and i have yet to have a problem at Walmart until the other day where i had my first overage on my purchase ( $5.10) the CSM refused to give me my overage and told me that i had to buy something , I had my daughter with me and she was getting cranky so i didn’t argue and i bought some chocolate bars BUT i them called head office and asked and they said she should have given it to me on a gift card they then asked for there name and i complained . I was very nice because i have never run into a problem there and they even made an exception on one of my purchases ! I was price matching and there was a mistake in the flyer that had been posted as a mistake at SDM and i told the CSM and she grated the mistake and let me price match the item ! But if anyone lives in hamilton ontario , Upper james walmart is the best ( except for the one problem ! )

  130. Cassie Howard

    Candace: Head office did not confirm with me the ability to stack at Walmart, so it’s likely that only your store is doing so.

  131. m

    The Walmart at the Markville Shopping mall at Markham Ontario is the worst regarding printout coupons. I got refused everytime: advil extra strength and Multiniota, and the $1 off coupon for the Lipton Green Tea. I never had any luck with printout coupons with that Walmart. I had not encountered problems yet with my mailed out coupons at that store yet. It was just that from my experience everytime the cashier had to call another supervisor to ‘investigate’ each coupon before they performed the transaction.

  132. Georgina

    Thanks for updating us! Does that mean we can no longer use a manufacturers coupon and a instore coupon? I am new to the couponing and have only done a small shop but not at Walmart yet. I want to get all my info right incase I get there and they said nope doesn’t apply.

  133. Teri

    Anyone know if the policy has changed? I ran into problems today where they told me I was only allowed to use 6 coupons.

  134. Cassie Howard

    Georgina: You have never been able to combine a store coupon & manufacturer coupon at Walmart (they don’t have store coupons).

    Teri: Nope, you just had a mean cashier. 🙁

  135. Georgina

    Thanks for letting me know 🙂 Do you know off hand what stores in Ontario do this (zone coupon + Manufacturer coupon)? Or can we not do this in Canada?

    Thanks for all your help.

  136. Cassie Howard

    Georgina: London Drugs is the only store in Canada that you can stack manufacturers coupons at. In Ontario, Rexall is the only store that will take a STORE coupon with a MANUFACTURER coupon.

  137. Nita

    Question: What does it mean in the policy for:
    • Print-at-home internet coupons:
    ~ must have “Manufacturer Coupon” printed on them

    I am very new to all of this and I just printed out a coupon for Living well for LACTANTIA® Lactose-Free LACTAID® Milk and PEPCID® Complete (25 caplets) and I looked and I don’t see anywhere “Manufacturer Coupon” printed on it….I want every kind of information be for I enter the” couponing world” for each store I shop at. Thanks in advance

  138. Erin

    Thank you, this was helpful. I have a few coupons and wasn’t sure if Walmart took coupons, but now I know. Thank you for the useful info!

  139. Melanie

    On friday my husband called at Wallmart asking them for their coupon policy…as long that you have them they’ll take it. Ok lets go it’s a 30 minute drive…get there get my stuff get to the cash. Since I had 40 coupons (1 per purchase) and 40 of the same items she had to call the manager….She comes over she looks at my coupons and tells me at first if you had 2 or 3 then she changes her mind and says 1 per transaction. I told myself I’m not doubling on items then she asked me where I got them!!! She probably wanted some lol. I told her that we called she said it was her who answers the phone and that we should’ve said we had 40!!! Now I beating myself I should’ve told her that I did’nt want the merchandise in my cart….I told my husband that I’m not going back other stores WANT my money

  140. Shelli

    After yet another frusturating experience at walmart yesterday, i have decided i will not be shopping there in the future. I came with two coupons, one was a coupon that was emailed to me as an attchment from the manufacturer and the other was a regular coupon. The cashier looked at each of them quickly and said sorry we do not accept these. I have found that everytime i have gone to walmart with a coupon they will immediately refuse it. I asked her why they wouldnt accept my coupons and her exscuse was that the printable coupon looked photocopied because it was black and white. She also said that when using a printable coupon that the cashier must be able to see the website across the top of the page where the coupon was printed from. I ended up having to show her the email on my phone from the manufacturer and she very angrily accepted it finally.

  141. JM

    so, my burning question. You have a BOGO and a $x off coupon. You are buying two products (obviously, buying one getting one free with the BOGO) can you use the $x off coupon on the item you’re paying for?

    I know I have done it in a “buy this get this for free” at Walmart but never tried in a BOGO

  142. Cassie Howard

    JM: I used to think that was stacking and not allowed, but I have talked to a few manufacturers now and they have all told me it was okay to use both coupons. 🙂

  143. Louise

    I am a cashier at Wal-Mart. First of all, I’d like to say I wish the customers would thorough read the coupons so that what they are buying is what the coupon is for, and the terms and conditions the manufacturer has given in order to redeem. It’s not my problem that you didn’t read the coupon correctly when I refuse it. I’ve noticed lately alot of manufacturers’ coupons, the wording is getting very tight – which tells me there has been problems with what the stores (and I don’t just mean Wal-Mart) are submitting. Each store manager can override any coupon policy from head office — one will do it when that store has had a problem. Our store, we are very watchful of ones printed — since they cannot be reproduced, one does have a hard time knowing if these 10 they have printed are all originals, or if they have made copies of one. Our store will limit such printouts to 6. Same with printed coupons from the flyers you get in the mail — this is done as a courtesy to other customers without coupons wanting the product, but Ms. Couponer with her 20 coupons is taking all the product in the store off the shelf to use, leaving nothing that day for anyone else to buy. One person above mentioned about having a problem with Websaver coupons…..I get alot from there, and during a particular promotion period, once I’ve ordered a coupon, I cannot get another until the next coupon period – not only would the expiry date be different on the coupons between the promotion periods, but would think the barcode would also change. So what was on both of her coupons for the same product? If she had 2 for the same product with the same expiry date with the same barcode, then how did she get 2 since only one is issued per promotion period? So that cashier was right to question using the coupons. Our store does not accept competitor’s coupons: they’ll post them at the podium when we go to find out what register we’re on to let us know that (these ones are the ones that state coupon is for….and gives a list of the stores where its accepted).

    Since we have to read the coupons, and the print is so small, it takes time: we are looking for the expiry date, is it valid in Canada, the product you have picked up is the one listed on the coupon in the right size, etc., what the terms are, etc. Do not make snide remarks, or anything negative, while we’re doing that. If you had used the same coupon before with no problem, there may be a reason: some cashiers, especially the younger ones, just don’t give a crap and hardly glance at the coupons and just accept them. Me, I am not getting written up for accepting a coupon when I shouldn’t have. Our Wal-Mart does do something I know the manufacturer’s coupon states is not to happen: the, “one per purchase” does mean one in that transaction (I actually emailed a manufacturer to ask that question), but our store will allow more than one coupon to be used per each of the product for that coupon being purchased, to a maximum of 6. I’ve noticed now some manufacturers are stating “one coupon per purchase, per transaction” now on their coupons. So when I see that on the coupon, I do not allow more than one coupon per that transaction. You purchasing 6 of something and have a coupon for each that states per transaction, then you have to do 6 separate transactions.

    The other day I had a woman and her mother with a box of Pampers Baby Dry. The first coupon she tried to use clearly said “$5 off Pampers Cruisers when you purchase Pampers….” and gave a list of the Pampers diapers that also had to be bought. So, not only did she not have a box of Cruisers to buy, she didn’t have the correct box of the other ones to buy. She then tried to hand me another coupon. This one was for $2 off Pampers……and again it listed which Pampers. Baby Dry as NOT on the list. She got pretty snarky with me when I refused either coupon. Her mom said she was going to take the box to another cashier…I told them again that they did not have what the coupons required to be purchased, I would not be written up for accepting something I shouldn’t, and that if another cashier doesn’t read it and accepts it, they’ll be written up for it. The woman watched me walk over to the CSM podium to report what they were about to.

  144. Cari

    I have printed off alot of coupons from and none of the coupons I printed have Manufacturer’s coupons printed on them does that mean Wal-Mart will not take them? I’m in Ontario if that helps.

  145. sandra

    I had an encounter with wall mart two nights ago ,was told I could only use 1 coupon on each item but coupon did not say one purchase per customer/ She asked manager & he also agreed that you can on ly get one item not three,,,, Had to do 2 extra transactions each alone.
    Once finished I went to customer desk ,as for manager,the presented him with a copy of wallmart’s coupon policy. He turned red ,embarrassed as there it was in black and white/you can purchase 3 itens with #1. off coupon as each item is a purchase.. So folks print store policies ^ take with you for times as this.

  146. Cassie Howard

    Cari: Yes, they will accept coupons from LivingWell.

  147. Louise

    “I had an encounter with wall mart two nights ago ,was told I could only use 1 coupon on each item but coupon did not say one purchase per customer/ She asked manager & he also agreed that you can on ly get one item not three,,,, Had to do 2 extra transactions each alone.
    Once finished I went to customer desk ,as for manager,the presented him with a copy of wallmart’s coupon policy. He turned red ,embarrassed as there it was in black and white/you can purchase 3 itens with #1. off coupon as each item is a purchase.. So folks print store policies ^ take with you for times as this.”

    Without seeing the coupon in question and its wording, it’s possible the cashier did that following the intention of the manufacturer.

    I’ll explain: a number of months ago, I contacted Dare Food with respect to a coupon for them. The coupon stated “one coupon per purchase” (not per customer, per purchase). Now, Wal-Mart is known (maybe not all stores) to allow a customer to buy a number of the same product (we’ll use a package of one kind of Dare cookies as an example) and use one coupon for each of those purchases (a store can restrict you to a maximum number – store I work at, we will restrict to 6 maximum per customer) in a single transaction. However, according to Dare Foods, “one coupon per purchase” actually means that you would need to make separate transactions for each coupon being used. Which means if buying 3 packages of one kind of cookies nad you have 3 coupons to use for those 3 packages, you would have to do 3 separate transactions. So Wal-Mart allowing a customer to purchase 3 packages of one kind of cookie with 3 coupons in that same transaction, is actually going against what the manufacturer intended.

    Could be why I’m seeing manufacturers now putting “per transaction” on the coupon as well.

  148. deen

    Does walmart buy Canadian manufactured goods from small manufacturers in Ontario to encourage small fashion manufacturers? in a way to create jobs locally

  149. Sabrina

    I’m not sure if this has been addressed previously, but I cannot find anything recent on it. If I were to price match an item, am I still allowed to use a coupon towards that item?

  150. Cassie Howard

    Sabrina: Yes, you can. 🙂

  151. Ruby

    hii everyone….
    I agree with LOUISE (cashier from walmart) since I am also a cashier at walmart Canada store.
    I would like to express my opinion as well….

    1) yes, walmart Canada does accept coupons when you price-match with other stores.
    (i have seen lotssss and lotss of customers doing price-match with other stores and then using the coupons from one of the websites (,,, Or manufacturing coupons

    2) when we cashiers are looking at the coupon very closely, it doesn’e mean that we are thinking that you are doing any fraud OR you are trying to get everything for free, OR you are ripping-off walmart…….the reason why we are looking at the coupons very closely is because we have to look for the EXPIRATION DATE, AMOUNT/SIZE Of the item, IF THE COUPON IS VALID IN CANADA or not ?
    we cashiers go through lot of trouble sometimes if we accept wrong coupons….because in the end, walmart CANADA WON’T be getting their money back from the manufacture if the coupon is INVALID
    we just have to follow the producre very precisely….To me, I wanna be loyal to the company I work for…I don’t wanna get into trouble as now-a-days there is job recession…. don’t wanna get into trouble and losse my job….

    …> I WANNA REQUEST all the customers to have some patience when they see cashiers are looking at the cashiers precisely, its just that they are making sure if everything is ok OR not”

    3) I have seen that some cashiers got into trouble because they accepted the wrong coupons from the customers……if we keep accepting fraud/invalid coupons, in the end our till is gonna be short of money,…walmart is gonna loose money……
    I have seen customers trying to use coupons from United States and they always tell me that last time, another cashier did accept those coupons and they never had any problem……I JUST WANNA CLEAR ONE MORE THING HERE WHICH IS that if some stupid cashier did accept the INVALID coupon last time, it DOESN’T NECESSARILY MEAN that the SAME MISTAKE HAS TO BE MADE AGAIN,…..I guess you had been lucky last time !!!!!!

    4) its easier for customers to say that walmart cashiers don’t know the coupon policy and they always have trouble using their coupons at walmart…….BUT CUSTOMERS should also know that every coupon has fine printing on them…we cashiers are supposed to follow the instructions of the coupon……..
    last week, I had encountered 3 times the same coupon and I refused to accept the coupon…….the lady was buying the Pampers wipes box ONLY and she had the coupon which says “Save $2.50 when you pampers pants or Diapers AND wipes”………………..>>>>> SO according to the coupon, you can either
    …a) u can either buy pant and wipes
    ….b) diapers and wipes

    because if you pay close attention to the wordings….the word “OR” is between diapers and are given choice to buy either pants/diapers…
    In order to use the coupon, you MUST have the wipes, and the other item can be either pants OR diapers……….

    TO ALL THE CUSTOMERS WHO MIGHT READ MY POST, I would like to request that PLEASE DO read the coupons carefully……….i know the coupons have fine prints….please help yourself and make our job easier as well….help urself so we can help you bettter……..always remember that we cashiers are HUMANS too and we are just following the guidelines…….we all belong to good families, so stop insulting us at the cash-registers and try to understand that we are JUST following the guidelines inorder to make sure that everything is OKK !!!!

  152. Anita

    I love what you wrote. To the point and clarifies. Good job. Good writing. I love Walmart 🙂

  153. Ruby

    heyy amita..i m glad that u liked my writing….I was just trying to express my opinion…..
    i wanted people to understand cashier’s point of view….its not easy for cashiers to get away if they make some mistake !!!
    I hope all people will try to understand me nd agree with what I said below..

  154. sandra

    At wallmart today with a Zone coupon from superstore,they refused to accept . They have taken them before but are not accepting them now. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

    Have another question when doing a BOGO purchase can one use 2 coupons ?

  155. Cassie Howard

    sandra: Yes, you can do that. As for competitor coupons at Walmart, they do accept them as long as there is a final price included (Save $1 on Pantene, only $1.99 with coupon).

  156. Jennifer

    When they say they accept compeditors coupons are accepted does that mean I can use the Metro 1.00 off 4 cans of campbells soup or coupon zone coupons there?

  157. samantha

    walmart doesn’t accept competitor coupons as far as I know…..

    because if u flip the side of Coupons (that u get from Real canadian superstore Coupon ZONE), there is a list of stores where those coupons will be accepted…..the stores usually include Nofrills, Loblaws, Frotinos, Valu-wart and etc….walmart is NOT listed there…so they don’t accept competitor’s coupon

  158. Cassie Howard

    Jennifer: No, the coupon has to have a final selling price. For example, save $1 on Campbell’s soup, only $0.25 with coupon.

  159. Jen

    Does anyone know if you shop in Walmart if the store has a copy of there coupong policy? One other question if a coupon is more then the product do they have to give you the overage on the coupon?

  160. Cassie Howard

    Jen: Yes, they should have the policy with all cashiers. Also, yes, they do have to give you the overage.

  161. Carole

    Good morning
    Walmart in Ottawa ON on Basline road at Maitland will NOT allow coupons on price matching because we might get the item free. I asked them very politley to check their written policy and the manager kept whispering to the cashier like I was some simpleton “PRICE MATCH or COUPONS not BOTH”.
    I asked if the policy had just changed because it is not acceptable to me to not honor the rules.
    Some minor floor managers just hate the fact that we are trying to feed our families and have things to share by doing all the work of checking the ads, applying our coupons, carrying all the flyers around to get the best deal, WHICH I BELIEVE IS WHAT THEY ADVERTISE.
    Do I contact head office or finally give up and shop at the other stores?

  162. Spikiedee

    I had a cashier and supervisor from customer service at Walmart tell me “one per purchase” means one per transaction or trip to the store. Which I believe is not stated in the policy. I had only a couple coupons and they wouldn’t take them. There were no problems with the coupons other than “ONE PER PURCHASE”. It’s frustrating.

    What is a good way to handle a situation like this?

    I read the comments above and can believe it can be hard on cashiers in any store now a days since couponing has grown. I am also sure there are people out there who try to use fake or expired, etc… coupons. However, there are a lot of couponers who are honest and are patient and are just trying to save a buck here and there too. Patience works both ways.

  163. Cassie Howard

    Spikiedee: I would contact head office about that, to make sure they contact that store and inform them on the real meaning of “one per purchase” (one per item).

  164. Denise

    I have a question about FPC’s that say “up to a value of $x.xx”. Some couponers think that if they fill in the full value, that they are entitled to an overage. I feel that a FPC is up to the price of the item at the particular store you choose to purchase at. If it is only $3.00, you are only entitled to $3.00…….. no overage on a FPC.

  165. krystal

    I just have a question as I’m a newbie. If I have a bogo coupon and a save 1$ wyb1 coupon can I use them both? Like apply the 1$ to the one I puchus and get the second free?

  166. Cassie Howard

    krystal: Yes, you can.

  167. krystal

    Cassie: see I thought I could because it doesn’t say can not be combined…but I called walmart here in niagara and the lady said I couldn’t how would I go about addressing this miscomunication?

  168. Cassie Howard

    krystal: You are using 1 coupon to save $1 and you are using 1 coupon to get 1 free. That means you are using 1 coupon per purchase (item), which is exactly what is written on almost all coupons. If you explain it this way, they should understand.

  169. krystal

    HA! Cassie you are my hero!!! i will try this week and let you know

  170. Roxanne Bugden

    So I guess Walmart does not accept the coupons?? as i don’t see Manufactor coupon written on them ??

  171. Cassie Howard

    Roxanne: Apparently those coupons are allowed. I spoke to head office about it and they said that some coupons don’t HAVE to say “manufacturer coupon” on them. As long as Walmart knows the coupon source (Living Well, for example) is a reliable source, they will accept the coupon. It’s very confusing!

  172. Gwen

    I tried to use coupons and price match at the same time at the Walmart store in Lloydminster AB/SK, but they wouldn’t let me. They said I could only do one or the other, not both. I was so upset. I tried emailing Walmart and asking what their policy was on this, but they never responded. As a result, I’ve never tried price matching again.

  173. mavis

    Ok so heres my question i have tear pad manufacturer coupons from superstore 1.00 off head and shoulders on the back it says what stores except the coupon it does not say walmart my question is walmarts policy says the except competitors coupons will they still except this maufacturers coupon??

  174. Cassie Howard

    mavis: You can only use competitor coupons if there is a final selling price. That one only has a savings amount ($1).

  175. Nadine

    Good Lord, the cashier I had last week (and no, she is far from new, I kick myself every time I find myself at her register) questioned my $1.50 Special K Crisp coupons. According to her, she had never seen identical coupons with identical UPCS. According to this cashier, every coupon (even identical ones) is suppose to have a different upc – seriously? She had to call the CSM, who was able to put her fears to rest (insert sarcasm). This is the same cashier who stated I could NOT price match AND use a coupon and called the manager who then proceeded to tell me “It was one or the other”….nothing an email to H.O didn’t rectify, but again….seriously?


  176. Maria

    I went to Walmart in Bolton on Friday, excited to redeem $5 off Skinnycow Multi-packs. The cashier called a CSM who explained the coupon can not be accepted because on the bottom left hand corner it states “store coupon”. This coupon was from Facebook. The coupon has a redemption address of Nestle Canada which is what I had explained to her. She contacted her manager and told me they could not accept the coupon as it states “store coupon” and nowhere does it say “manufacturers coupon” ???????
    I though Walmart was a store?? If the coupon was a specific store coupon, would the store address not be indicated as the redemption address?

  177. Cassie Howard

    Maria: Yes, if it was store-specific, it would say “only valid at ____”.

  178. Heather

    Thanks Ruby!! I am a Walmart employee as well and I HATE hearing about some of the stories people have when a cashier doesn’t know the coupon policy! I also hate reading about people getting so out of sorts when we are only doing our job.

    For those waiting on HO to get back to you about your email, HO gets the email and then forwards it back to that particular store for a manager to follow up on. I would keep emailing. Each store has several assistant managers who can respond and one of them has to do it eventually as HO wants feed back on every single contact.

  179. Chelsea

    Im still pretty new to couponing and Im trying to understand the competitor coupon policy first.
    I have a coupon from Real Canadian Superstore, the kind only for loblaws stores.
    Its Buy one multi pack lays chips get a free box of quaker bars (up to value of $3.79)
    can I still use this? Im still paying after the coupon,also is that even considered specified price?

  180. Michelle

    Question… I have a FREE Old El Paso kit coupon, I also have a “when you buy an Old El Paso kit, get $4.00 off Ground Beef”. Can I use the fpc as ‘purchasing’, and use the $4 off for ground beef?

    • Nicole

      But you can use it on the kit, then go to your car, rip out the $4 off and go back in to get your GB 🙂

  181. Cassie Howard

    Michelle: No, that would be considered stacking.

  182. stephanie

    some coupons you print have the normal print thing that pops up where u can select how many you want to print, im a newbie and want to make sure i follow the law, not to ruin it for others,so is it legal to print multiples, do they have to have different bar codes.for example i found a motrin coupon for 3 bucks off any motrin product and it let me print like as many as i want cuz it didnt have a coupon lownload program.if i print alot and they have the same bar code is it fraud. some coupons ive printed off on other websites where it only lets me print 2 have the same barcode as well.why cant we get coupons in our saturday paper like the states. i find it hard here

  183. Aleasha

    Will Walmart except French coupons?

    • Cassie Howard

      Yes, they will!

  184. Colleen

    I was wondering if Walmart accepts the Loblaws Coupon Zone coupons that you get at Loblaws/Superstores as you enter their store?


    • Cassie Howard

      Only if there is a specified price. For example:

      Save $1 on Pantene. Only $1.99 with coupon.

  185. Kirsten

    Does Walmart allow price matching on produce?

    • Cassie Howard

      They sure do!

  186. Rachel

    Does Walmart accept competitor coupons that are for dollars or cents off but do not have a specified price on them?

    • Cassie Howard

      No, they must have a specified price.

  187. Alex

    Ex-Walmart employee awarded $1.4 million for mistreatment by manager

  188. Tara

    I was at Wal-Mart tonight trying to use the $3 off Children’s Tylenol coupon at Wal-Mart and the cashier refused my coupon because it was in black and white and she insisted it must be in colour. I see here in the policy it says that black and white coupons are accept. Very frustrated I was turned away!!!!!

    • Cassie Howard

      Yes, your coupon should have been accepted.

  189. Laura

    can you use more than one coupon in a single transaction? I heard that somewhere and that’s why I have never bothered “couponing”

    • Cassie Howard

      Yes, you can use one coupon per item (unless the coupon states “one per customer”).

  190. Carolyn Van Haren

    I was told today that now you can only use a max of 6 coupons per transaction…..that’s just dumb!

  191. Alex

    Wal-Mart runs afoul of Sask. labour laws

    “A Wal-Mart store in Weyburn, Sask., has been found guilty of unfair labour practice…”

  192. Sasha

    Whenever I use coupons for free items at Walmart, I notice an inconsistency in the policy regarding sales tax. Sometimes, the cashier will charge tax on the item, sometimes they won’t.

    Can someone please clarify what the policy is?

    • Cassie Howard

      You are not supposed to be charged tax on FREE items. However, many cashiers don’t know this, so you need to make sure you mention it each time you are using a FREE coupon.

      • Sasha

        Thank you! Sometimes the coupon will say “provincial law will require retailer to charge tax” and the cashier won’t charge tax, and sometimes I will get digned with tax even though the coupon says nothing about tax. I will be sure to tell the cashiers not to charge tax on a free item!

  193. Alex

    I found this interesting article in the National Post:
    Why Dollarama is beating Wal-Mart and Target

  194. Phuong

    When you have a FPC that says “max value $5.00” are Walmart employees supposed to give you that $5.00? Most times they just put down what the item scans at. It doesn’t really say anything on the Walmart coupon policy about that?

    • Cassie Howard

      They should only enter the price that the item scans at.

  195. Rachael

    When using a “free” item coupon at Walmart and it says “up to $8.00” do they apply the whole 8.00 you get overage?? Cuz I was told the wording changed whether you get the overage if it says maximum value then they put the price it scans at ??? Help!!!

    • Cassie Howard

      You only receive what the item scans at. If you have a FREE coupon, up to $8, and the item scans at $5.99, your cashier will only deduct $5.99 (+ tax, if applicable) from your bill.

  196. Rachael

    Thank you 🙂

  197. Rachael

    Hi again looking for more information, I have 2 Purina puppychow for free and walmartants to charge me taxes is this correct of should I seek a higher step?

    • Cassie Howard

      According to their coupon policy, you are not to be charged tax on FREE items.

      • Rachael

        Do you have an email for me to contact Walmart canada?? I can’t seem to find it on line and I really want to get me free puppychow but my Walmart says I must pay the sales tax on my free items. Stating that unless the coupon itself says plus applicable taxes then I must pay … Seriously?? I am so confused and angry … Help!!

  198. butterfly

    i was wondering if price match at walmart are you also able to use a coupon to go along with the price match?

    • Cassie Howard

      Yes, you can combine a coupon with a price match.

      • Dom

        I was told tonight when I tried that, that it’s not allowed.. I was confused because I’d never run into that problem before. Two managers said I couldn’t do it. That I had to choose one or the other – price match or coupon.
        I didn’t know what to do, so I panicked and just used the coupon, because it was expiring.. but I didn’t get a very good deal. I wish their policy reflected whether or not coupons can be used in conjunction with price matching. =(

        • josephine

          Hi! It also happened to me recently..
          I usually do price match & coupon at the same time but the manager said they dont allow it anymore and, i have to choose either coupon or price match..
          I felt so bad when that happen coz i shop there all the time to save money.
          But on the other hand its still good coz every dollar i save counts..
          God bless

  199. nikki

    hi.. i printed some coupons from smartsource but they say “internet coupon” not ”manufacturer’s” coupon

  200. Carla Campbell

    I’ve never had problems in the past but today I had a rude cashier at Walmart who would not allow me to use Superstore Coupon Zone coupons. She also said they do not match discount stores eg Bargain Shop. She called the supervisor who agreed with her. I have since sent any email to Walmart for clarification. The cashier was rude and acted like I was trying to rip off the store instead of stretch my dollars.

    • B

      Coupon Zone coupons are specifically for superstore is what I’ve been told. I know the walmart in my area does not accept them. Sucks that the cashier was rude to you though.

  201. Diane

    I alwayshighlight the expiry dates and put the coupons with the actual product so the cashier can see that I actually bought the product, but find that when they move the belt the coupons get caught or mixed up and then I don’t have the time to watch the cashiers machine to make sure they are doing it right. Is there any policies at Walmart that say you have to do that ? In the states on Extreme they give the coupons at the very end.

  202. Jen Siokalo

    Do you know if they accept % off coupons? I have a 20% off at Bed Bath and Beyond coupon that I have printed off an email, and I would like to use it with an item that they have on sale.

    • Cassie Howard

      Unfortunately, they do not accept those.

      • Jen Siokalo

        oh boo, but thanks 🙂

  203. Buddy

    I have a SDM coupon for $3 OFF that I printed from the personalized e-mail coupon they sent me.Now am I able to use this SDM coupon at Walmart, it doesn’t have the item price on the coupon just $3 OFF???If this works I’ll price match item for $3.99 from SDM and get it for .99 and stock up.


  204. Sarah

    Hi I was wondering if you know if walmart does price matching to BOGO free? I though they did but when I tried to do it the cashier said that is something they do not price match..

    • Cassie Howard

      No, they do not price match B1G1 sales.

  205. Rachelle

    Hello Cassie
    I am hearing rumors that overage is over…
    this is from Clever Canadian Couponing this morning:

    There has been a lot of debate about Wal Mart’s coupon policy; it seems a lot has changed! I emailed them and this is the response I recieved:
    Thank you for contacting us. In regards to your email, we presently have no coupon policy (publicly available guidelines).

    Yes we will be accepting internet coupons as long as the following criterias are met:
    . Item matches coupon (size, style…)
    . Scanable barcode is present
    . Dealer address to redeem coupon is present (Canadian address)
    We accept them. Make sure price is entered on free coupon offer.

    When the customer brings you numerous quantities of the same coupon, we should be looking to see if the coupon reads “one coupon per purchase” or “one coupon per item”. The checkout associate should be accepting the coupon in accordance with these coupon instructions. So it should play out in the following way:
    . “One coupon per purchase” means one coupon per transaction
    . “One coupon per item” means one coupon per each individual item. So that more than one of the same coupon could be used in one transaction
    We do not permit coupon stacking (use of more than one) per item.

    When the coupon value exceeds the value of the product , we indicate the retail price of the product on the coupon , to indicate the amount we will be redeeming when sending in the coupon.

    I hope that this is a misunderstanding….
    The corporate one looks unchanged…
    Can you get to the bottom of this? Thank You

  206. sandra

    With a bogo coupon at wallmart are you permitted to use a coupon on the first bought item?
    Thank you

  207. sandra

    Bogo coupons Can you use a coupon on the first item purchased? You have a coupon for a $1.0ff then on same item get one free!!! TY

    • Cassie Howard

      No, that is considered stacking, which is not allowed at Walmart.

  208. Indira

    I wanted to know if Walmart limit the number of coupons used. I was just at Walmart in Woolwich and was told I cannot use more that one coupons per visit. I had coupons for 5 different products, but the cashier will not take them and was very rude.

    • Cassie Howard

      No, there is no limit to how many coupons you can use at Walmart.

  209. WalMart employee/shopper

    Hello everyone! I have been working as a cashier for almost 3 years in a GTA Canada WalMart (part time to pay off tuition XD)
    Feel free to throw me a few questions and I’ll answer when I’m free!

    I’ve seen tons of saving techniques, from simple couponing, to people combining coupon zone (e.g. loblaws) + price match + regular coupon, and even to processing numerous free coupons in one transaction and giving over $100 in money back.

    Happy shopping!

    • Langley Girl

      I price matched at Walmart but then the cashier wouldn’t let me use the coupons. I had to choose one or the other. Is this correct for Walmart’s policy?

    • Melody

      Hi! Thanks so much for offering advice. My question is about price matching (PM) at Walmart. Can you PM an item from another store that’s not in the same town? For example, we have a No Frills in a town an hour away, but could I PM for it in my town? And do you have to have a physical flyer? Or will an online flyer do? Thanks for any help 🙂

  210. Terri

    I Was at walmart tonight and was told that if you price match you cant use a competitors coupon its one or the other, as well as you can only use 6 printed coupon per transaction is this a recent change ? I was told this by the store manager

    • Lisa

      Store managers have the discretion to adapt the coupon policy as they see fit for their stores since they manage their store’s budget/inventory.

      Yes, it’s true. You cannot price match and use a competitor’s coupon on an item. It is one or the other. Why is that? Because it’s a competitor’s coupon, there is no where for Walmart to redeem the coupon (unlike a manufacturer’s coupon) so if done as a coupon, it’s a loss for the store as they won’t be getting money back for it. So what the cashier does is check the price of the item, then they override the price with the value of the competitor’s coupon using the code they use for price matching. So you either do the price match with the advertised price in the ad for the product OR you accept Walmart’s price for the product, and the value of the competitor’s coupon is deducted from Walmart’s price. On your receipt, you won’t see “vendor coupon” and a deducted amount (because it can’t be entered as a coupon), rather, you’ll see the price adjusted for the item based on the store’s price of the item and the value of the competitor’s coupon.

      As for the 6 printed coupons per transaction, that is that store’s policy. Where I work, it wouldn’t be per transaction. It would be that if someone had printed coupons for say, Pantene Shampoo, we can limit you to using only 6 printed coupons for that particular product. So if you were purchasing 10 bottles, we could limit you to 6 printed coupons. Often we will check with the CSM’s when presented with multiple printed coupons for a product to verify how many can be used.

  211. tbomb67

    Yesterday at walmart I was told I could only use 1 internet printed coupon for the items purchsed because “if the coupons were real they would have different barcodes!”
    Always nice to be accused of fraud! Contacted to advise them of this.
    So much for being able to print more than one!!!

    • ajchase

      happened to me too, it as it seemed it was a generic coupon not a one per use. i didnt fight, just went back the day later and got my $1 off $1 pacakged gaucamole 🙂

  212. julie

    our walmart no longer does overage they mark down the price of the coupon if value exceeds price of product

    • Cassie Howard

      You need to contact head office about that, because that is not the rule they are supposed to be following.

  213. Kristina

    So according to this policy, if I have 6 coupons…they will have to do 6 separate transactions??

    • Cassie Howard

      No, you can use them all in 1 transaction.

    • Sandy

      Milton Walmart will not take more than 1 coupon per transaction and I get the “eye roll” when I ask them to do separate transactions.

  214. Lacey

    I have a question. Sorry to bother anyone. If I have a bogo free head and shoulders can I also use a 1$ off coupon because there is 2 items?

  215. Krista G

    I was at Walmart yesterday and they wouldn’t allow me to use a coupon for Crest toothpaste. The coupon says “save $4.50 when you buy any 3 of the following: Crest Toothpaste, Crest Rinse, Oral-B Manual Toothbrush or Glide Floss”. The customer service manager on duty said that you have to purchase the type of toothpaste shown in the picture. My feeling is that unless it is explicitly stated in the text, they should accept for any Crest Toothpaste. There is a disclaimer at the bottom saying not applicable for travel size, trial size, gift packs, etc. Your thoughts?

    • Cassie Howard

      You are correct. If it were for the items in the photo only, the coupon would specify that.

    • BJ

      I had an experience with this. My coupon for $1.00 off Crest toothpaste didn’t get accepted because it actually said, not applicable on “Cavity Protection” toothpaste which is the regular one. I could’ve had it for free, ugh.

  216. JAVITA

    Notice at register at Walmart hwy 50, said that printable coupons must be printed on glossy paper only.

  217. blessed

    found out today that only 1 coupon can be used and ONLY IF IT IS PRINTED ON GLOSSY PAPER…..

  218. Elizabeth

    Just wanted to give a heads up as my local wallmart edmonton on 127st
    They Only take one online coupon per transaction and won’t take a competitors coupon
    If the actual price is not on it. I have never heard of a coupon with the actual price just what is off.
    Called the district manager and head office as something needs to be done about this.

  219. Coral Williams

    Can you post the link where you got this info. I went to a walmart I never couponed before and the guy (nice guy just wasnt informed) didnt know what to do if the product was less than the coupon. He got the correct answer and my mom was owed $2.05 after her other items. I went to put my stuff through and they informed me they dont give credit or cash back ‘Thats not Walmart Canadas Policy’ said the manager who ended up coming over seeing coupons. I nicely told her it was and every other single walmart does that. She said “No, they don’t. I cant even over ride that” She called me a liar in front of other customers and cashiers and I am not impressed. I also realized my mom wasn’t given her overage.I asked for my coupons back and left the stuff. I was in a hurry so I couldn’t wait to speak to the manager. I called in the car, waited for over 10 minutes with the manager getting paged twice. Third time the girl got on the line I asked to leave my info for a call back. I would like to print off the actual coupon policy for the manager when I go there.

  220. MIchelle Mackenzie

    I am wondering if you could provide the link where you obtained the information as well. I have looked on the Canadian website and could not find this information (it does look very similar to Target Canada’s coupon policy though).

    I also emailed Walmart Canada head office, but never received a response.


  221. janice

    What is walmart canadas policy on returns on items with coupons?
    I purchased 3 coffee makers with 3 $10 of coupons, i saw the same coffee makers on sale the next week.
    Went to customer service to adjust the price and they refused because i used coupons.
    They said they could not process returns on items with coupons and sale it back to me at the lower price.
    Does this make sense?
    I tried calling the 1800 number it ust goes to a voicemail now, no call back.
    I emailed them they told me to ask the store manager.
    Can anyone get me a copy of the return with coupon policy.
    Thank you.

    • Cassie Howard

      In that case, they would refund your money, including the coupons you used, and then you would re-buy the item at the cheaper price.

      • Char

        If they had already processed and sent those coupons away, it would be impossible to cancel the transaction, and refund money and coupons. I think items purchased with coupons are final sale for this reason.

  222. mariam

    I had a problem at the walmart on baseline/clyde. When i called to complain today, the customer service rep told me that canada doesnt have a coupon policy and that we cant use a coupon on a price match item…

  223. Alicia

    I would also like the link to bookmark on my phone, please. I had two printed coupons from the other day & they only allowed me to use one, and they didn’t even want to do that! I did looked online, but the only Walmart coupon policy I can find is for the States.


  224. Laura Kathleen

    I bought a vileda mop at Walmart in Peterborough today. I had the manufacturer’s coupon that comes in the newspaper of manufacturers coupons.

    Cashier was a pita, looked at it for at least 5 min.. Then told me it was invalid as it is payable by the retailer to El paso,TX.

    I got it in a Canadian sheef of flyers though.. I rarely use coupons, but I’m kind of teed as it expired today..

  225. Char

    The wal-marts in London, Ontario will allow price match + coupon, overage applied to basket, and the coupons for any variety of a brand when listed in the text. For those having issues with stores in their hometowns, contact the Canadian Wal-Mart corporate office, and, if necessary, the American one. The policy on the Canadian site lists that they do all of these things. Its a lack of education on the company’s policies, and needs to be corrected. Ive never been hassled at a Wal-mart, and I use a lot of coupons and price matching.

  226. Elaine

    Just got off the phone-literally- with Walmart customer service to check about coupon policy. Officially they do not have a coupon policy- they are working on getting one. They have “guidelines” that are listed above as coupon policy but it is up to each individual store manager to decide what they will accept at their store. Even two store in the same city could be different. I would suggest finding the Walmart store nearest you that accepts all the guidelines. My local store honours all the guidelines above. Another thing to do is tell the cashier you will be using coupons and when do they want the coupons presented. I have different cashiers who want the coupon when the item is being scanned and others who want to wait till the end – its best not to piss off the cashiers so ask first.

  227. Melissa

    So, are you able to price match and then use a printable coupon?
    Also, if you are buying multiples of the same item can you use one coupon for each of the same item?

  228. erin

    i live inn smith falls Ont. I been getting my max value for over three years know, I went in last week and said they no longer give max ammount. They said the manager make`s the final decison on the matter. They said no ! What my problem is they outcasted me and all there friend`s still get this. I have complained to my store and walmart canada and no help. I`m livid why just because I`m not in there group. Any help would be great. erin

  229. Ash

    Im sorry, but it was my fault Walmarts coupon policy got changed.. It was me in 2011 that went to all the Walmarts in the Vancouver Area to cash in my Nature Valley Bar Box coupons for Free Oasis Juice Max Value $3.98! I cashed in about 1200 of them at various stores before they limited 5 coupons per transaction. and now 1. Im very sorry but I walked out of 18 different Walmarts with a Pallet of 1L oasis juices and $500 cash all in about 4 days. After I got a personal call from Walmart Corporate asking me I was banned from all the stores across Canada, but they said they couldnt collect the money for the coupons because the company didnt allow them to give the overage, but was supposed to write in the actual value of the juice I took home.. either way i got our local food bank a shit ton of free Oasis Juice, but the $2.98 overage per coupon really pissed them off.. Sorry everyone.. I did it.. I quit couponing after that because Its now so hard to navigate an overage or even a zero balance..

  230. Shahnaz

    Hi can I use French coupons at Walmart

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