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10 Refreshing Water Activities to Cool Kids Down

Hot, sweaty children = grouchy mamas. Let’s rewrite this equation and use unique water activities to cool kids down. Great for kids of all ages (and big people too!).

10 Refreshing Water Activities to Cool Kids Down

I looked out the window last summer to see my 12-year-old running through the sprinkler carrying his drenched toddler brother. Not only were they cooling off, but they were screeching and laughing. From simple sprinkler running to more elaborate activities, let’s have some cool water fun with our kids this summer.
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Sprinkler Freeze

Play this to ensure everyone gets soaked. Turn music on and have participants run through the sprinkler until the music stops. Everyone must freeze when the music stops and the first person to move is eliminated.

Water Balloon Toss

Fill a water balloon and toss it back and forth between partners before it bursts. For a twist, poke a small hole and toss it while it leaks – don’t be the last person holding it when it runs out of water.

Ice Cube Melt

Give each child an ice cube to melt in their hands as quickly as possible. Sure to cool off the warmest competitor.

Soggy Sponges

Dunk sponges in a bucket of water. Kids can throw sponges at each other or a target on a fence. Or turn Frisbees upside down in a kiddie pool and have kids toss the sponges onto them. Or use soapy water and sponges to have an official toy wash – it’s a win-win – toys get clean and kids cool off.
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Water Limbo

Turn a hose on high and have children limbo under the stream. Keep lowering the hose until everyone gets out.

Soggy Fashion Statement

Rip recycled newspapers into strips. Dunk them in a bucket of water and wrap them around a volunteer to create an article of “clothing.” Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

Steady Skipper

Each person gets a cup filled with water. While 2 other people hold the skipping rope, let them skip 5 times, trying not to spill their water. Whoever has the most water left in their cup wins.

Fill It Up

Have a brave volunteer lie on the ground, while holding a large, empty pop bottle on their forehead or belly. Have other children pour their smaller cups of water into the “victim’s” pop bottle as quickly as possible.

Balloon Bounce

Have each child grab the corner of a sheet or towel and try to bounce a water balloon without it breaking. There is a definite art to this – it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Cold Piggies

Fill a kiddie pool with some water, and have kids sit barefoot outside the edge of the pool, with toes dipped in. Put an empty bowl in the middle and dump a large bag of ice in the pool. Everyone must try to fling the ice cubes into the bowl using only their feet. Let little ones use their hands so it’s not frustrating.

It’s hard to admit that my childhood sprinkler is now a vintage toy. The clown hat would shoot up and balance on the upwards stream of water. My sisters and I would try to run through the sprinkler quickly, without knocking the hat off. Ah, the simple life. Now let’s help our children create water-filled memories when the sun is shining.

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What is your favourite way to keep cool in the summertime?