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5 ways to coupon – without making enemies

There is an undeniable art to couponing successfully. One thing that might take a bit longer to learn is the social etiquette behind couponing. Because saving money is great, but it can feel stressful if we are upsetting those around us. These ideas will help us coupon without making enemies.

5 ways to coupon – without making enemies

coupon enemies

1. Try to shop at off-peak times

If you are at Walmart during their busiest time and pull out a hefty wad of coupons, you will make a few enemies. It may be challenging, but try to use the majority of your coupons during quieter times.

2. Be organized

If you line up with a scattered array of coupons, you are a target for couponer-haters. Don’t pull out an empty cereal box and ask the cashier to cut the coupon out. Don’t pull loose coupons out of a bag and try to sort them in front of the cashier. Do come prepared and well-organized. Nothing spells courtesy more than an efficient system that will get you through the checkout quickly.

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3. Alert customers behind you

I have found that a little courtesy goes a long way. If I have a lot of coupons (or will be doing extensive price matching), I will alert people that line up behind me that I will be a few extra minutes. They often choose another line-up, or stay out of curiosity to see what I am doing. Either way, at least they will not be sighing and rolling their eyes behind me.

As well,I often let customers go ahead of me if they just have a few items and my order will take extra time because of my coupons.

And if an order does take a while to process, consider offering a coupon to a customer waiting patiently behind you. A little kindness can go a long way.

4. Try to find an experienced cashier

An experienced cashier will save you a LOT of time processing your order. I have gotten to know a few cashiers at No Frills who can fly through my coupons at lightning speed. I have also had several bad experiences where cashiers will read EVERY word on EVERY coupon (in both languages!) before accepting them.

It pays to find those familiar cashiers who know what they are doing. The faster you are out of the line, the fewer opportunities for making enemies.

5. Don’t hoard the coupons

If you find a tear pad of coupons, only take what you can use. No matter how tempting, NEVER take an entire stack. Be a courteous couponer and save some for the next savvy shopper.

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Using good couponing etiquette is classy, and helps us avoid giving couponers a bad name.

How have you been able to coupon without making enemies?