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7 ways to know you need a couponing break

I know the thrill of finding a great sale. Sprinkle in some mail-in rebates and a dash of coupons and you have the recipe for a smile. You have been faithfully searching for coupons high and low for a long time now. Even though we all love scoring great deals, there are times where we need a couponing break. Could this be you?

7 ways to know you need a couponing break

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1. Nightly torment

You wake up in a cold sweat from a terrifying nightmare. When you try to articulate your terror, you have trouble finding the words. The recurring image that keeps flashing in your mind? An empty tear pad [gasp]. You run up and down the aisle looking desperately for a coupon, any coupon. When you wake up you decide you need a couponing break.

2. Awkward moments

You have begun to approach total strangers. To ask if they have any spare coupons. Daily. It’s getting a bit embarrassing. Before your entire family refuses to be seen with you in public, take a long break from couponing.

3. Major life stages

You are in the midst of planning your wedding. You are rushing to meet florists, arrange tuxedos, and select the menu with the caterer. Do you need a break from couponing during this season? We think you do.

4. Writer’s block

You are pregnant with your first child and have two weeks to settle on a name. In spite of your best efforts to focus on legitimate options, all you can come up with is Voucher, Peelies, and Expiration Dates. Take a couponing break, won’t you?

5. Keep your job

There is a chance you might lose your job because you are obsessed with couponing. You print coupons from work. You trade coupons when you are supposed to be working. You have even started asking customers if they have any extra coupons. We really recommend you take a break.

6. Strike a balance

You haven’t gone out for a very long time. When friends call you to explain that you have a stack of coupons to clip and file. A couponing break would bring balance back into your life and serve you well.

7. Drowning in paper

You are desperate to save money with coupons so you collect newspaper inserts faithfully. But you don’t have a system for organizing all of those coupons. The piles of paper are growing and your daughter has asked you to please clear off her desk so she can do homework. Press pause. Take a break from couponing until you have a system in place.

If you find a glimmer of truth in any of these crazy examples, it might be time for a couponing break. Or if you are at the other extreme, and haven’t quite started using coupons effectively, you might enjoy this post.

Have you ever found you needed a break from any money-saving strategy?

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