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9 Interesting Ways to Use Eggshells

The next time you crack open an egg and go to throw out the shell – think again! There are many things that you can do with those shells. They shouldn’t end up in your trash can!

9 Interesting Ways to Use Eggshells

Ways to Use Eggshells

1. Fertilizer

Crush some eggshells and use as a fertilizer for your plants. They love them! Sprinkle shells around your plants twice a month.

2. Seedlings

Use eggshells as small starter pots for seedlings. Poke a hole in each eggshell (for drainage), then add potting soil and 1-2 seeds. Once large enough, you can remove the plants from the eggshells and plant them outdoors.

3. Heavy Duty Cleaner

Ground up your eggshells very well, then mix with some warm water and a bit of dish soap. Scrub on pots, pans and other things that are sometimes difficult to wash.

4. Make a Calcium Supplement

Bake your cleaned eggshells at 350F for 8-10 minutes, then remove from the oven and allow to cool completely. Using a coffee grinder, grind the eggshells into a fine powder. Add 1 teaspoon of this powder to your daily smoothies.

5. Make Candles

Crack your eggshells in half, fill with beeswax and insert a wick. Once the wax has set, you can remove the egg shell and enjoy your new, homemade candle!

6. Make Sidewalk Chalk

Grind up about 6-7 egg shells, mix with a teaspoon hot water, a teaspoon of all-purpose flour, and a drop or so of food colouring (optional). Mix well and then pack them into toilet paper rolls and allow to dry for about 3 days.

7. Remove Stains

If you have a coffee mug that’s stained, grind up a few egg shells and put them into your mug with warm water. Allow to sit overnight and the eggshells will absorb the stain. You may need to repeat this process for tough stains.

8. Less Bitter Coffee

Boil some crushed eggshells in your coffee (in the filter with coffee grounds) and the coffee will come out less bitter.

9. Strengthen Your Nails

Grind eggshells into a fine powder and add to your nail polish before using on your nails.

How do you use eggshells? Please share in the comments!


  1. Julia @ Save Big Live Better!

    The calcium supplement idea is really interesting! Definitely something I wouldn’t have thought of!
    Does it add a weird taste at all when added to the smoothies? Or would it depend I guess on what else is in there?

    • MarkS-A

      They will be gritty and unpleasant. I used to bread meat with them until I learned that calcium in this form is not absorbed by the body – they have to be broken down and taken up by plants first. This is what I get for not paying attention in Chemistry or Biology classes – gritty pork chops and sandy smoothies.

    • Cassie Howard

      If you have a strong enough blender, you shouldn’t get any grittiness. As for the taste, I don’t eggs/eggshells, so I can’t say for sure, but from what I’ve read online, it depends on what you’re adding to the smoothie.

  2. Lori

    With regard to the seedlings. There is no need to remove the plant from the eggshell before planting. Plant the whole thing. The shell will break down and fertilize the plant as it does

    • Cassie Howard

      Even better. Thanks, Lori!

  3. CandyK

    This is absolutely awesome Cassie! I love it. Do you mind if I post it to my Facebook Page?

    • Cassie Howard

      You are more than welcome to add a link on your page. Thanks!

  4. Brenna

    If you have snails in the garden eating your plants, crush up some egg shells and sprinkle around the plant. The snails wont crawl over it as the egg shells are too prickly for them.

  5. Jenn

    This is what I will be using mine for this year, the slugs loved my lettuce in my raised garden so this year instead of flicking them off I’m hoping not to see them at all with a ring of crushed Egg shells around it!

  6. Jetti

    I had tried this slug deterrent last year with success. This year again, so far, so good.

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