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15 Ways to Use Lemon Peels

Lemon peels are not to be thrown in the garbage – there are so many different ways that you can use them! Around your home, as part of your beauty routine, and of course – in recipes.

I thought there were only a few ways to use lemon peels, but after doing some research, I’ve learned that there are more than just a few lemon tips out there!

Ways to Use Lemon Peels

15 Ways to Use Lemon Peels

1. Toss a few lemon peels into your garbage disposal to keep it smelling fresh.

2. Keep ants out of your home by placing small pieces of lemon peels along door entrances, windows and anywhere else you find ants coming into your home.

3. Do you have coffee stains in your coffee mugs? Put a lemon peel into your mugs, add some water and let sit for about 4 hours. Wipe clean.

4. Remove the pulp from a lemon peel, and toss the peel into your container of brown sugar to prevent it from going hard.

5. Want softer skin? Mix together 1/2 cup white granulated sugar with a finely chopped lemon peel and about 1/4 cup olive oil (or enough until you make a paste). Gently rub onto wet skin, then rinse clean.

6. Whiten your fingernails simply by rubbing them with a piece of lemon for a few minutes.

7. Remove the pulp from 2-3 lemon peels and stick them in the bottom of your trash can to absorb smells.

8. Make lemon zest. Lemon zest is very flavourful and works well in both sweet and savory dishes. Use that you want now, and freeze the rest to use later.

Lemon Zest

9. Instead of baking soda, cut a lemon in half and stick it in the back of your fridge to absorb smells.

10. Clean your cutting boards, and then to disinfect them, rub them with half of a lemon. Let sit for about 10 minutes and rinse clean.

11. Make your own lemon extract instead of buying it from the store. It’s much cheaper (and I think it tastes much better, too)!

12. Make your home smell wonderful by adding lemon peels to simmering water on your stove. Add in some orange peels and cinnamon for an even better scent!

13. Clean mineral deposits on and in your coffee pots and tea kettles by adding a few very thin slices of lemon peel inside, adding water and boiling the water. Let it sit for about an hour, drain and rinse clean.

Clean Kettle with Lemon

14. Cure nausea by simply sucking on a slice of lemon.

15. Make your own facial mask by putting a little bit of honey on a juiced lemon wedge, and massaging gently onto your face. Rinse clean.

I hope this list of ways to use lemon peels was helpful and inspiring. I know that I learned a lot when writing this post (I can’t wait to try #4 and #13!).

Never throw out a lemon peel again!

How do you use lemon peels in your home?


  1. Olivia

    Terrific uses. I read about how to use the entire lemon. Lemon oil is derived from the peel which has lots of health benefits, so do not waste that peel.
    Wash the lemon well and freeze it. When needed, grate the lemon, peel and all to whatever dish you are using it for. Excellent to add to yogurt, fish, any baked items, refreshing drinks, chicken …….almost anything. Grate it as needed, no waste.

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