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What Mom REALLY Wants On Mother’s Day

What Mom Really Wants On Mother's Day

Have you already decided what to get mom for Mother’s Day?

If not, here are some things that mom really wants to receive.


Give mom time to sleep in on Mother’s Day. I guarantee that she really wants it. When you’re a mother, your children come before you… so you’re up at the break of dawn, getting breakfast made, making beds and getting kids off to school – and for lots of mom’s, they then have to get themselves ready and off to work.

Mothers do a lot of things for their children and household, and they lose lots of sleep because of it. Be kind to mom on Mother’s Day and let her sleep in for as long as she wants.

Chore-Free Day

This is definitely what I want for Mother’s Day. A day where I don’t have to do any chores, including laundry and changing poopy diapers!

I can guarantee that all mom’s would appreciate this type of gift on Mother’s Day!

Tidy up the house, wash all of those dirty dishes in the sink, and do a load of laundry. Mom will love you forever!


After taking care of children, housework and possibly even a day job, mom is exhausted at the end of the day. Other than sleep, the next thing most mom’s want is just to relax.

Pick up a gift certificate for a local spa and treat mom to a full day of pure relaxation and pampering. Hand and body massages, manicure, pedicure – maybe even some hair and make-up!

Mother’s Day is a great time to really treat mom like royalty.

Meals Of Her Choice

Ask mom what her favourite meals are for breakfast, lunch and dinner… and them make those dishes for her on Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to clean up the kitchen when you’re done.

There’s not much better than being served a delicious meal (that you didn’t have to cook)!

If possible, try to serve all meals with some flowers, to make mom feel extra special.


Almost all mom’s love to receive sweets of some sort on Mother’s Day!

Don’t just get her a box of chocolates. Do something creative. Buy her a box of her favourite candies or chocolates and then put them in a re-purposed jar or tin can that you have decorated yourself.

Homemade sweets are always appreciated as well. Brownies, cookies, bars.. figure out what mom’s favourite sweet is, and then make it yourself. Package them up nicely and present to mom in a cute gift bag or box.

A Day Of Freedom

Mom’s are at everyone’s beck and call all of the time. The one gift that she really wants, more than anything, is some time off to do whatever she wants.

Wake up any time, eat whatever she wants, go shopping, get a manicure, go to the movies, have a nap… whatever she wants to do – let her do it!

A full day to herself is a gift that all mom’s want and deserve.

If you’re a mom, what do you want for Mother’s Day?


  1. heather

    Awesome! I Shared this on emy facebook, in hopes that my husband sees it.

  2. Linda S

    I actually ask my husband to go out with the girls, and leave me alone at home for a few hours last mothers day. The girls were 10 months and 3 then. I almost felt bad, as all my friend were talking about how they had a special day with their family. Made me feel as if I was not caring. But with a baby that never slept through the night(still don’t every night) and that will only nap 20 minutes at the time , twice a day, that’s what I really needed. SOme ME time.

  3. Cassie Howard

    Heather – Good idea!

    Linda S – Don’t feel bad! All mom’s need a little time off every now and again. 🙂

  4. Claire

    Vey true! The funny thing is that when father’s day comes around, what’s the first thing us mommies do? Plan a full day of activities for daddy & kids to do together, just so us moms can stay home (alone!) and relax….. :O)

  5. Eschelle

    LOVE IT !! fwd’d to my hubby lol with the “you have FOUR DAYS” in the subject line lol!!

  6. Linda S

    In NB, Mothers Day is the bigger sale day of the season for Lobsters 😉 So that way moms don’t have to cook, or does she lol (cooking the lobster)

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