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What to Buy at a Shoppers Drug Mart Bonus Redemption

What to Buy at a Shoppers Drug Mart Bonus Redemption


The Shoppers Optimum rewards program is fantastic. As many of you already know, I am a huge fan of this program from Shoppers Drug Mart. I really do believe it is the best rewards program in Canada. So much so, that I wrote an eBook about it: The Ultimate Guide to Shoppers Optimum Rewards.

When bonus redemptions roll around at Shoppers Drug Mart (every few months or so – and one really big one right before Christmas), I always get bombarded with emails from people asking me what is on my shopping list.

Are you wondering what to buy at a Shoppers bonus redemption event? Here’s what I suggest:

Items You Can’t Usually Get for Free/Cheap

The best thing to spend your points on are items that are near impossible to get for free or cheap. This means you either have to wait for a good sale or pay full price (ouch!).

Some examples include Cat litter, garbage bags, Brita water filters, peanut butter, and bathroom tissue. Stock up on these items during a Shoppers bonus redemption to avoid the full price trap.

Items That Are on Sale

Most times, the sales that coincide with a bonus redemption are not spectacular. However, there are occasionally times when there are a few good deals. If these deals are for items you use all the time, it might be a good idea to pick a few of those sale items up.

Remember to watch for limits, though, as many of the front page deals are a limit of 4 per person at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Items That Have Bonus Points Attached

When you’re planning your shopping trip, be sure to check out what items can give you extra bonus points when you purchase them.

I know what you’re thinking: “What? You can earn bonus points when youre paying for your purchase with points?”

Yes, yes you can. Keep in mind that you will only be awarded bonus points on items that offer a set number of points. Will work: “buy this Pantene shampoo, get 500 bonus points”, Won’t work: “buy this Pantene shampoo, get 10x the points” OR “buy $10 worth of Pantene shampoo, get 500 points”.

Purchasing items (with your points) that have bonus points attached to them, is an easy way to build your points back up again.

Pantry Staples You Are Running Low on

Flour, sugar, baking powder, chocolate chips, honey, canned tomatoes, jam, oil, pasta, crackers – if you need these items soon, don’t wait for a good sale when you can get them for FREE during a Shoppers Drug Mart bonus redemption! Even if you have to “pay” (with points) full price for them.

We go through a lot of honey in our house, and many times I have had to spend $7.49 worth of points on each bottle I picked up during a redemption, just because those items were on sale. Could I have waited for a $3.99 sale (which happen often)? Of course. But then I’d be out $3.99, when in this case, I’m out nothing.

A Splurge Item for Yourself

Collecting Optimum points takes time, patience and dedication. Redeeming those points is fun. Don’t spend them all on boring stuff like groceries. Be sure to get a little something for yourself, as well. Think of it as a tip for doing such a great job collecting points!

Whether it’s a new perfume you want to try, some makeup, a camera, or even your favourite chocolate bar – always get something for yourself. It makes those redemptions so much more fun.

Redeeming your points at Shoppers Drug Mart is exciting, and although there are many great things you can get for free with your points, you do want to go into the store with some kind of plan on how you’re going to spend them.

Make a list of “must haves”, and get those items first. Make a list of “just in case” items and get those if your must haves are sold out. Make a list of “inexpensive extras”, and get those items if you go to checkout and find out you still have a few dollars left to spend (this has happened to me many times, when items were on sale and not marked, which threw off my total).

The most important thing is to have fun. You earned those points – now go spend ’em!

What do you spend your points on at a Shoppers Drug Mart bonus redemption?


  1. michele miller

    I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do. You have no idea how much you are helping me and my family.Your website is incredible!! Your latest information on Shoppers redemption has been really helpful to me because this is my first one. Thank you, Thank you.

    From a fellow Ontarian
    Michele Miller

  2. Kris

    Your website is amazing! I love reading all your posts, especially the coupon matchups. It really has helped my family save ALOT of money. I will never go back from using coupons. I do have one question about the shoppers points redemption: I dont have alot of points accumulated yet, so should I still redeem whatever I have this weekend, or wait until next year and redeem when I hopefully have a higher points balance?

    Thanks again!

  3. sandy

    I have 43,000 points and am so upset that I don’t have 50,000. How can I get 7,000 points quickly….so that I will be able to go for this redemption. Anything good this week for a fast redemption???? Help!!!!! I’m pretty new at this but learning very quickly. πŸ™‚

  4. Chelsea

    If any of you still have those Shoppers Health booklets (green), you could earn 10,000 points in one shot by buying the Life brand digital baby thermometer that is now on sale (but not marked so on the shelf) for $11.99! Cassie had this deal awhile back and I have taken advantage of this more than once. They expire Dec 3rd but a GREAT sacrifice to bump yourself up to another Optimum level for this event! I often notice stacks of these booklets by the pharmacy section…I hope this helps those of you needed more points like Sandy!

  5. KELLY

    When I redeem my points, I bring a calculator with me to add up my subtotal as I go along. Yes, I look a little dorky, but it is a definite help when trying to get my maximum value. πŸ™‚

  6. Norma

    Just want to say, thank you for al the providing us with all these great tips. You’re amazing. Hope your preganacy is going very well. Wishing you all the best. I don’t have a cat or dog, but would love to give away the coupons when I get them, if anyone is interested. [email protected].

    All the best….

  7. Bzee24/7

    Does Shoppers price match on the redemption days?


  8. Cassie Howard

    michelle miller: I’m glad to help! πŸ™‚

    Kris: It’s a personal choice, really. If you don’t NEED anything, you don’t need to redeem, but if you do, it might be worth it.

    Norma: Thank you so much!

    Bzee: They never price match.

  9. lady chantel

    Hello Cassie.

    I have a question, It seems that many stores have points. Now I am not sure on this, but it seems like it might not be a good use of your time to spread out and try and collect points from all the avialable sources. Do you agree? I guess you could say that if you are going to shop there definetally get a points card. However should you try and focus in on a few points stores? And if you were going to focus in which points cards would you recommend for a family that does basic shopping for essential items?
    Thank you πŸ™‚

  10. Norma

    I decided to go to a 24 Hr SDM tonight. I wanted to get a DS and A Wii for my boys.. Got there aboutn 11:30 pm, I was the 4th in the line by the electronics. I redeemed 50,00 pts, $125.00 towards the DS for my son. I will be the best mommy in the world on Christmas morning…. Cant wait.

  11. MaricrisMas

    ha ha ha…Garbage Bags (LB is $4.99)…never get FREE (unless we get a bunch of Canadian Tire Scratch and Win…) and Ketchup is on our list…this is a staple in our house and we never get it cheap or free (only Heinz in our house)…great minds think alike?

    needed to bump up our points by approx 20k…so did the thermometer thing you mentioned before…on each of our (DH and my) cards…and then transfered!

    can’t wait to see your SDM post…we would have probably bumped into you tonight…and Erica (I assume)…but felt guilty asking my mom to stay over to take care of the three kids under three!…esp knowing she is going out tomorrow…can’t wait until you and Elliott meet the newest one to our crew/brood!

  12. VC

    I have 37000 only and want to get to 50k, so i went and bought their perfume sample pack $75 and got 12000 (last deal today) along with my other little purchase, i got over 50k, they lady even gave me a bunch of sample for my perfume purchase, but my husband said instead of $125 you got I am actually getting $50 minus the $75 i spent….but i still think it’s worth it.

    done planning my shopping list, can’t wait to go on sunday!

  13. Michelle F

    Hi Cassie. Like many others, I wanted to thank you for everything you do on your website. I’ve saved my family hundreds of dollars on groceries since I found you and started using all of your wonderful advice. I hadn’t thought much of collecting Optimum points in the past since I consider Shoppers to be a pricey store but thanks to all your fabulous tips I’ve started shopping for items on sale only & using coupons – most especially on the 20x bonus days. I now have 50,000 points to spend this morning & am so thrilled to be buying a Sony camera & ipod dock/clock radio for almost free!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! (My hubby finally appears to understand & be impressed by my organized & well researched shopping trips! Haha!) You’re the best!!

  14. Sara

    So an interesting note for any readers who live in the downtown Toronto core… turns out that any 2 day Sat-Sun specials are available at downtown SDM locations a day early. This includes all bonus redemption weekends! So I got to redeem my points yesterday, which was handy as the sales still available yesterday were better than the ones starting today. Not going to be a convenient option for everyone and I have no idea why they allow this but still something to keep in mind.

  15. Lisa

    Is ther only bonus redemptions on some of the point levels?

  16. Trudi

    I was SO excited to go shopping to redeem my 95,000 points! Out of 55 items on my recipt, only 9 thing were not on sale. I had a calculator to keep it as close to the $250 as possible. My tolal was $251.87 before tax, so my total out of my wallet from taxes was $12.49! And my saving from the sales items was $123.32, and my coupons I used was a total of $17.50! So I think I did VERY well for my 1st big redemption! I got things we needed like diapers, pull-ups, wipes, cleaning supplies, soap, food, and sncks for Xmas! Cheers!

  17. Wendy

    Thank you so much you saved me and my kids tons. We are a one income family and today I got $500.00 worth of food for $25.00. I had 95k and got all sale items. I also used one coupon. I sleep at nights known I can feed and house my family. Love Wendy and family.

  18. Yvonne Cheung

    I would really like to participate in this redemption but I don’t have 95k points in my card. Does that mean I can’t do it this time? Someone please help me out!!

  19. Linda

    I didn’t have enough Shopper’s points, but my 21 year old daughter did .. and she did amazing! She figured out that she got almost $400 worth of products for only $36! Almost all the items she bought were on sale and with coupons her total bill was $286 … she cashed in points and paid $36. So proud she learned so well!

    Raising 2 children on my own was tough and when my kids were growing up I used to save my Shopper’s points for this time of year. I would get all their stocking stuffers and household products I needed for nothing! I also collect HBC points. I bought gifts cards and used them to buy their toys, clothes, etc for Christmas. I am not sure we would have had enough money to live on if I hadn’t done this.

    They are older now but I still use points .. I collect Shopper’s, HBC and Sobey’s points. I have gotten lots of ‘free’ groceries, personal care products and gift cards over the year. I consider this ‘found’ money and who doesn’t like things for FREE!

  20. Sharon

    Hi Cassie! I have to totally Agree with everybody else’s comments ~ You are truly an “Inspiration” & have “Helped” my Family immensely ever since I started using Coupon’s over a year ago now. I have definitely learned A LOT from the “Tips’ that you provide on your Website & I’m getting better at using my Coupon’s with the Price Match-up’s. I’ve managed to rack up well over 50K in Points ~ I am Super Stoked to go do my next great BIG Shop at SDM this afternoon to stock-up on extra Groceries plus some Christmas Presents & Stocking Stuffers! Thank You for ALL of your great ‘Advice’ & I Hope that you n’ your Family have a very ‘Merry Christmas!’

  21. doris trefry

    I did my first redemption last year and it was so much fun. I couldn’t sleep the night before, lol. Got everything I wanted and needed and will do the same this year, again. Thank you for your great advise, as always!

  22. Melanie

    I’m going to be spending my points of groceries and toiletries of course… but KIDS TOYS! great way to make it cheaper!!

  23. CarlyinCanada

    Great tips! I’m getting Lancome La vie est belle fragrance & Gillette styler sets for son & bf & a few groceries/baking stuff πŸ™‚ Love redemption days!!

  24. nikki

    Are you redeeming this weekend or are you hoping for a better mega redemption in the next few weeks??

    • Cassie Howard

      I will likely wait. πŸ™‚

  25. Holly

    Can you use your points to get gift cards during the Mega Event??

    • HeidiM

      Sorry, no you can’t.

  26. Julie

    I did one redemption last weekend for a PS3 set. It was on sale for $229 – $10 WUS $50 or more = $219 – $170 in points = $50 for a PS3 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Other stores had it on sale for $279 – so this was a great deal at SDM
    This weekend I will redeem for some games to go with it and another control pad. Nothing like getting over $500 in electronics for $50 πŸ™‚

  27. Katy

    I waited for the bonus points event, and bought my son the 3ds he really wanted.
    Now I know he’ll freak for christmas!

  28. teachermum

    My problem now is finding something to buy! We don’t use much in the way of prepackaged/processed food so a lot of those options are out. I don’t do fragrances. I wear minimal makeup that lasts me forever. Hubby has already gotten all the splurges he can find ie neck massager, foot massager, blood pressure machine, micro SD card for his Kobo, etc. I’ve already picked up all the pretty hair doodles-though there could be some new ones by now, I rarely wear pantyhose but I’m stocked up now, you get the idea!!!

    My be completely silly and get dd a wii for her room-she has a tv but no cable and it would enable her to watch netflix….perhaps more memory cards for cameras, etc (even though they are ridiculously priced), check out the DVDs?

    First I will likely get all of my digital pictures printed–which means, I should get busy loading them onto a stick now! Now if only they sold photo albums…

    • jo

      The Wii is a very good idea. We really aren’t that much into gaming, yet anyway :), and the kids love the Wii. Golden Eye is a very good game for it and it has the added bonus of Netflix. Nice thing about Netflix is you can signup and cancel every month, you are tied in.

      • sarah

        can you explain what you mean by signup and cancel every month? thanks

  29. jo

    Last year on my first redemption I bought ‘fun’ items however, might stick with household needs this year, i.e. laundry soap, tp, shampoo.

  30. Tammy

    Stocking stuffers and some staples.

  31. Sue Hanko

    You could always pick up non-perishable food items and donate them to the food bank or gifts to give to a local charity to give away at the holidays.

  32. Tania

    I have three kids and this year for Christmas they will each get a Nintendo 3DS with a game and a case…thanks to Shoppers Optimum Points! I have already done two redemptions for 2 of them throughout this past year as I accumulated points. On Saturday I will go pick up the final 3DS during the mega redemption. That is nearly $700 worth of Christmas presents I have got for free this year…thank you SDM!!!

    • Theresa

      Wow….that is great. You must have a ton of points!

  33. Rebekah

    I’ve seen some online rumors that the mega redemption will occur this weekend – has anyone heard anything to confirm this?

    • Kris

      I just drove by my local Shoppers and the sign at the road was changed with the redemption amounts, but no dates. Assuming this weekend.

      • Rebekah

        Thanks Kris! Getting my spreadsheets ready for my 4 redemptions this weekend – so excited!

  34. Melanie

    I will buy all my stocking stuffers as well as some varied Christmas gifts (movies/games).

    Also growing up my parents always made Christmas a special time of treats for the family. We always had nuts, chocolates, candies, eggnog, chips….etc, etc. I try to do that now for my family. These are not things that we usually have in our home so at Christmas time we splurge and make sure that we have a good assortment. I will use my optimum points to get everything I could possibly want for FREE. Woot, woot!

  35. Brooke

    What I am really wondering is if it really makes a difference to get the RBC Optimum credit card?

    • Brooke

      Or just shop of 20x the points days and bonus offers?

      • Rebekah

        I would say yes, especially if you get prescriptions at SDM as the credit card gives you 15 pts per dollar on prescriptions. I only use my Shoppers MasterCard at Shoppers and easily accumulate an extra 40-50,000 pts per year by doing so.

    • Theresa

      YES it makes a difference. I have it. I also pay no monthly bank fee anymore by opening a TFSA with RBC. You get 55000 points after your first bill payment or deposit into the account.

      Totally worth it. I am not a die hard optimum points collector. If I was I could rake in the points.

      • Brooke

        Good to know, thanks!

  36. Cara

    The redemption this weekend is not nearly as good as last year, when 95000 = $250. This year, 95000 = $210 πŸ™

    • Tess

      Free is free πŸ™‚ yes $250 was better but i will gladly take $210 over nothing πŸ™‚ my 1st redemption was only \$200 ( this last spring ) so this being my 2nd redemption im excited , to stock up on groceries

      • Cara

        Oh yes, definitely still a great deal. I actually read somewhere that the SDM Optimum points plan is the best in Canada and third in the world. Just surprised that this mega redemption is only $10 more than a regular bonus redemption, when the last couple of years it has been $50 more. Either way, their points keep me coming back and I’m excited for this weekend!

  37. Ann Thibault

    This will be my first redemption…..I have enough for the 95,000= $210. I really appreciate the “tips” as I am not used to spending tha
    t kind of “money” all at once! Thank you!!!!

  38. Ann Thibault

    I checked your bonus point items……the majority expire on Friday…..the day BEFORE Mega redemption!!!

  39. Mel

    At my Shoppers, you don’t get bonus points when you purchase items using points. You only get regular points. The manager says that their new cash registers “fixed that glitch”. Other SDMS do it I know.

    • Cassie Howard

      You do receive points, it is not a glitch. πŸ™‚

  40. Nicole

    Hi Cassie,
    Are you holding off spending your points this weekend because you think there will be another bonus redemption before Christmas? I only have 90000 points right now, so I have been stressing that I’m going to miss this redemption day.

    • Cassie Howard

      I may redeem once, but that’s only because we need a few expensive items that I don’t want to have to pay for. Otherwise, I’m holding off.

  41. Rebekah

    I was hoping for 4-$250 redemptions but 4-$210 ones isn’t too bad either. I’ve been saving for a year for this weekend.

    Just wanted to let you all know that when I went to SDM earlier today to check the prices on the items I want, the manager in the Beauty Boutique let me put EVERYTHING, divided up by transaction, ON HOLD!! I was really glad I was able to do so as a number of the items I wanted were in really short supply and I got the last one available in several circumstances. So, now I can show up at 2pm instead of getting there super super early to get what I wanted πŸ™‚

  42. Ann Thibault

    When I redeem my points I am going to think of them as a VERY large FPC…..with overage to spend on other needed items.

  43. Maria

    Magazines are a great item to spend your points on too. They don’t really go on sale (although you can get them at Costco for 25% off the cover price but they also have a limited selection) so you are getting full value for your points. And it is a treat too. They also make great stocking stuffers.

    And where I live (Burlington), SDM has the lowest price on milk so that’s another great thing to get where you are getting full value on your points.

  44. Trudi

    This points event is only called spend your points event, so I think the big mega redemption is still to come! Shoppers Drug mart does very well and I’m confident they will have the big event like last year still for the $250! I’m holding out cause I have saved enough points for 2 95,000 redemptions πŸ™‚

    • Kimberly

      Those of you waiting for the SDM Mega Redemption it’s supposed to be cancelled this year. I work for SDM and we received an email confirming they had to cancel the mega redemption.

      • Karen

        Did they say why the cancelled the Mega Redemption?

        • linda

          I received some extra coupons from shoppers yesterday if i spend 100.00 i get 16,000 point and another one if i spend 150.00 i get 30,000 points have to use them before Dec 31. I think this is what is making up for the mega.

  45. Kim

    Ist redemption I am getting the Canon 16mg camera with free case. $259.99 on sale $209.99 plus you get a $25 GC with any Canon purchase.

    2nd redemption DS game, movie, Toronto Maple Leaf Book, magazine, stocking stuffers and treats, kleenex and some groceries

    Was at Shopper’s today and the store was well stocked!

    • theresa

      Bet there will be some reason why you won’t get the $25 card with the Canon.

  46. Melanie

    I have been reading the post and learned some new information about gaining points on products while redeeming with points. I understand that it has to be a quantity specific amount (ie. 500) attached not a times (ie. x10).

    I received the coupons in the mail that give me 16 000 bonus points if I spend $100. This is a specific amount. Cassie, do you know if I could use this coupon and actually get the points while redeeming with points?

    • melissa

      I’m curious, did they honor those coupons? I also got them, but didn’t think to try and use them. Hopefully it works for you!

  47. Jan

    I am very disappointed it seems that SDM is cancelling the Mega Redemption this year!
    I specifically spent more this whole year thinking I would get the $250 off.
    It seems that the fat cats in SDM take back more and more every year.
    They get us hooked on points and keep clawing back the bonuses.
    I know it still is a good deal but in comparison to 5 years back, the freebies have been decreased every year. I for one am going to curb my spending at SDM as I resent the corporate take backs they always seem to think up for their own profits.
    No longer am I frequenting SDM as much as I used to as the savings are not as amazing as they used to be. Only buying necessities now! Maybe if they see a big drop in consumer purchases they will bring back those awesome bonus redemptions!
    I have loyally purchased a lot of luxury items I did not need so I will stop doing that.
    Bring back Mega Redemptions- a lot of buyers miss this!!!

  48. CarlyinCanada

    Did my Bonus Redemption on Dec 01 & treated myself to Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle 50ml fragrance $95 omg!! love it! & Quo nail polish holiday set $36.99 & got 2 Gillette styler sets $29.99- 4cpn= $25.99 each!
    It was a Gala day also so got my make up done by Lise Watier rep & bought the new Rose pallette & 2 eye pencils Black gold & Black orchid, & gold eyeshadow in silver case (looks like a rose). Used the mail out coupon for 18,500 bp wus $100 (points added 03jan).
    Entered the door prizes & mom won a gift basket worth $200 (Ninna Ricci set & Donna Karan fragrance & tons of other products!) & I won the Lise Watier make up case that lights up (looks like a suitcase on legs!) OMG!!! what a fantastic day we had!!
    Love love my SDM!!! πŸ™‚

  49. Heather

    I’ve been recording the weekend promotions for the past 9 months or so see if I could establish a pattern and to know what is a good bonus deal or not. Last weekend and this coming weekend (Dec 2012) I’ve noticed the promotions have been LESS valuable than normal. I hope this is not a sign that they are permanently reducing the value of the points redemption yet again. Has anyone heard anything like this?

    • Heather

      Sorry, I just rechecked my list – last weekend’s spend your points event, was a little better than average, but there was a bigger event in September where you got $220 for 95000 points instead of $210. But I’m not impressed with the 20x event this weekend – you have to spend $75 instead of $50. Still and SDM addict though!

  50. Heather

    Thanks so much for posting this! I wanted to buy something “special” or big ticket this year right after christmas with the bonus point redemption. However, there just wasn’t anything I REALLY wanted. I didn’t need another camera and our kids aren’t old enough to justify a DS or Wii. Sigh… However, I figured it is wiser to save the points rather than spend them on something I didn’t really need or want in the house. I’m sure January will be a bit tighter on the spending and I’ll need diapers still!


    i am new to this SDM points..i have been only had a SDM card for about 4 months..but i find im buying stuff that i dont need to just get the points..and most of the items i can get cheaper at walmart….do anyone else find the same problem with SDM

    • Someone

      No, don’t do that. Wait to go to Wal-Mart, take the car, stock up.

    • Karen

      I only buy items on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart. Or for my grocery list I always price compare to see whats the same price at Shoppers as the grocery store – then I buy at Shoppers. The grocery store doesn’t provide points. During the summer I managed to earn the highest amount of points and redeemed them for diapers and formula and I’m already at the highest level again!

    • capable of critical thinking

      yeah they are a total rip off, you can go almost anywhere and get a better price on almost anything!

      • Cheryl

        You are somewhat right- a lot is much more expensive at SDM. This system works best for those who comparison shop and use coupons. Only buy items that are on sale, using coupons for most if not everything you buy, paying attention to items that give you extra points, and only making the purchases on days which offer bonus points. Also in my town it is the cheapest place to buy milk, eggs and butter. The only time I go there on non-bonus points days are to buy any of those 3 items. Saves me a few dollars a year, and gets me bonus points with no extra effort.

  52. Karen

    You can also wait to redeem your points when they have special days where points are worth more – their having one this weekend! Then you won’t feel so bad about getting full price items (even if they are free).

  53. Erica

    When i go grocery shopping, the first thing I do is go to SDM ( then to a grocery store for what I couldnt here) for my milk, eggs, bread, pop, butter, diapers, pull ups and wipes. I walk the isles looking for any sales i may have missed, any price freezes I may not have known about, mark downs, clearouts, etc. I usually always find a great deal or a clearance item on something i need or can add to my stash (shampoos, conditioner, bodywashes, toothbrushes etc etc) Im always scanning for clearance items that i have coupons to bring the price down to pennies or free. I love SDM’s food and dairy section for their manager markdowns. With 3 kids in the house i dont mind buying a tub of yogurt or a carton of chocolate milk that will expire in 2 days, since it likely wont last the rest of the day before its eaten. I also buy alot of bread when they mark it down and I freeze it immediately. Ive seen bread for as low as $0.29 a loaf because it expires the next day. This bread is great for toast, and toasted sandwiches. I typically buy very fresh bread for lunch sandwiches. I save all my shopping for point promo days, unless i run out of something and im desperate. If you do all your shopping on 20x the points days for any other promo the points add up fast. I always buy a gc first and shop with it, and I buy all my gas, timmies and anything else from sdm in gc form (with a sdm card). I build up enough points a month to do 1 redemption per month, which i save ofcourse. I spent all my points in dec 2012 at the $210 level, and im already back up to almost 350,000 pts saved up. Best points system by far!

  54. Erin

    Hello, I’m new to SDM but already love earning their points! I am considering redeeming for the first time but have question regarding how returns work on redeemed items. In case I need to return any items purchased with points later, would they accept any returns? If they do, do they return the partial (or full) points back to my account??

    • Cassie Howard

      Hi Erin! You would receive cash back for the items, no points.

      • Erin

        Thank you for your reply, I had no idea they give cash for returned items. I was reading their return policy and all they say is for the return for redeemed items, the points will be forfeited. I was concerned it might technically mean no returns. Do they actually give “cash” back or some kind of store credit?

        • Cassie Howard

          It depends on the store. I’ve had cash back and I’ve also had a gift card given to me.

  55. Shayle

    I am currently waiting for my new bank card through Royal bank, it is an optimum checking account. You receive 20 points per dollar you spend when using your checking account and optimum card. I do not not all the details as I have not received it yet, but I do know if you have 2 direct deposit pay checks deposited each month and pay bills out of it you receive 50,000 bonus points. Sounds like a good way to rack up points. πŸ˜€ Does anybody have this? Is it as good as it sounds?

  56. Carrie

    I buy manly organic food so I really enjoy stocking up on pasta, pasta sauce, crackers, oatmeal! PB & J ect. I wish they carried more but they carry a lot more then our super walmart.

  57. Shopper

    We use our points for perfume/ cologne that never goes on sale. It’s out treat to ourselves for saving elsewhere without making a major hit on the wallet.

  58. Isa

    If I redeem for perfume 95,000=$170, let’s say the perfumes were exactly $170 do I pay taxes on the $170?

    I saw this: …Offer is a reduction off your total pre-tax purchase price of cosmetics and fragrance products eligible for point redemption

  59. Isa

    So, if the perfumes were $180, I redeem 95,000pt=$170,
    Do I lay tax on the $10(difference after redemption),
    Or I pay taxes on the $180?

    Perfumes $180+13%tax=$203.40

  60. Josh Rachlis

    I have 334,121 Shoppers Optimum Points. I don’t think I’ve ever redeemed any. Because I always feel I should wait for a bonus redemption day. And then I don’t know what I would buy for at least $200. Help!

  61. B Holden

    I hope someone can answer my question.
    if I purchase item during the spend 300$, use 200,000 points and shoppers will give you 100,000 points extra on your purchase. How many times can you do this? I have lots of points and want to buy two expensive items. Are these promotions only ones per promotion or as many times as I have PC points?
    thank you

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