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9 Surprising Ways to Use Coca-Cola

What to do with Coke.

Ways to Use Coke

Did you know that Coca-Cola (or Coke, as you may call it) can be used for things other than drinking and cooking with? It’s true! It’s surprisingly good at tackling big, annoying problems.

So, the next time you see it on sale, pick up a few bottles (even if you don’t drink it) to use for the following issues:

  1. Have the best looking lawn on the block. Add 1 can of beer (not light), 1 can of Coca-Cola (or any other kind of pop, not diet), 1/2 cup dish soap (not antibacterial), 1/2 cup liquid ammonia and 1/2 cup mouthwash into a 10 gallon sprayer attached to your garden hose. Apply every 3-4 weeks.
  2. Remove grease stains and odours from clothing. Empty a can of Coca-Cola into your washing machine (along with your laundry detergent) and run through a normal cycle.
  3. Grease Stain

  4. Remove gum from hair. Dip hair into a small bowl of Coca-Cola, and leave for a few minutes. Gently wipe gum off of hair.
  5. Remove marker from carpet. Apply a bit of Coca-Cola, scrub, and then clean with warm, soapy water.
  6. Remove rust from items. Completely cover item with Coca-Cola and leave overnight. Remove and wipe with a dry towel. If there are still some spots of rust, repeat this process.
  7. Remove Rust with Coke

  8. Cure nausea. Sipping a glass of flat Coca-Cola every hour can really help to relieve nausea.
  9. Clean a toilet. Pour Coca-Cola inside your toilet bowl (not in the water, but around the bowl), leave for a few hours and then flush.
  10. Coke in Toilet

  11. Clean oil stains from a garage floor. Simply pour and completely cover a stain with Coca-Cola, allow to soak for a few hours and spray it clean with a hose.
  12. Clean blackened pans and pots. Allow the pan or pot soak in the Coca-Cola, then rinse. Wash as usual.

Can you believe that Coca-Cola soda does all of these things? I was a skeptic, until I tried almost all of them myself and found that these tips really do work!

Give these ideas a try for yourself – you’ll be amazed (in a good way, of course).

Have you ever used Coca-Cola for anything other than drinking or cooking with?


  1. Laura

    Diet coke it a wonderful hangover cure as well, and it also will take away a migraine too!

  2. Janet

    If Coke does cleans all these things, imagine what it’s doing to your insides.

    • Poor Fat Chick

      I was thinking the same thing

    • #smartnottodrinkpop

      Um Yeah coke is able to do all these things because it is extremely acidic – which is very damaging to your system. Wakeup people you are slowly killing yourselves and your children if this poison if you actually ingest this garbage. This post should be called 9 Surprising reasons NOT to drink Coca-Cola. YUCK!

  3. Jamie

    The MythBusters disagree with a lot of those:

  4. heather

    did you actually do the toilet experiment with success? how much coke? did you drain the water out first? how dirty was the toilet? we did it on the w/e using a full can of coke and it didn’t make a whit of difference in the toilet. it seems like a myth to me, based on our experiment. but then maybe I didn’t do it right! thanks for your tips and feedback.

  5. Brooke


  6. Louise

    it cleans brass and copper too.

  7. Usman

    Some facts about Coke or Pepsi (diet or regular)

    1. They contain caffeine that is good to alleviate migraine pain. Its what Tylenol Ultra has in addition to the regular pain reducing acetaminophen.
    2. These are carbonated drinks, meaning they contain absorbed carbon dioxide gas which is released as it heats up (outside and inside your body). This carbonated drink (the gas) reacts with calcium to make calcium bicarbonate (meaning, its bad for the teeth as it attacks the enamel) and inside the stomach becomes acidic, so it will etch away the rust and some stains as well.

    Lastly, you can use Sprite, 7UP- the only difference being they don’t contain caffeine and are colourless.

  8. Pat

    And to think that some people actually drink this stuff…

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