What’s in my wallet & why

Today I want to show you what’s in my wallet – and why is it in my wallet?

I’ve had a lot of emails over the last few weeks, asking me what exactly I carry in my wallet and why I think it’s necessary to carry those things.

So – I hate to break it to you, but, my wallet is very boring. There’s not much to it.

This is my leather wallet that I got from Danier Leather about 2 or 3 years ago, and it’s held up very, very well.

First slot

So in this first slot, I have 4 credit cards (which I know is a lot, and I would not normally recommend it, but they all have a purpose). My Visa, I use for pretty much everything. It is a TD Rebate Rewards card, so I get cash back for all of my purchases (up to a certain amount).

The next one I have is my business Visa – nothing special about that; just have to use it for business. I also have the PC Master Card and the HBC Master Card – the HBC Master Card is only for when I shop at Home Outfitters and the PC Master Card at stores such as Loblaws and No Frills (just so I can get the rewards at those stores).

I also have, of course, my Shoppers Optimum card, a Costco card, a card for the post office (if you have a business and you send parcels all the time, you get next day shipping, free tracking and 5% off), a Talize card, plus my driver’s licence and my health card.

Front pocket

In the little pocket in front, I only have 4 cards and they’re only in there because they wouldn’t fit in that first slot.

I have my Pet Perks card (to save me a little bit of money at PetSmart), I also have the card for my drug plan, a card for Best Buy (I don’t use this often, but keep it just in case I do need to go to Best Buy – I want to make sure I get some rewards), and a card for Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (which is to get rewards and bonuses).

Second pocket

In the second pocket of my wallet, I keep my “stamp cards”. I have one for Melonhead (where I take my kids for their hair cuts, and yes I know it’s not very frugal to go there, but it’s the only place I can get them to sit still), one for Extreme Pita (buy 7 Pitas and get a free small smoothie), and one for Once Upon a Child (20% off after you make so many purchases).

More rewards cards

Up at the top of my wallet I have a few more rewards cards (and other types). I have CAA, Gymboree Rewards, Petro Points, Pioneer Points, HBC Rewards, Air Miles, Scene Card (if you go to the movies often, make sure you have a Scene Card because you get discounts and points) and finally I have my Aeroplan card.

I don’t use Aeroplan often (I have other favorite rewards programs, like Shoppers Drug Mart and Air Miles), but like I said, I like to be prepared and have the card just in case I need it.

Top pocket

The top pocket is just for cash, but I don’t often have anything in there because I find that cash tends to slip through my fingers a lot quicker than if I were to use a credit card.

At the back I have a spot for loose change, as well.

So – that’s what I have in my wallet and the reasons that I have those things (mostly points cards, as you can tell).

What do you keep in your wallet?

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  1. Susan

    No bank card?

    • Cassie Howard

      Nope, I keep that in my purse (I only use it when I go to the bank).

  2. zoey

    I have a similar wallet, however I always have a $10 or $20 bill and some loonies stashed away in there in case the McGavin’s bread store’s debit card goes “down” (they don’t take Mastercard)and this has happened twice when I have been there–or other emergencies. It’s also good to have a few loonies or quarters in case you need a cart at a store. I have teenagers so often there is no change in the car anymore and this way I don’t have to go to customer service to get change.

  3. Debbi

    I have
    Essentials: credit cards (AmEx, Mastercard, Visa), bank card, health card (and those of my kids), driver’s licence, business card for my family doctor and our paediatrician, drug plan cards x2 (my own and my husband’s)
    Rewards cards for stores I frequent: SDM Optimum, PetroPoints, AirMiles, TJX Style card, Yogurty’s
    Just in case: library card, band-aid

    BTW you don’t need to carry the Gymboree Rewards card – the store can look you up with your phone number.
    For the BestBuy rewards, you also do not need to carry the card around IF you can remember to add the points afterwards at home. You simply go to your account online to the “Get Missing Points” section and enter your sales receipt information.

    • Cassie Howard

      Thanks for those tips, Debbi! I’ll remove those cards. Great idea to keep a bandage in your wallet, too!

  4. Linda

    I don’t really carry a wallet or purse. I stuff things in my pockets. Not always the best, but has worked for me for a while now. Sure limits stuff you carry around! 🙂

  5. Olivia

    Just to let you know that Melonhead deals are often featured in Wagjag….keep an eye for them.
    Your wallet is very straight forward and organized….great.

  6. Ellen

    I use an app called Key Ring. It allows you to scan and store all your rewards/loyalty cards and reduce what you carry in your wallet. As I don’t carry a purse and my wallet was getting too chunky for summer clothing, this app is perfect.

  7. Carmen

    I have pc mastercard, vancity visa, vancity debit and pc debit card in my wallet. And cash in the billfold compartment. A tip btw, your rebates rewards td visa isn’t very good.It doesn’t offer any extended warranty at all. I used to have one in my wallet but i long since ditched it once I got my vancity visa since if offered extended warranty. I didn’t spend enough in a given year to qualify for the 1% cashback tier on the td rebate rewards so the card to me was basically useless lol. Any electronics you buy you should put it on the pc mastercard, as it does offer an extra year of extended warranty. Excludes computer hardware of course. But everything else that has a warranty is extended. You buy something and it has a one year limited warranty. The pc mastercard will give you an extra year on top of that. Whereas the other credit cards you own do not. If it breaks down in a year and one month, you can call up your cc company and claim the extended warranty on it. Plus you get purchase protection. Say if you bought a brand new tv and it gets stolen within 90 days of purchase the pc mastercard also covers that. 😉 Just wanted to help you to be even more frugal lol.

    • Carmen

      plus the pc mastercard is 1% cashback in free groceries at loblaws and their various banners excluding tnt. Non tiered unlike the td rebates rewards visa card

  8. Sharon

    Cassie, have you ever added up the value of your digital assets?

    • Cassie Howard

      Yes, I have. 🙂

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